Casters and Wheels
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Casters and Wheels

Casters and wheels are widely used in industries such as industry, commerce, medical equipment, machinery, logistics, environmental protection cleaning products, furniture, electrical appliances, beauty equipment, machinery equipment, process products, pet products, hardware products, and other industries.

Casters and wheels mainly divided into fixed casters and movable casters.

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casters and wheels

Casters are also known to be directional casters. The primary usage of casters is to provide stability and steadiness to your vehicles. Moreover, casters control the movement of your automobiles to make sure it is going in a straight direction.

Also, casters are mainly utilized in cart frames, machines, and transport materials. Casters can also perform dustproof, brakes, and mutes.

The material used in manufacturing these casters is chrome steel. Moreover, casters are accessible in various standard colors. Most of the companies we worked with prefer the black color because of its elegant appearance! These casters can be purchased in plate casters and composite casters.

threaded leveling feet

Threaded leveling feet are an essential tool in companies due to their many functions.

First, it provides strong support for structural foundations. Second, it sustains the appropriate position of pillars and substructures. Third, it is used to brace frameworks and other equipment.

Moreover, threaded leveling feet are necessary for maintaining the stability and firmness of your structures. Also, one of its excellent features is its shockproof function!

The main materials used in producing your threaded leveling feet are stainless steel, basement nylon, and rubber. Your business can avail it in black standard color but you can request to customize it.

flange foundation

Flange foundation specializes in providing firmness and stability to structures and equipment. It is most commonly used in the mechanical industry for support and maintenance.

Moreover, the flange foundation is made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and cast iron. Furthermore, these flange foundations are readily accessible in straight flanges and wide flanges. But, you can also request different types of flanges that would meet the requirements of your projects.

Also, the flange foundation comes in different standard colors, shapes, and sizes. We are open to customization to meet your company’s needs and demands! We would love to hear your own ideas and we will take action!

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