Aluminum extrusion profiles

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

  • Top-quality meet ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2008
  • Anodized, Powder coated, Electrophoresis Various Finishes
  • 200+ kinds of T-slot Framing Standard Profiles Tooling Shapes
  • Widely range of Latest Extrusion Lines from 660MT to 4000MT

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Our experienced engineer prepare to help you develop Aluminum Extrusion Profiles to meet your specific requirements. Finalize your design and make it realizable.
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Wellste provide one-stop service, including cutting, milling, punching, drilling, welding, CNC machining & assembling etc, meeting your demands and saving your time & cost.
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Your Reliable Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Manufacturer

Wellste aluminium extrusion profiles are designed specifically to meet marine, industrial, automotive industry needs. Aluminium extrusion profiles can be used in different products such as furniture design, machine parts, cooking utensils, electronic,automobiles.

aluminum extrusion profiles suppliers

These aluminium extruded profile can also be good used as framing components, hinges, screw ports, arrays, and many more. Aluminium extrusion profiles can be in various different matters.

aluminum extrusion profile

Wellste aluminium extrusion profiles are lightweight and durable. As aluminium extrusion profiles used aluminium as a material, they offer the most advantageous characteristics in many applications.

anodized extruded aluminum

One of this is its highly resistance to rust and corrosion. Due to this, aluminium extrusion profiles are essential use for most marine and industrial environments. Furthermore, aluminium as used for extrusion and shape profiles makes shaping and forming easily.

standard aluminum extrusion profiles

With Wellste aluminium extrusion profiles, you can choose the specific design for your demands. There are various profile types including T-slot, triangular, single radius, and L-shaped profile.

All extruded aluminium profiles types are engineered in to perfectly fit and assure maximum rigidity to the product application. Whether aluminium extruded profiles are intended for residential, commercial and industrial designs, Wellste can offer advanced solution for your demands.

Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Wellste can custom your Aluminum Extrusion Profiles , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Professional Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Supplier

Aluminium extrusion profiles great strength and durability, corrosion resistance and weightless allow wider range of applications. Wellste can design huge number of aluminium extrusion with various series profiles.

Anodized Aluminum Parts

Aluminium profile accessories are also available if your applications need it. This aluminium extruded profile is engineered along with Wellste rich experience and advanced mechanism. Through this process, we could provide viable solution for your needs.

Wellste as one of the reliable aluminium extruded profiles manufacturers, we are able to produce high performance aluminium extrusion profiles. They are flexible and are definitely cost-effective.

Our aluminium extruded profiles can be applied for building and construction, solar, transportation, home, and offices equipments. With our aluminium extrusion profiles, we could facilitate your demands and satisfy your requirements.

Wellste aluminium extruded profile comes in a wide range of standard shapes and sizes. It is also comes with 15 series to 100 series t slot structural framing profiles. Our aluminium extruded profiles are also created in different thickness. These profiles can be perfectly manufactured as necessitated by the final application.

Wellste professional staff and workers designed aluminium moulding profiles very attentive to details of your design. As a result of, we are able to offer a high quality aluminium profile match with an anodized finish at the most competitive prices.

Wellste serves as your one-stop shop solution for your aluminium extrusion profiles needs. With Wellste you can receive your order on-time.

Also, we help you design your aluminium extrusion profiles that specifically meet what you need. Wellste will worked your designed and engineer the perfect solution for your demands.

Wellste controls the quality everywhere, from raw material selecting, dimensions measuring during production process , to final appearance inspection before packing, all manufacturing procedures data will record on file to guarantee delivery high-class quality to our customers.

Wellste is a professional aluminium extrusion profiles supplier in China, we strive to continuously provide excellence products as we improves our services to each customers we deal.

If you want to personalize alu profile for your next project, look no further, Wellste is your solution. With no hesitation, contact us then.

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s guide, I will answer all your questions on aluminum extrusion profiles.

So, if you want to be an expert in extruded aluminum profiles, read this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

Aluminum extrusion profiles are hollow, semi-solid, and solid shapes that you will make from aluminum materials.

You can use the aluminum extrusion profiles to make different things ranging from automobiles to home appliances among others.

Extruded aluminum profile

Aluminum extrusion profiles

What Is The Significance Of Thermal Treatment Of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You have to pass aluminum extrusion profiles through heat treatment to get the mechanical properties that you desire.

Heat treatment will help in hardening or aging of the aluminum materials thus making them very strong.

You should, however, be careful with the heat treatment and use it according to the right application specifications.

The most common heat treatment options that you will use on aluminum extrusion profiles are:

T4 Heat Treatment

This form of heat treatment option involves tampering from solution temperatures by natural aging or forced air.

T5 Heat Treatment

You can also use the T5 heat treatment option which involves treatment from extrusion temperatures using forced air.

The process goes through artificial aging and is the most common method for aluminum extrusion profile for doors and windows.

T6 Heat Treatment

Here, you will tamper the aluminum extrusion profiles from solution temperature by water under temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade.

In addition to that, you will also complete the heat treatment procedure through artificial aging.

Which Surface Treatments Do You Use On Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

It is important to have surface treatment on your aluminum extrusion profiles to increase the service life.

Surface treatment will also improve the image or outlook of the aluminum extrusion profiles while increasing corrosion resistance.

Here are some of the surface treatment options that you can have on the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Polished Surface Treatment

This is the process of creating a shiny and smooth surface through chemical action or by rubbing the surface.

Anodized Surface Treatment

You can also opt for anodized surface treatment which involves increasing thickness of the natural oxide layers.

It will help in obtaining higher durability levels and greater strength on the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Powder Coating Surface Treatment

In this case, you will coat the aluminum extrusion profiles with powder to produce thicker coats than the conventional liquid coats.

What Are The Best Materials For Making Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

Standards aluminum extrusion profile

Standard aluminum extrusion profile

You ought to be very selective when it comes to choosing the right type of materials for aluminum profile extrusion.

Obviously, since we are producing aluminum extrusion profiles, you will definitely use aluminum materials.

Among the aluminum materials, you should opt for series 6 of the aluminum metal materials.

Among the series 6 aluminum materials, you should opt for aluminum series 6060 and 6063.

The most suitable heat treatment option for aluminum 6060 and 6063 is T5 heat treatment.

What Are The Main Certifications And Standards Of The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You must also maintain very high standards of quality when making the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Your choice for high quality aluminum extrusion profiles will ensure high tolerance levels and increase durability levels.

Here are the main quality standards and certifications that you can use for aluminum extrusion profiles.

  • EN Quality Certifications such as EN 755-7 and EN 12020-2
  • OHSAS Quality Certifications such as OHSAS 18001
  • CE
  • RoHS

How Does Direct Extrusion And Indirect Extrusion Of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Compare?

Well, the most common method of manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles is the extrusion method.

In aluminum extrusion methods, you can either opt for direct extrusion or indirect extrusion methods.

Here is a comparison between the direct extrusion method and the indirect extrusion methods.

Aluminum profile extrusion

Aluminum profile extrusion

Direct Extrusion Methods

You can opt for the direct extrusion method of producing aluminum extrusion profiles which is direct extrusion.

You will place the billet in stationary containers and then use a hydraulic press to pass it through die openings.

Here, the aluminum will flow in a similar direction as the flow or travel of the ram.

Indirect Extrusion Methods

You can also opt for indirect extrusion method for making the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Here, you will have the die staying in place as the aluminum billet and container moves in unison.

The ram pressure will force the soft metal to go through the die openings but in the opposite direction.

You can also identify it as the backward extrusion method.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You should consider using aluminum extrusion profiles in different applications due to the benefits.

Aluminum extrusion profiles have particular characteristics that improves its working conditions.

Here are the main benefits of using aluminum extrusion profiles.

High Levels Of Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum extrusion profiles are highly resistant to corrosion due to the presence of self-generating anticorrosion agents.

High Malleability

Aluminum extrusion profiles also exhibit high malleability levels allowing proper shaping into various sections.

You do not have to use a lot of energy or tooling in the process of shaping aluminum extrusion profiles thus saving cost.

High Strength To Weight Ratio

Aluminum extrusion profiles exhibit very high to strength ratio despite the fact that it is a light weight metal.

In other words, despite being a light weight metal product, aluminum is a very strong piece of material.

What Are Some Of The Types Of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You can create a very wide range of aluminum extrusion profiles at different shapes and thicknesses.

The aluminum extrusion profiles feature intricate void spacing depending on the end use application.

Here are the main types of aluminum extrusion profiles that you can choose from.

Aluminum profile extrusion

Aluminum profile extrusion

Hollow Beam Profile

This is a variation of the aluminum square profile with a hollow interior that makes it light and strong.

It is the most suitable type of aluminum profile that you can use in fabricating door and windows.

Triangular Aluminum Extrusion Profile

This type of aluminum extrusion profile assumes the triangular shape with a hollow or semi-solid interior.

You can also get a triangular aluminum extrusion profile with a sold interior that will increase strength and weight ratio.

Single Radius Aluminum Extrusion Profile

This type of aluminum extrusion profile has a curved back and two straight surfaces thus making a quarter circle.

It can also be hollow, solid, or semi-solid depending on the application specifications.

L-Shaped Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Just from the name you can note that the L-shaped aluminum extrusion profile assumes the L shape.

It is the simplest form of aluminum extrusion profile that you can use at various angles for reinforcement purposes.

What Are The Main Uses Of The Aluminum Extrusion Profile Sections?

You will use the aluminum extrusion profiles across different industrial applications.

Your choice of aluminum extrusion profile will depend on the application specifications or requirements.

Here are some of the uses or applications of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Transportation Industry

You will use the aluminum extrusion profiles in the transportation industry especially due to it strength to weight ratio characteristic.

It is the most suitable material for transmission housing, engine blocks, roof rails, and car panels among other key automobile parts.

Construction Industry

You will also use the aluminum extrusion profiles in the construction industry to make key structures on buildings.

It is the most suitable material for making doors and window panels due to high flexibility and strength ratio.

What Is The Main Process Of Manufacturing The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

The main process of manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles is the extrusion process.

In this case, you can either use direct aluminum extrusion process or indirect aluminum extrusion process.

Here is a complete procedure that entails the direct extrusion process of manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles.

Step One: Preparation Of The Extrusion Process

First, you have to prepare all the relevant materials that you will need in the extrusion process of aluminum.

The most important materials in this case include the aluminum materials and the extrusion machine.

You will need a steel die to help in the manufacturing process of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Here, you can either shape the die from a H13 steel or use one that is readily available in the warehouse.

As soon as the die is ready, you have to preheat it to temperatures ranging between 450 to 500 degrees centigrade.

Preheating will help increasing maximum flow of metals while boosting the die service life.

Step Two: Extrusion Process

You will proceed with heating of the aluminum billet after cutting it from long logs of aluminum alloys.

In this case, you will need an oven to heat the billet to between 400 to 500 degrees centigrade.

As soon as that is complete, you will transfer the heated billet to the extrusion chamber.

At the extrusion chamber, you will apply a release agent before loading the billet to the extrusion press.

You should also apply the release agent to the ram to prevent it from sticking to the walls of the ram.

After that, you will load the billet into the extrusion press and the extrusion process will commence.

You will depend on the hydraulic ram or press to provide very high pressure of 15,000 tonnes.

The high pressure will force the extruded material to emerge through the die openings.

The emerging materials will assume the shape of the die thus making different shapes of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Step Three: Quenching And Cooling The Extruded Materials

As soon as the extrusion process is complete, you will run the extruded material over a table.

You will use a water bath or cool air to properly quench the extruded materials.

Since the extruded materials can be very long and exceed the table length, you can cut it using hot saws.

After that, you will allow it to cool to room temperatures before stretching them accordingly.

You will grab the aluminum extrusion from both ends and then stretch to the point where it is straight.

Apart from that, you will also stretch it until it reaches the aluminum extrusion profile specifications.

Step Four: Final Stage

In the final stages, you will cut the aluminum extrusion profile to length according to customers’ specifications.

Apart from that, you will initiate heat treatment on the aluminum extrusions and also apply proper surface treatment.

Heat treatment will enhance the mechanical properties of the aluminum extrusion profiles.]

In addition to that, surface treatment will enhance the appearance of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

How Much Do The Aluminum Extrusions Cost In China?

Well, the cost of aluminum extrusion profiles is often quite affordable especially when getting it from China.

Despite the low cost, you should also note that the price is not constant and will vary accordingly.

There are quite a number of factors which will dictate the price you will pay for aluminum extrusion profiles.

Type Of Aluminum Extrusion Profile

You should note that there are different types of aluminum extrusion profiles which have different price tags.

In other words, the more complicated aluminum extrusion profiles will cost you more than the simple ones.

Dimensions Of The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

You will look at the dimensions in terms of size, thickness, length, and also weight of aluminum extrusion profiles.

Implying that, the greater the dimensions of the aluminum extrusion profiles, the higher the cost you will pay.

What Kinds Of Shapes Of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Do You Have?

The beauty about aluminum extrusion profiles is the fact that you can shape them accordingly.

In other words, you can easily produce the shape of aluminum extrusion profile that you want.

For instance, you can have:

  1. T slot aluminum profile – here you can choose of deigns and profile options
  2. Aluminum channel profiles – For these shapes, you can choose from aluminum C channel extrusion, aluminum U channel extrusion, aluminum J channel extrusion, extruded aluminum H channel, extruded aluminum T channel and extruded aluminum F channel.

How Can You Reduce The Manufacturing Cost Of The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

The Ultimate goal in any manufacturing industry is to produce high quality products at very low costs.

You can apply the same principle in production of aluminum extrusion profiles and reduce costs.

Here are some of the ways of reducing the cost of manufacturing the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Purchasing Raw Materials In Bulk

One of the most suitable modes of reducing cost is purchasing raw materials in bulk from the supplier.

You will take advantage of economies of scale which allows you to get proper discounts for bulk purchases.

Optimizing Machine Operations

You should also optimize the operations of the manufacturing machine to produce maximum aluminum extrusion profiles.

In this case, you will make sure that you reduce downtime and produce optimally within a short time frame.

Have A Proper Design

You should have the most suitable design that will not only meet your specifications but should also be manufacturable.

In other words, you should make proper consultations during the design process to avoid making expensive adjustments later.

Remember, at Wellste, we ensure you get all your aluminum extrusion profiles at affordable prices.

What Are Some Of The Assembly Options For The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

After a successful manufacturing process, you should consider assembling the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Apart from the assembly process, you should also think about the modes of packaging the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Here are some of the assembly modes that you can apply on the aluminum extrusion profiles.

  • Inserting rubber strips to the aluminum extrusion profiles
  • You can also mount pop nuts helicoids, and screws among others
  • You might also assemble miscellaneous accessories

Besides, there are many aluminum profile accessories you can use during the assembly process.

Aluminum profile accessories

Aluminum profile accessories.

Some of these accessories include;

Wellste can supply you with all accessories you need during aluminum extrusion profile assembly.

What Are The Advantages Of Gluing Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

When joining the pieces of aluminum extrusion profiles, you can use different mode of joining or connection.

Among the joining or connection methods, you can use glue to piece the different parts of the profiles together.

You should consider gluing over other traditional methods such as bolting and welding due to weight issues.

In other words, gluing does not increase the weight of the aluminum extrusion profiles in comparison to bolting.

Apart from that, gluing also makes the structures very strong as the materials hold firm against one another.

In addition to that, you can use it to connect concealed joints or join aluminum extrusion profiles to other materials.

However, before options for any method of joining aluminum extrusion, ensure you evaluate the required mechanical strength.

What Are The Benefits Of Extrusion Process To Manufacture The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You can use different methods to help in the manufacturing process of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Among the most preferred methods is the extrusion method of aluminum profiles.

Here are the reasons behind the success of extrusion method for aluminum extrusion profiles.

Low Tooling Cost And Versatility

You will spend less in purchasing the right tools for the manufacturing process of aluminum extrusion profiles.

Apart from that, you will also enjoy the freedom of making any shape and size of aluminum extrusion profiles.

Easy To Master

In addition to that, you can easily master the simple steps that aluminum extrusion process entails.

In other words, you do not have to spend much in hiring of expensive labor to manufacture your aluminum extrusion profiles.

What Is The Most Convenient Way Of Handling And Storage Of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You should have the aluminum extrusion profiles stored in the most expedient and safe mode.

Implying that, you have to be very careful when handling and storing the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to properly handle the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Proper Packaging

You should package aluminum in strong papers which will reduce the effect of scratching the aluminum surfaces.

In addition to that, you can use bubble foils which will reduce the impact of bumping against one another.

Avoid Moisture And Water

You should also store the aluminum extrusion profiles in a cool and dry environment without moisture and water.

This will help in reducing the possibility of corrosion on the surface of the aluminum extrusion profiles thus increasing durability.

Climate And Air Temperature

You should maintain low temperatures of +10 degrees centigrade in the storage of aluminum extrusion profiles.

It is also important to avoid any form of contact between aluminum and other metal types.

How Does The Risk Of Condensation Affect The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

When looking at the risk of condensation, you have to consider water vapor content, air temperatures, and relative humidity.

In other words, you have to control the above parameters to avoid the condensation on the aluminum extrusion profiles.

The lower the risk of condensation, the better the storage conditions thus boosting the durability.

You will not worry about moisture or water causing or leading to corrosion of aluminum extrusion profiles.

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Condensation In Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You can reduce the risk of condensation through proper acclimatization of the storage conditions.

In other words, you will have to control the air temperature, water vapor content and relative humidity.

You must also place the aluminum extrusion profiles in the original packages until acclimatization is complete.

How Do You Clean The Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

One of the ways of maintaining the aluminum extrusion profiles is by proper cleaning of the surfaces,

There are cases where different corrosion agents or just dirt may lead to destruction of the aluminum extrusion profiles.

You can avoid destruction of aluminum extraction profiles by cleaning the aluminum extraction profiles well.

First, you must have a proper cleaning schedule that allows you to clean the aluminum extrusion profiles regularly.

When cleaning the aluminum extrusion profiles, you have to use special types of cleaning agents.

In cleaning of soiled surfaces, you will use aqueous solvents including benzene, white spirits, thinner and petroleum.

After cleaning, you should consider applying a finishing treatment on the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Having a finishing treatment will apply the right cover on the surface of the aluminum metals thus increasing protection.

How Much Does Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Cost?

There is no specific price for custom aluminum extrusion profiles.

Some of the main factors that determine the price are:

  • Aluminum material grade
  • Design, shape or configuration
  • Surface treatment
  • Surface finish
  • MOQ
  • Die design
  • Dimensions

For instance, simple geometrical shapes can cost about USD 515. A hollow design of the same size may cost about USD 950.

While, complicated designs of aluminum extrusion profiles will cost even more.

Some of these costs are due to the die design.

Since, hollow aluminum extrusion profile will require 2 piece die. This is not the case for simple geometrical shapes.

Aluminum profile extrusion

Aluminum profile extrusion

What Is Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Die?

These are thick metals that come in different configurations or openings which help you to create a suitable aluminum profile design.

Usually, they are thick and heat treat.

This is to withstand both pressure and heat from hot aluminum billet during the extrusion process.

Basically, it is the die that will determine the shape of aluminum extrusion profile.

Aluminum profile extrusion dies

Aluminum extrusion dies

Aluminum extrusion dies

Aluminum extrusion dies

Are Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Strong?

Yes, extruded aluminum profiles are very strong.

A reason you can use them in most structural applications.

In fact, they can handle heavy load applications.

What Is Your MOQ For Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

Wellste has flexible MOQs.

We support both small and large businesses, alongside our OEM clients.

Contact our engineers for exact MOQ – we have very low MOQ.

Will You Help In Shipping Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?


We will safely package the aluminum extrusion profiles.

Then arrange for the shipping process.

Our team will help you get cost effective solution.

For inquiries, or assistance, you can talk to us.

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