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Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

The types of aluminum extrusion T slot nuts are divided into elastic bolts, shrapnel bolts, slide nuts, square bolts, flange nuts, and T-bolts. Different nuts have different use methods. This also reflects the diversity and flexibility of industrial aluminum parts.

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Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

T slot nuts are widely used in many industries. One of its primary utilities is to fasten and secure structures and frameworks in their proper slots.

Moreover, we made use of stainless steel to manufacture your T slot nuts. Furthermore, these t slot nuts are galvanized and they have a silvery-white color.

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

Sliding nuts are made up of aluminum alloy and steel. These nuts possess colors such as silvery-white and black due to their galvanized finish.

Furthermore, these sliding nuts are utilized primarily in securing aluminum profiles. Upon installation of your aluminum profiles, a sliding nut should be slipped in the appropriate slots.

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

Foremost, flange nuts are made from quality stainless steel materials. Also, it has two standard surface finishes namely: galvanized and chrome. Moreover, the flange nuts are silvery-white in color.

The major usage of flange nuts is to pair up with T-bolt for better performance and steadiness of your structures.

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

Moreover, it is also commonly made with stainless steel that is of high quality. Shrapnel nuts are multi-purpose. They are utilized in assembling aluminum profiles and structures.

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

T bolts are commonly used in attaching and fastening t-bolts into their aluminum profiles’ proper slots. Another application of these is the automated positioning of locks with the use of flange nuts.

Moreover, the material used in making t bolt is carbon steel. Furthermore, these are available in the galvanized surface finish which gives off its silvery-white appearance.

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Nuts

Joint bolts are widely known for the material used to manufacture them. The stainless steel used in creating our joint bolts has a 12.9 high strength.

Also, joint bolts have silvery-white and black colors because of their galvanized surface finish. Furthermore, joint bolts are useful in industries because it provides a connection between internal joints.

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