extruded heat sink

Extruded Heat Sink

  • Thousands available molds for your alternative
  • Stock aboudant extruded heat sink with Standard size
  • One-stop Aluminum Fabrication save your whole cost
  • Customized your own design with our latest Tooling Technology

Your Premier Extruded Heat Sink Manufacturer

SGS & ISO Audited
Wellste, a professional extruded heat sink supplier, has been approved by SGS, and obtain ISO quality system certification, ISO environmental management system certification.
0% Quality Complaint
Wellste has advanced in-house quality testing lab, 48+ QC inspection team, 100% inspected extruded heat sink before each shipment, Guarantee the product quality and eliminate your concerns.
Manufacture Test Certificate
We will issue testing certificate each order before shipment. Make sure extruded heat sink to meet chemical composition standard and achieve mechanical performance standard.
Fast Delivery
Wellste keeps stable delivery time 25 days or less. Even in peak season, we can catch the delivery time. There will be no delay.

Your Premier Extruded Heat Sink Manufacturer

Wellste extruded heat sink also named as heat sink extrusion is at a high Precision Quality level, that guarantee by 30 engineers 10- Year Aluminum industry working experience. We own thousands of available standard mold, We can fast matching which Extruded Heatsink reach 90% similar to yours, which can save your money and time for heat sink extrusion tool.

Wellste stock a variety of extruded heat sink with Standard size. This can reduce your MOQ to 100KG only, furthermore, also can speed up lead time and ship out within 5 days.  Contact our sales engineer for searching the request size for you.

Wellste is specialized in manufacturing extruded heat sink. We supply a large number of extruded heat sink to customers in different industries. We provide one-stop Aluminum Fabrication, such as CNC/Punching/Tapping/Welding/Drilling/Milling. This can help save your time and lower cost. As an extruded heat sink manufacturer and supplier, Wellste Aluminum will meet you any demand.

Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Wellste can custom your Aluminum Extrusions , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Leading Extruded Heat Sink Supplier

Wellsteextruded heat sink is made from aluminum alloy 6063. Why Aluminum instead of Copper? The thermal conductivity of pure copper is about 380~400W/m·K, while for pure aluminum is about 230W/m·K, not to mention aluminum alloy, which is about 120~200W/m·K.

It is obvious that copper has much better thermal conductivity than aluminum. But the density of copper is 3.3 times more than aluminum, and more expensive. So considering these factors, aluminum is more suitable on light-weight and cost-effective for extruded heat sink.

Wellste extruded heat sink is most commonly anodized, commonly Silver natural Heatsink and Black anodized Heatsinks is most popular choose in Electronic industry. The anodized heatsink extrusions has better corrosion resistance, wear resistance and electrical isolation. If cosmetics are important, then Electrophoresis coating should be considered. Both of them have advanced thermal solutions.

Wellste extruded heat sink are widely used in a variety of industries, including architecture, information technology, consumer, medical, LED lighting and power conversion etc. Aluminum heat sink enclosure is suitable to be used as power heatsink amplifier, power supply, and industrial controls etc.

Electronic extruded heat sinks are used in electronic devices like PCB board to prevent overheating. Round heat sinks extrusion is often used as led heat sink. Small heat sinks are used in computer memory, chipset cooling fan and CPU etc.

Wellsteare able to customize big heat sinks with width 15.7’’~17.7’’, and we can refund the extrusion tooling fee if the order reaches specific quantities. Therefore, Wellste can supply you with extruded heat sinks with outstanding quality and save production procedure cost for you.

No, any excuse, contact wellste sales engineer and get a fast quote today.