• 4545 T slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

45 Series T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

  • Low MOQ only from 100kg stock items
  • Custom specific length upon your request
  • Our engineer assist to finalize your design
  • Easy installation with matching accessories

Wellste can manufacture engineer designed T-slots aluminum profiles. These are available in standard as well as customized sizes to all our customers. All the products have been carefully tested in our in-house labs. Wellste can custom and OEM service that will ensure our customer’s versatile needs.


4545 aluminum extrusion

Item Type45 Series T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile
Material6000Series aluminium alloy
ShapeT – Profile, or customized
The option of Profile15/20/30/40/45/50/60/80/90/100/160 series etc.
ApplicationDecorations, Robot Frame, workstations, Building, Industrial, Machinery, Automation parts, CNC, etc
ColorStandard: black, silver and grey, or customized
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF etc.
Lengthcustomized length
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
OEM & ODMAcceptable

Wellste is the proud manufacturer and supplier of 45 series t-slot extrusion profiles. All our products are supplied with low factory price, in order to boost your local market.

T slot aluminum extrusion profileT slotted aluminum extrusion frame

Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Profile System

Feel free to contact us for a fast quote and a satisfactory customer service experience.

45 series t-slot profiles are usually based on 45 mm increments that have centerlines of about 22.5 mm. These profiles feature smooth surfaces and range from 45 mm ✕ 45 mm to 90 mm.

T Slot Aluminum Extrusion

These t-slot profiles are quite easy to install without an additional requirement for welding. This feature makes them extremely easy to maintain.

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Wellste: Your Leading T slot Aluminum  Profile One-Stop Solution Supplier

45 series t-slots are compatible with all 45 series fasteners. 45 series t-slot aluminum extrusion profiles include 45*45, 45*45R, 45*45L, 45*60, 45*90 profiles. All 45 series t-slot aluminum profiles can connect with each other freely .


4545 T slot Aluminum Profile

4545 T-slot Aluminum Profile


Code: W-10-4545
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 2.5kg/m
Length: 6.01m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 14.10cm4 ly: 14.10cm4
Section Modulus: Zx: 6.15cm3 Zy: 6.15cm3

4545 is the most widely used profile, mostly due to its simple appearance and high tensile strength. It has a width of about 10.2 mm.

It can be used for assembling high load bearing of structural framework.

It is mostly used with M12 bolt and T-nut. However, you can find that it can also use M10 bolt, if the framework needs to be more strong and reliable. Moreover, screw and nut can be changed according to different stress intensity.


4545 L T slot Aluminum Profile

4545 T-slot Aluminum Extrusion


Code: W-10-4545L
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 2.3kg/m
Length: 6.01m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 14.10cm4 ly: 14.10cm4
Section Modulus: Zx: 6.15cm3 Zy: 6.15cm3

4545 L profiles has a wall thickness that is ideal for light load bearing. M10 bolt and nut for this type of profile.


4545 R T slot Aluminum Profile

4545 T slotted Aluminum Extrusion Profile


Code: W-10-4545R
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 1.75kg/m
Length: 6.01m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 11.33cm4 ly: 11.33cm4
Section Modulus: Zx: 4.50cm3 Zy: 4.50cm3

4545 R profiles are perfect for heavy-duty load bearing due to their wall thickness and slot width of 10.2 mm.

These profiles can be connected with three profiles by using three-dimensional screw and nut such as M10 bolt and flange nut. However, the ends of these profiles need to be tapped.


4560 T slot Aluminum Profile

4560 T slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile


Code: W-10-4560
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 2.8kg/m
Length: 6.01m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 27.62cm4 ly: 15.16cm4
Section Modulus: Zx: 9.6cm3 Zy: 7.11cm3

With the outer sizes and slot spacing between 45mm ✕  60mm, 4560 t-slot profile is perfect for heavy load to medium duty purposes as they have a high tensile strength.

These profiles provide stability to the framework with a 10 mm slot and a nut thread of M10.

These types of profiles are used for various purposes such as machine frame building, guards, special enclosures and even vehicle structures.


4590 T slot Aluminum Profile

4590 Tslot Aluminum Extrusion Profile


Code: W-10-4590
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 4.5kg/m
Length: 6.01m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 103.15cm4 ly: 26.6cm4
Section Modulus: Zx: 22.4cm3 Zy: 11.2cm3

4590 profiles has a wall thickness less than that of the 4590 t-slot profile. Both the fastener and the accessories are similar to the 40 series profiles. It is extensively used for safety guarding, inspection services, workbenches, machine guards and linear systems.

T slot aluminum extrusionT slot aluminum extrusionT slot aluminum extrusionT Slot Aluminum Extrusion

We can help you create customized aluminum extrusions which are according to your exact project requirements.

Our support team will give your fast reply with 7/24 service. Your customized T-slotted aluminum extrusion profiles will be delivered to you, at an unbeatable price. You can expect to receive your delivery in just 4-5 days.


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