Aluminum Channel Profile

Aluminum Channel Profile

  • Flexible minimum order volume from 500kg
  • One-stop aluminum fabrication to save your money
  • Guarantee fast lead time even at peak season
  • Our professional engineers help to complete your project

Your Premier Aluminum Channel Profile Manufacturer

Professional Engineering Team
Our experienced engineer prepare to help you develop Aluminum Channel Profile to meet your specific requirements. Finalize your design and make it realizable.
One-Stop Manufacturing Service
Wellste provide one-stop service, including cutting, milling, punching, drilling, welding, CNC machining & assembling etc, meeting your demands and saving your time & cost.
Quick Response
Wellste provide you with excellent customer service. Whatever questions you met during or after production our support team will give your fast reply with 7/24 H service.
Quality Guarantee
Wellste has advanced in-house quality testing lab, 48+ QC inspection team, 100% inspection before shipment, Guarantee the product quality and eliminate your concerns.

Your Reliable Aluminum Channel Profile Manufacturer

Wellste is a professional when it comes to manufacturing aluminum extrusion channel profile. We have more than 20 years of experience in aluminum extrusion industry.Wellste has the ability to design aluminum extrusion channel profiles that can easily be use in deep processing which includes welding, bending, drilling, punching, precise cutting and so on.

extruded aluminum channel


We provide aluminum channel profile with different colors. We can also modify colors of aluminum extrusion channel profile to fulfill your requirements.Wellste professional engineers have rich experience in designing aluminum extrusion channel profile that can support powder coating and anodizing.Aluminum channel profiles from Wellste encompasses matte, dye, sandblasting, brush and polishing.

extruded aluminum channel


Wellste manufactures aluminum channel profile which has the capacity for around the house maintenance and for general repair. Furthermore, these are also used in storage and shed building, décor, boat building, construction of small channel, and more.

extruded aluminum channel extruded aluminum channel extruded aluminum channel extruded aluminum channel extruded aluminum channel

All our aluminum channel profiles are ISO certified. Therefore, you can assure its quality and stability. We can also ship your aluminum channel profile faster even when peak season.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us!


Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Wellste can custom your Aluminum Channel Profile , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

Wellste: Your Professional Aluminum Channel Profile Supplier

Wellste Aluminum channel profiles are known as the U Channels. These are all-purpose extrusions that can be useful in plenty of applications. It is very applicable in making brackets.

Aluminum channel profile designed by Wellste engineers is ideally suitable as a support for any sliding type. These aluminum extrusion channel profiles are also good in carpentry and joinery project applications.

In addition, our aluminum extrusion channel profiles are very useful for edge protection.

Indeed, aluminum extrusion channel profile from Wellste has a wide variety of applications.

Aluminum channel profiles from Wellste feature 6063 Alloy, T5, and T6 temper. It has a profile general thickness ranging from 0.6 mm up to 5.0 mm.

For anodized film protection thickness, it has an 8 up to 25um. It also has a 40 to 120 um powder coating.

Usually, Wellste produces aluminum extrusion channel that has 3 m to 6 m in length. To meet your requirements, we can always customize the length of our aluminum extrusion channel profile.

This can also bear with electrophoresis, wood coating, and other types of surface treatments.

Aluminum channel profiles from Wellste are high-quality. Due to its durability, it can withstand different temperatures.

Also, it has higher weather resistance that can ensure its stability in different types of weather.

Wellste offers an aluminum extrusion channel profile with excellent corrosion resistance. This means that our aluminum extrusion channel profile has the capability to endure damage due to oxidization and other types of a chemical reactions.

It has a better wear resistance which reduces the wear effects thus can be used in a lengthy period of time.

Aluminum extrusion channel profile manufactured by Wellste are stylish and modern in design. It has good appearance and is pleasing to the eyes.

Engineers from Wellste designed aluminum channel profile with light weight. This is easy to work and easy to be installed. It has the capacity to cut, screw, drill and rivet easily.


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