Aluminium Profile Brackets
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Aluminium Profile Brackets

Aluminum profile bracket plays an indispensable role in manufacturing. It is a kind of hardware for connecting intersecting components. Aluminum profile bracket is generally used in decoration engineering and furniture assembly.

The heat shrinkage, hardness, and other properties of aluminum profile brackets are better, and the stability of pure aluminum profile brackets is better than other materials.

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aluminium profile- bracket

Item TypeAluminium Profile Brackets
Material6000 Series aluminum alloy
ShapeGeneral Brackets, 45 Degree Angle Brackets, 135 Degree Angle Brackets,

Foundation brackets, Rotating Bracket, ect

SizeStandard or customized
ApplicationAluminum Profile, Door and Window, Industrial, Racks, Fixturiing& Shelving
Slot width6mm,8mm,10mm
ColorNatural Silver, Black, or Customised.
Surface treatmentMill finish, Anodizing, Sand Blasting, Powder coating, etc.
Deep processingCutting, Drilling, Threading, Bending, etc.
StandardGB, ASTM , AISI , DIN , BS, JIS
Delivery Time3-5 Days

aluminium profile bracket

General Brackets

The general bracket is popular for its great capabilities in connecting aluminum profiles. Also, it is used in different general functions like attaching aluminum profiles to each other.

Specifically, general brackets are utilized in fixing aluminum profiles that are removable.

Another function of a general bracket is to support aluminum profile bearings.

Also, general brackets are made from extruded technology. These brackets are also manufactured with 6063 aluminum alloy and made with casting production.

Furthermore, the general bracket has a silvery-white color due to its anodized surface finish.

In addition, we guarantee the quality of our general brackets.  These general brackets are produced through the use of quality materials such as cast aluminum.

aluminium profile bracket

45 Degree Angle Brackets

45 degree angle brackets are very useful to businesses and companies worldwide. It is an essential tool because it provides easy installment and support for your equipment.

Moreover, 45 degree brackets serve as connections between profiles that have 45 oblique angles. Also, it is used in fixing your sealing plates properly.

Moreover, 45 angle degree brackets specialize in putting your fittings to their appropriate slots.

These 45 degree angle brackets are made from 6063-T5 aluminum profiles. Also, these brackets are produced through extrusion.

Furthermore, 45 degree angle brackets have an anodized surface finish which gives off a silvery-white color.

The materials that we utilize to manufacture your brackets are the finest extruded aluminum profiles. We ensure the quality of your 45 degree angle brackets.

aluminium profile bracket

135 Degree Angle Brackets

135 degree angle bracket is favored by a lot of businesses because of its many applications.

Foremost, 135 degree brackets are being used in attaching profiles with 135 angled obliques to one another.

One of its features is its ability to fasten aluminum profile’s connection points. 135 degree angle brackets are reliable in securing profiles.

Also, 135 degree angle brackets are accessible with an anodized finish. It has a silvery-white color because of the material used in the manufacturing process.

Wellste 135 degree angle brackets are constructed by 6063-T5 aluminum alloy grade. Lastly, we ensure that your 135 degree angle brackets are of high quality and durability.

aluminium profile bracket

Foundation Bracket

The major utilization of foundation brackets is to provide support to aluminum structures. Also, foundation brackets are used in determining the left and right positions of scaffoldings.

We supply foundation brackets that are made up of top-rated carbon steel.

Our foundation brackets have galvanized surface finish. Also, it comes in two standard colors namely: silvery-white and black.

Furthermore, foundation brackets are available in different sizes to suit your frame and bearing needs.

Businesses can order these foundation brackets along with bolts and nuts in order to provide a whole set for your company’s demands.

aluminium profile bracket

Rotating Bracket

Rotating brackets are best known for their turning and spinning capabilities. Also, it is popular for its flexibility and ability to move around. Moreover, one of its best features is its versatility because it can be used in many ways.

Furthermore, rotating brackets are made up of high-quality aluminum materials. We ensure that we supply and deliver rotating brackets that will last long. In addition, the rotating brackets that we offer are anodized. And it comes with different standard colors which you can pick based on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kinds of Aluminum Profiles Brackets you can offer?

Wellste is a professional Aluminum Profiles Bracket supplier, we can provide you with General Brackets, 45 Degree Angle Brackets, 135 Degree Angle Brackets, Foundation brackets, Rotating Bracket, and so on.

How can I select the right Aluminum Profiles Brackets?

1. Understand the application of your products.
2.  Confirm the sizes, type, shapes you want.
3. Find an experienced supplier.
4. Get samples to test the quality.

What's your MOQ for Aluminum Profiles Brackets?

Generally speaking, our MOQ for Aluminum Profiles Brackets is USD2000.

What's the leading time for Aluminum Profiles Brackets?

It is only taking 7-10 days to complete your Aluminum Profiles Brackets if the size is in stock.
For bulk orders, lead time according to the factory production plan, usually 7-25 days.

Why you choose Wellste Aluminum Profiles Brackets ?

Wellste has many advantages for Aluminum Profiles Brackets, such as:

1. Variety Sizes
2. Factory direct sales
3. Quality assurance
4. Low MOQ
5. Support free samples
6. Reasonable price

Are you available to supply Aluminum Profiles Brackets Samples?

Yes, Wellste is able to provide Aluminum Profiles Brackets for you to check the quality.

Normally stock sample is free for saving your cost.

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