Aluminum Heat Sink
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Aluminum Heat Sink

At Wellste, we manufacture aluminium heat sink into various designs. They can be beneficial to any industrial and commercial digital devices supplier.

Aluminum heat sink finish can be fashionable, stylish and excellent flashy effect. We can design and develop aluminium heat sink to suit any of your unique specifications.

Your Premier Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

Wellste is a professional aluminium heat sink manufacturer. We can be produced it in standard and custom design.

Aluminum Heat Sink

When custom aluminium heat sink, our engineers design and developed it based on your requirements.

aluminum heat sink extrusion

We’ll work closely with your to design and artwork. We have the capability to manufacture the best thermal management solution for your needs and budget. We had already worked with a wide range of customers, here and abroad.

extruded aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sinks from Wellste will give you satisfaction, manufactured by the most advanced technology at competitive prices.

anodized aluminum heat sink

We are offering high performance aluminum heat sinks that can meet your high standards. Wellste is equipped with best engineers to manufacture all kinds of aluminum heat sinks.

Aluminum Heat Sinks

We are confident that our products can satisfy all your project and business requirements. You can send all your required designs to us for your specific applications.

anodized aluminum properties

In Wellste, we aims to supply 100% good quality aluminum heat sinks and we give our customers’ suggestions.

Aluminum Heatsinks

Our production only uses top quality raw materials for various industries. We always try hard to manufacture aluminum alloy heat sinks for our valued customers around the world.

SGS & ISO Audited
SGS & ISO Audited
0% Quality Complaint
0% Quality Complaint
Manufacture Test Certificate
Manufacture Test Certificate

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any MOQ limit for Aluminum Heat Sink?

Wellste provide Low MOQ for Aluminum Heat Sink . 1pc sample is free for you to check our quality.

Can I have a sample order for Aluminum Heat Sink?

Yes, Wellste is pleased to provide Aluminum Heat Sink for you check the quality.

Yes, Wellste is pleased to provide Aluminum Heat Sink for you check the quality.

We are a manufacturer with OEM/ODM service.

What's the Surface Treatment of your Aluminum Heat Sink?

Copper Passivation/Aluminum Anodized

How long time of your Aluminum Heat Sink sample to prepare?

It is only taking 7-10 days to complete your sample if the sample size is in stock.

For custom Aluminum Heat Sink, It takes a little bit long time to make extrusion tooling, commonly it requires 30-35 days finish.

Wellste: Your Professional Aluminum Heat Sink Manufactuer and Supplier

For over 20 years in the manufacturing industry, Wellste stood as one of the most reliable aluminium heat sink supplier based in China.

Aluminum Heatsinks

We continue to expand partnerships worldwide. We always aim to become the great business partner who can supply all the demands of our customers and gives additional innovations. We believe that the most important thing is the quality that’s why we checked our products meticulously.

Mini Heat Sink

Wellste is always upgrading in production system, manufacturing system and delivering system to make sure that we provide aluminum heat sinks that can keep up trends in the market.

heatsink extrusion profiles

We always maintain our wide range of aluminum heat sink to provide all of our customers wherever they are.

heat sink profiles aluminium

With Wellste aluminium heat sink, you can ensure your electronic devices and other related components have additional life span.

extruded heat sink profiles

Wellste, with over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing all kinds of heat sink, we are able to provide high performance aluminium heat sink match to your requirements.

Contact us directly for your aluminium heat sink orders as we offer you outstanding quality heat sink products.

9Aluminum Heat Sink: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all information you need to know about aluminum heat sinks.

aluminum heat sink

So, before buying your next aluminum heat sinks, read this guide.

What Is An Aluminum Heat Sink?

Aluminum Heat Sink are special types of devices that you will install on different machine as a thermal solution.

In other words, it is an aluminum metal device that you will use to dissipate heat away from the machine.

Aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sink designs

Which Properties Make Aluminum Heat Sink More Popular?

Aluminum is also the second most widely used type of metal in the world.

Apart from the above specifications, aluminum has special properties that make it suitable for Heat Sink.

Here are the properties that make aluminum the most common type of metal for manufacturing Heat Sink.

Great Electrical And Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum has great electrical and thermal conductivity with the ability of conducting both heat and electricity at high speeds.

Implying that, you can use the aluminum Heat Sink to help in eliminating excess heat build-up from your device.

Low Density Levels

Aluminum also has very low-density levels with a density of 2,700 kilograms per cubic meter.

In other words, the low-density will decrease the overall weight of the heat sink thus reducing the weight of the device.

High Strength

Aluminum is also suitable for the heat sink applications because it is a very strong metallic material.

Implying that, you can use it even in high temperature applications without losing its original structure.

Easy Machining

You should consider using aluminum as the most suitable metallic material because of the ease of machining.

You can easily machine the aluminum metal to make any size, shape, or design of the aluminum Heat Sink.

Corrosion Resistance

You should also rest easy knowing that the aluminum heat sink will serve you for a very long time.

This is because the aluminum heat sink is resistant to corrosion thus reducing the chances of failure or obsoletion.

Non-magnetic Features

Aluminum also has non-magnetic features thus making them suitable for use on your device.

Your device will be free from electromagnetic interference coming from the magnetic fields thus making aluminum Heat Sink highly suitable.

Easy To Recycle

In a world of great environmental concern, you should consider using aluminum Heat Sink because they are recyclable.

Instead of throwing away the aluminum Heat Sink after expiry, you can simply recycle them into other products.

What Is The Thermal Conductivity Of Aluminum Heat Sink?

Heat sink structure

Heat sink structure

Aluminum is among the most suitable metal materials that you can use to make Heat Sink.

You should consider using aluminum Heat Sink because of the great ability of conducting heat.

Here is the thermal conductivity of different types of aluminum Heat Sink.

  • A6061 aluminum heat sink has a thermal conductivity of 167W/m-K and suitable for machined Heat Sink.
  • A6063 aluminum Heat Sink has a thermal conductivity of 167W/m-K and is suitable for extruded Heat Sink.

How Does The Copper Heat Sink And Aluminum Heat Sink Compare?

Copper heat sink

Copper heat sink

Extruded aluminum heat sink

Extruded aluminum heat sink

Among the numerous options of Heat Sink, you can choose the aluminum heat sink or the copper heat sink.

You may have difficulty in choosing the most suitable type of heat sink between the two types of Heat Sink.

Here is a comparison between the aluminum heat sink and the copper heat sink.


Typically, aluminum has half the weight of copper metal despite having the same conductivity.

It means that aluminum Heat Sink are lighter in weight in comparison to the copper Heat Sink.


You will also spend more to get the copper Heat Sink than the amount you will spend on aluminum Heat Sink.

Copper metals are more expensive in comparison to aluminum because of superior heat and thermal conductivity among other properties.

Heat Conductivity

In terms of heat conductivity, you will realize that the aluminum Heat Sink have lower heat conductivity in comparison to copper Heat Sink.

Aluminum heat sinks have thermal conductivity of 136 BTU/(hr·ft⋅°F) while copper Heat Sink have thermal conductivity of 231BTU/(hr·ft⋅°F).

Here is a table that summarizes the main differences between aluminum Heat Sink and copper Heat Sink.

Thermal Conductivity BTU/(hr·ft⋅°F)136231
Weight or Density – ρ – (kg/m3)27128940
Price in USD per Metric Ton2,4636,939

Despite having great differences, you will use copper or aluminum Heat Sink depending on application specifications.

For instance, in case you are looking for higher heat conductivity, you should consider using copper Heat Sink.

Which Aluminum Alloys Do You Use in Manufacturing Aluminum Heat Sink?

You have the freedom of choosing the type of aluminum alloy that will fit your application specifications.

Implying that, there are numerous types of aluminum alloys that you can use in manufacturing aluminum Heat Sink.

Here are the main types of aluminum Heat Sink that you can choose from.

In terms of thermal conductivity, you should consider using the aluminum 6000 series alloy.

In the 6000 series, you can either opt for 6061 with thermal conductivity of 166 W/mk.

Apart from that, you can opt for the 6063 which has a thermal conductivity of 201 W/mk.

On top of the 6000 series, you may also opt for 1050 aluminum with thermal conductivity of 229.

Which Factors Affect The Performance Of Aluminum Heat Sink?

Customs aluminum heat sink

Custom aluminum heat sink

When choosing the most suitable aluminum custom heat sink, you have to do a proper balance between factors affecting performance.

You have to keep in mind that the performance of the aluminum Heat Sink can be affected by the following factors.

Type Of Materials

In this case, you will have to look at the type of aluminum alloy in use for manufacturing the aluminum heat sink.

You should always opt for the 6000-aluminum series consisting of 6061 or the 6063 alloys for the best performance.

Protrusion Design

In this case, you will look at the design of the extension that is beyond the normal aluminum heat sink line or surface.

There are different protrusion designs that you can opt for depending on how much heat you would like to dispense.

Air Velocity

Air is an agent that will help in getting rid of excess heat from the aluminum Heat Sink.

You should consider having aluminum heat sink designs with great air velocity passing through the fins to get rid of excess heat.

Surface Treatment

The type of surface treatment for the aluminum heat sink can either aid or hinder the functionality of the heat sink.

You can opt for a surface finish that has bright colors to reflect heat or dull colors to absorb more heat.

How Do You Choose The Right Aluminum Heat Sink For Your Project?

When making a choice on the type of aluminum heat sink, you should know that there is more other than the alloy.

In this case, you have to look at different factors that enhance the performance of the aluminum heat sink.

In your pursuit for the right aluminum heat sink, you should look at the difference in the thermal conductivity.

Apart from that, you have to look at a heat sink with maximum surface area that will maximize airflow.

With such considerations, you will definitely make the right choice of aluminum heat sink with proper performance.

What Is The Process Of Manufacturing The Aluminum Heat Sink?

Heat sink manufacturing process

Heat sink manufacturing process

The most common method that you will use in the manufacturing process of aluminum heat sink is extrusion.

In most cases, you will realize that the best material for aluminum heat sink extrusion is aluminum alloy 6063-T5.

Here is the procedure that you can follow to successfully extrude the aluminum Heat Sink.

Step One: Preparing The Materials

With the right design of the aluminum heat sink at hand, you will begin the whole process with die preparation.

After that, you will heat the die to high temperatures between 450 and 500 degrees centigrade.

You should heat the die to help in the flow of the aluminum metal and also preserve its life.

Load the die onto the extrusion press and then proceed with heating the aluminum billet before extrusion.

You will heat the aluminum billet to between 450 and 500 degrees centigrade to ensure that it is malleable enough.

It is important to make sure that the aluminum billet is heated well but not molten.

In the malleable state you will transfer the aluminum billet to the heat press and then apply a release agent.

Step Two: Extrusion Process

At this point, you will proceed with the extrusion process using a hydraulic press exerting 15,000 tons of pressure.

It will press against the extrusion die thus assuming the shape of the extrusion die.

You should note that the shape of the extrusion die will determine the shape of the aluminum heat sink.

After the final product emerges from the die, you will pass it through the quenching process.

You can quench it using a water bath or cool it uniformly using fans over the table.

As soon as that is complete, you will shear the extrusion to table length and then cool it fully to room temperature.

After that, you will stretch the extrusion to the right length and also align them properly.

You will cut the extrusion shapes into the specific or detailed length.

Step Three: Secondary Machining

You will have the final product at hand but the product is not complete yet without secondary machining.

At this point, you will modify the aluminum heat sink through secondary machining.

Here, you can punch holes and pockets within the aluminum Heat Sink and apply surface finish among other key specifications.

Finally, you will inspect the aluminum heat sink and put it to work as a testing procedure before packaging and distribution.

How Does Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Compare To The Bonded Aluminum Heat sink?

Among the numerous types of aluminum Heat Sink, you can either opt for the bonded or the extruded aluminum Heat Sink.

Here is a comparison between the extruded heat sink and the bonded aluminum heat sink.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

Extruded aluminum sink

Extruded aluminum heat sink

In most cases, you will use the extrusion process to manufacture the aluminum Heat Sink hence the name extruded aluminum Heat Sink.

It is a very important process that is common and useful in most of the aluminum heat sink manufacturing applications.

You can also customize the aluminum Heat Sink according to the shape and design you need at low costs.

In addition to that, you can have a wide range of performance ranging from low performance to high performance levels.

Despite the benefits, you will realize that the dimensions are limited on the maximum extrusion width.

Bonded Aluminum Heat Sink

Bonded heat sink

Bonded heat sink

In case you are looking for large sized aluminum Heat Sink; you should consider using bonded aluminum Heat Sink.

You can also diversify the materials at the base from the materials making the fin of the bonded aluminum Heat Sink.

In addition to that, you can also combine different fin materials such as aluminum and copper.

It is an important aspect that will increase the aluminum heat sink thermal performance while reducing overall weight.

The only disadvantages that come with it include moderate performance levels and also very high costs.

What Is The Difference Between Stamped And Skived Heat Sink?

You can also produce or manufacture aluminum heat sinks through the skived or the stamped methods.

As a result, you will produce stamped aluminum Heat Sink or skived aluminum Heat Sink.

Here is a comparison between skived aluminum Heat Sink and the stamped aluminum Heat Sink.

Stamped Aluminum Heat Sink

You can stamp the metal fins of the aluminum Heat Sink and then solder it to the base.

It is the best types of aluminum heat sink that you will use for low-power applications.

It is one of the cheapest types of aluminum Heat Sink that you can produces and automate.

Despite the low price and automation level, you will experience very low performance levels.

Skived Heat Sink

In this case, all the Heat Sink that you will produce through skiving will be made from copper materials.

You will use a solid block of metal to skive the heat sink and create a flexible and high fin-density heat sink.

It will create a very high surface area and a great opportunity for proper heat dissipation thus boosting performance.

It is, however, heavier and also provides directional sensitivity.

How Do The CNC Machined And Forged Aluminum Heat Sink Compare?

Apart from the types of aluminum Heat Sink stated above, you can also opt for CNC machined or forged aluminum Heat Sink.

Here is a comparison between the CNC machined aluminum heat sink and the forged aluminum heat sink.

CNC Machined Aluminum Heat Sink

CNC machined aluminum Heat Sink provide very high thermal conductivity with very complex geometries.

You will also have great flexibility on the design even though it is very expensive.

In addition to that, the production time is long thus making them unsuitable for high volumes.

Forged Aluminum Heat sink

You can make the forged aluminum heat sink through the compression of aluminum materials for numerous applications.

You can either cold forge or hot forge the aluminum Heat Sink thus producing medium performance Heat Sink.

You can produce high volumes at low costs despite having limited design capabilities.

How Much Do The Aluminum Heat Sink Cost?

The cost that you will pay for the aluminum Heat Sink will vary according to a number of numerous factors.

One of the important factors that affect the price of aluminum Heat Sink is the type of aluminum heat sink.

For instance, you will pay higher prices for CNC machined aluminum heat sink compared to low prices for forged aluminum Heat Sink.

Apart from that, the size, quantity, and general dimensions of the aluminum heat sink will affect the price.

In other words, the greater the dimensions of the aluminum heat sink, the higher the price you will pay.

Do You Customize The Aluminum Heat Sinks According To Customers Specifications?

Absolutely, you can order for a customized aluminum heat sink according to your personal specifications.

You can also request for the help of our design team to help you get the best design from your specifications.

In the long run, we will make sure that you get the best type of functional aluminum heat sink at affordable prices.

Which Shapes Of Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink Are Available?

Aluminum Heat Sink are available in different shapes ranging from simple flatback fins to complex geometries for proper cooling.

Despite the shape, you can use the aluminum heat sink for both active and passive cooling.

You can also include special geometries and groove patterns for use with push or clip pin attachment systems.

When looking at the shapes, you should also consider looking at the different lengths of the aluminum Heat Sink.

How Do You Optimize Thermal Performance Of The Aluminum Heat Sink?

One of the most obvious modes of increasing thermal performance is by choosing the right type of materials.

Implying that, different aluminum alloys have different thermal conduction capabilities with the 6000 series being the best.

Apart from aluminum alloys, you should also look at the optimal extrusion process to boost thermal performance.

In other words, you have to make sure that all the thermal eliminations specification are optimally designed.

In addition to that, you have to make sure that the shape, weight, and specific thermal resistance properties are on point.

You can make the extruded aluminum Heat Sink very thin to increase the number of fins thus boosting thermal performance.

What’s more, you can extrude the aluminum Heat Sink on an aspect ratio of 8:1 thus optimizing heat sink performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Aluminum Heat Sink?

There are numerous reasons that ought to compel you to choose the aluminum Heat Sink.

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing the aluminum Heat Sink is the benefits that come with it.

Here are the benefits that will come with using the aluminum Heat Sink.

Standards Dimensions

You can opt for standard dimensions of the aluminum Heat Sink thus allowing you to have mass production of aluminum Heat Sink.

Light Weight

You should also opt for the aluminum heat sink because it is very light in weight thus reducing overall machine weights.


In addition to the above specifications, you should consider using aluminum Heat Sink because of their solderability.

You can simply solder or connect the aluminum heat sink to your overheating device by soldering.

Easy To Customize

Due to the malleable nature of the aluminum heat sink, you can easily customize the aluminum Heat Sink into different shapes.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Aluminum Heat Sink?

Despite the numerous advantages of the aluminum heat sink, it also comes with particular demerits.

Here are the disadvantages that you will experience with the aluminum Heat Sink.

Tooling And Tooling Fee

One of the greatest disadvantages of using aluminum Heat Sink is the cost of manufacturing.

To get the best type of aluminum heat sink, you will spend more on tooling and also the tooling fee.

Negative In Cooling

This applies to specific types of aluminum Heat Sink especially the 1000 series aluminum alloy Heat Sink.

Here, you might have to accompany this type of aluminum heat sink with a DC fan to enhance cooling.

How Do The Aluminum Heat Sink Compare To Fans?

Heat sink on PCB

Heat sink on PCB

There are different types of cooling materials that you can use depending on the application specifications.

Among the cooling materials that you might need include the aluminum heat sink and the cooling fans.

Here is a comparison between the aluminum heat sink and the cooling fans.

Aluminum Heat Sink

This is an aluminum device that absorbs heat from an overheating device and dissipates it to the surrounding air.

In this case, you have to consider the surface area and thermal conductivity of the aluminum Heat Sink for maximum performance.

Cooling Fans

This is a device that increases the amount of cool air flowing onto the overheating devices thus eliminating excess heat.

Despite providing proper cool air movement, it is not effective in heat transfer thus making Heat Sink a better option.

What Is The Working Principle Of The Aluminum Heat Sink?

Basically, the aluminum Heat Sink depend on conduction to transfer heat from overheating devices to the air.

In this case, aluminum is the metal device that will help in conducting heat from the overheating device.

You should understand that aluminum has very high thermal capabilities with the prospects of high heat conductivity.

Aluminum has great thermal conductivity of 235 watts per Kelvin per meter (W/mK).

Apart from that, the aluminum Heat Sink have numerous fins on them that help with the elimination of heat.

As soon as heat from the overeating device gets in contact with the aluminum heat sink, the aluminum will absorb the heat.

After that, it will transfer the heat through the molecules within the aluminum metal through the conduction process.

The heat will move all the way to the tip of the fins on the aluminum Heat Sink.

In this case, the higher the number of fins and the greater the surface area, the better the conduction of heat.

The aluminum Heat Sink will eliminate the heat into the environment thus cooling your overheating device.

Heat sink

Heat heavy

What Does The Future Hold For Aluminum Heat Sink?

You should note that aluminum Heat Sink are always in the ever-advancing development field.

In the future, you should expect to have lighter and more conductive aluminum Heat Sink.

Apart from that, you should also expect to see bonding between aluminum and other metals for better Heat Sink.

What Is The Installation Process Of An Aluminum Heat sink?

You can install the aluminum heat sink using a quick and greasy method.

In the installation of the aluminum heat sink, you should consider using thermal interface materials.

You will place the thermal interface materials between the overheating material and aluminum Heat Sink.

In most cases, the thermal interface material is in a greasy state with a base of conductive materials such as copper.

After that, you will place the aluminum heat sink by soldering it on the heating device.

Can You Install An Aluminum Heat Sink Alongside A Fan?

Yes, you can install the aluminum heat sink alongside the cooling fan.

The aluminum heat sink will work concurrently with the cooling fan.

In other words, as the aluminum heat sink conducts heat to the fins, the fan will aid in heat dissipation.

In other words, it will provide cool blowing air over the fins to cool it down completely thus aiding conductivity.

Heat sink with fan

Heat sink with fan

What Is The Significance Of Having Dark Colored Aluminum Heat Sink?

Well, you should consider having dark colored aluminum Heat Sink to boost the performance of the heat sink.

Black is a greater absorber and will absorb more heat from the overheating device.

As it absorbs more heat, it will dissipate the heat into the environment thus boosting the cooling process.

For all your custom aluminum heat sinks, contact Wellste right now.

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