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Aluminum Solar Panel Frame

  • Hundreds of Available Molds for Solar Frame
  • 100% Inspection at Every Production Step
  • Outstanding Connect Without Any Screw Required
  • More Protected Compare With Frameless Solar Panels.

Solar panel aluminum frame is also called solar panel frame, It is the most import element in assembling for PV solar Modular.

Wellste Aluminum has manufactured and supplied solar panel aluminum frame for over 20 years. 30 engineers, 10 years of aluminum industry working experience can offer you the best solution for your solar panel and solar system project.

Wellste solar panel aluminum frame is an extruded aluminum frame which is used to seal and fix solar module components. It can protect the solar battery and extend service life. Making it easier to transport than a frameless solar panel.

Aluminum is becoming more and more widely used in large power solar station project because of its cost and advantages over other material. They play an important role in solar panel modular.


Wellste: Your Premier Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Supplier

Wellste solar panel aluminum frame usually comes in 6063 aluminum alloy number with anodized surface. The anodized surface increases the corrosion resistance in the outdoor environment. solar panel aluminum frame has light weight which makes it easier to transport and install. Installation does not require any welding.

The aluminum frames are connected by corner bracket without screws, which is aesthetic and convenient. Wellste solar panel aluminum frame is long-lasting, can be used for more than 30-50 years exposed outside.

Wellste Aluminum has plenty of standard frame sectional size for solar panel aluminum frame, we have available mold which can save your cost and time, as like 25x25mm,25x30mm,30x35mm, 35x35mm,35x40mm,35x50mm and etc.

Furthermore, our machining tooling for punching is also can be chosen that can save a lot of machining Tool cost, If our size cannot meet your demand, we welcome custom and OEM. Our engineer will assist you design and create your product.

Wellste Aluminum also provide solar panel mounting system for a residential and commercial project. There are roof mounting system, solar panel ground mounts, solar panel pole mounts, and solar carport mounts. Our engineer will also assist you design and prototype base on your idea.

Wellste Aluminum is a professional solar panel aluminum frame manufacturer and supplier. We strive to provide high quality products and offer fast and friendly customer service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Aluminum Solar Panel Frame: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Aluminum Solar Panel Frame?

Aluminum solar panel frame is a type of aluminum extrusion frame which you can use to fix and seal solar components.

Most of the solar panels have solar panel frames which hug the solar back sheets and glass covering at the top.

Aluminum solar panel frame

Aluminum solar panel frame

Why is Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Important?

Solar panel frames are important because of the following reasons:

  • Solar panel frames fix and seal the solar modular components in one position for easier movement and installation.
  • It protects the battery of the solar from falling out of place thus extending the service life of the solar panels.
  • It protects the internal solar components from mechanical and thermal tension and subsequent damages.
  • Solar panel frames also provide mounting brackets that you can use attachment points on to the roof of the building.
  • Solar panel frames also assist in keeping other environmental factors such as water and dust from entering the solar panel.
  • Aluminum has good conductive properties which can act as lightning protectors during thunderstorms.
  • Aluminum solar panel frames are also strong enough, corrosion resistant, reliable and stable.

How many Aluminum Solar Panel Types are there?

There are three main types of solar panels which include:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Polycrystalline solar panels
  • Thin-film solar panels

 Is there Recommended Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Thickness?

No, there is no recommended aluminum solar panel frame thickness.

However, you have to ensure that the solar panel frame is not too thin and weak.

It should not be too thick thus increasing the weight of the solar panel frame.

Does Wellste provide Custom Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Design?

Yes, Wellste provides custom aluminum solar panel frame designs.

Wellste has a team of engineers with enough experience to assist you with the custom solar panel design.

How Does Wellste Control Quality of Aluminum Solar Panel Frames?

Wellste controls the quality of aluminum solar panel frames by taking keen interest on the following features:

  • Raw material

The main raw material that Wellste uses to manufacture aluminum solar panels is aluminum.

To ensure high quality, Wellste uses 6063T5 aluminum alloy which has a higher tensile strength and offers resistance to corrosion.

  • Surface

Wellste offers the best surface finishes for your aluminum solar panel frame.

To ensure quality, Wellste uses the anodized surface finish as it increases corrosion resistance in outdoor environments.

  • Machining quality control

Wellste also ensures that the machining process is of very high quality.

It uses precise cutting machine that has a precision cutting tolerance to +/-0.1mm.

  • QC inspector

Wellste has full time quality control inspectors who ensure that the aluminum solar panel frames are of high quality.

The inspectors refer to various quality standards in determining the quality of the aluminum solar panel frames.

  • Packing

The packing process of the aluminum solar panel frame protects the solar panels from any damage during transportation.

It consists of different layers that keeps the solar frame intact thus protecting it from mechanical damages.

Which Aluminum Alloys is Suitable for Solar Panel Frames?

Aluminum solar panel frame components

Aluminum solar panel frame components

The most common aluminum alloy that many manufacturers use is the 6063T5.

6063T5 is the best choice because it has high tensile strength and is resistant to corrosion.

Apart from that 6063T5 is light in weight, easy to machine, and saves you a lot on the extrusion process.

Which Surface Finishes can be applied on Aluminum Solar Panel Frame?

The surface finishes which you can apply on aluminum solar panel frames include:

  • Sand blasting surface finishes
  • Silver anodizing surface finishes
  • Black anodizing surface finishes

The surface finishes assist in keeping the aluminum solar panel frame from mechanical damages such as scratches and corrosion.

Does Wellste offer Aluminum Solar Panel Mounting Frame Kits?

Yes, we can support your business with our aluminum solar mounting frames kits (solar panel mounting brackets).

Solar panel mounting brackets

 Solar panel mounting brackets

Does Wellste have Standard Solar Frame Catalog to Save on Framing Tooling?

Yes, Wellste has a standard solar frame catalog that they can refer to thus saving on framing tooling.

The Wellste catalogue includes the following sizes:

  • 25 mm by 25 mm
  • 25 mm by 30 mm
  • 30 mm by 35 mm
  • 35 mm by 35 mm
  • 35 mm by 40 mm
  • 35 mm by 50 mm among other standard solar panel frame sizes.

Wellste also allows you to come up with a custom frame idea which they can assist to make a reality.

What Quantity of Aluminum Solar Frames can Wellste Produce per Day?

Wellste has the capability of meeting your production demands within a short period.

At Wellste we have 2 sets of machining line for solar panel frame production. We can produce 8000 sets per day.

Custom designs may take longer but as soon as the concept is in, the production is in a matter of minutes.

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