Aluminum Profile Connectors
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Aluminum Profile Connectors

The aluminum profile connector does not need to be welded, which is more environmentally friendly, and it is very convenient to install, dismantle, carry and move. The connection mode of the aluminum profile is also diversified.

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aluminium profile joints

The whistle connector is made from a strong anodized zinc alloy.The anodization process gives extra toughness to the connector.

The whistle connector is fitted into the H-assembly hole. It is used for a strong side holding of aluminum extrusions. The whistle connector has an anodized smooth silver finish.

aluminium profile joints

The material used for the embedded connector is aluminum alloy. It is inserted in the end slots of aluminum extrusions.

The embedded connector is used to secure aluminum extrusion forming a rigid right-angle. It is available in silver and black colors with an anodized finish.

aluminium profile joints

Aluminum alloy is used as the material for the aluminum profile corner joint.

It is a type of joint to be applied in the edges of aluminum extrusions. It is fastened by screws to form a tight 90-degree connection. It is preferred to be anodized and dyed with either black or silvery-white.

aluminium profile joints

A straight connector is made of aluminum alloy. The straight connector is used to form a linear connection of two aluminum extrusions to extend for the desired length.

It boasts an anodized finish that can be dyed black or silvery-white.

aluminium profile joints

The external connector is made from chrome-plated steel that is proven to resist rusting. It can be easily maneuvered to form a cross and right-angle attachment without the requirement of tools and time-consuming processes.

The external connector also has enhanced protection against corrosion and rust with its silvery-white galvanized finish.

aluminium profile joints

The free plate connector utilized stainless steel material that provides high corrosion resistance. This connector allows for an easily adjustable position for aluminum profile connections.

Its main feature is its capability for angle adjustments that range fully from 0-180 degrees. It has a galvanized surface finishing with two available colors: black and silver.

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