• extruded aluminum trailer trim

Extruded Aluminum Trailer Trim

  • Anodizing, Powder coating, Electrophoresis and PVDF finishes
  • 6063 T5 is more popular for cargo trailer trim
  • All quality comply with European EN 755 and America B221M
  • Mold fee refunded reach certain order qty to decrease your cost

Extruded aluminum trailer trim helps designers, architects, engineers and contractors to cover or join aluminum joint structures.

Wellste is a reliable extruded aluminum trailer trim manufacturer. We can provide you standard and custom extruded aluminum trailer trim. We also offer aesthetic and decorative extruded aluminum trailer trim. Along with our extruded aluminum trailer trim, we provide enclosed exterior trailer trim, cargo trim trailer moldings and so on. We also supply rectangular tubing, rub rail, square tubing, roof edge, awning tubes, roof edge inserts, drip gutter and plenty of other customized aluminum extrusions mainly for your trailer trims.

Wellste’s extruded aluminum trailer trim has different surface finishes. This includes chemical wash, anodizing, polishing, powder coating, brushed finish, painting, media blasting, sand blasting, electrophoresis and more. Everything that your projects required extruded aluminum trailer trim finishes, you can always find it in Wellste.

Extruded aluminum trailer trim designed by Wellste professional engineers offers light fabrication such as brushing, drilling or countersinking, assembly, welding, deburring, cutting, punching, forming, bending and more.

ItemExtruded Aluminum Trailer Trim
Aluminum Alloy no. 6063, 6061, 6082 etc
Heat Treatment T5 T6 T4
Surface FinishMill Finish, Clear Anodized or sandy anodized, powder coated
Colorsilver, black, white, bronze etc
Lead Time10-15 days mold time, 15-20 days bulk production time
LengthLong bar or cut to short length
Packagingstandard export packaging or as discussed

Wellste: Your Leading Extruded Aluminum Trailer Trim Manufacturer

Wellste’s extruded aluminum trailer trim has an excellent corrosion-resistance. It will not absorb water nor rust. It is not vulnerable to pest and termite infestations. It has low maintenance so you don’t need to scrape, regular sealing, painting and sanding our extruded aluminum trailer trim.

It is made up of pure aluminum so its appearance and color will be maintained for a lifetime. Our extruded aluminum trailer trim comes with different anodized colors such as brite dipped, light gold, electrolytic black, nickel, satin and brushed finishes. Customization of anodized finishes are always available in Wellste.

Extruded aluminum trailer trim is engineered with high durability. It can tolerate even long exposure to the sun or placed in a salinity or high humidity area. This also has a stress-free characteristic. This means that our extruded aluminum trailer is free from cracks and harmful environmental factors.

Every year, Wellste manufactures high-quality extruded aluminum trailer trim to various industries. Wellste’s extruded aluminum trailer trim is popular because of its versatility. Aside from being versatile, it is also easy to weld, cut, form or machine. Therefore, it is also easy to install. Our engineers always make sure that it has strength-to-weight ratio.

Due to its durability and versatility, it is known as a perfect solution in repairing and renovating trailer projects. It is cryogenically strong, lightweight, non-magnetic. Extruded aluminum trailer trim manufactured by Wellste are safe. It is not combustible therefore it will not release dangerous fumes even when open to high temperatures.

All our extruded aluminum trailer trims are RoHS compliant, ISO certified and meticulously tested by our experts and professional quality control team. You are rest assured that our extruded aluminum trailer trims are of high-quality and functional in the long run. If you can’t find your right extruded aluminum trailer trim, Wellste’s well-trained engineers can help you with the design and creating your extruded aluminum trailer trim that suits your applications and requirements.

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