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Aluminum Awning Extrusions

  • Design & Prototype to Finalize Your Idea
  • One-stop Custom Aluminum Fabrication
  • 7% Pure &High Grade Aluminum Ingot Raw Material
  • 6000 Series alloy, Other Alloy NO. upon to your Request

awning rail extrusionIf you need any aluminum awning extrusion for your business, you are at right place.

Wellste fabricates and supply aluminum awning extrusion. We have in-house tooling manufacturing and one-stop aluminum fabrication. Wellste welcome customize and OEM. 16,000 types of aluminum profile manufacturing every year.

aluminum awning extrusions

Wellste Aluminum awning rail often comes in 6063 aluminum alloy. The surface can be anodized or powder coated. After anodizing, it forms a protective layer of aluminum oxide which will improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and also give you a good outlook.

aluminum awning frames

You can get black, champagne, bronze, Golden and red color. If you need more color, powder coat is suitable, it can get more color than anodizing. WellsteAluminum awning rail is lightweight but has strong strength and durable.

Besides, 6061 Aluminum alloy also will be adopted if required structural function, compare with 6063 aluminum alloy, it has much higher tensile strength and hardness.


Wellste: Your Best Aluminum Awning Extrusions Manufacturer

The function of aluminum awning extrusion is to shield the heat and glare of the sun, which will make your house cooler in the hot summer. It can also protect your patio from rainy and snowy days.

Aluminum Awning Extrusions

Wellstealuminum awning extrusions can produce for many kinds of final usage through a machining process, such as it can be used to make awnings and canopies. The rail track can also be used in patio awning, window & door awning, garden awning, and walkaway systems.

WellsteAluminum awning extrusions also are served as RV awning track rail. In modern society, Aluminum awning extrusions are popularly used to make retractable awning tubing, which is more humanized and convenient.

Wellste is a professional aluminum awning extrusions manufacturer and supplier. We believe, through our 20-years manufacturing experience in aluminum awning extrusion, wellste is able to customize high quality aluminum extrusion profile at your will in a professional and efficient way. Wellste is dedicated Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Talk to our sales or engineer team today for any aluminum awning extrusion, we are willing to help to supply one-stop solution to you.

Aluminum Awning Extrusion – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Aluminum Awning Extrusion?

An aluminum awning extrusion is a cross-sectional profile that you can use to cover the front of your door step.

You are most likely to find an aluminum extrusion in front of different outlet shops and stores.

Aluminum awning extrusion

Aluminum awning extrusion

What is Aluminum Awning Extrusion Used For?

You can use an aluminum awning extrusion for the following purposes:

  • Cover and protect the front of your door from direct sunlight or rain.
  • Cover your patio from the direct effect of snow or rain.
  • Protect your vehicle as it makes a perfect garage cover.
  • Aluminum awning extrusions also serve perfectly as RV awning track rails.
  • Protect the items in the house from damage that comes with direct sunlight.

Wellste Aluminum Awning Extrusion Comes in How Many Grades?

Wellste aluminum awning extrusions usually come in two main grades including the 6063 aluminum alloy and the 6061 aluminum alloy.

6063 aluminum alloy is the main grade that Wellste uses but they often prefer 6061 for structural functions.

6061 aluminum alloy has more hardness and tensile strength in comparison to the 6063 aluminum alloy.

Why are Aluminum 6000 Series Popular for Awning Extrusion?

Aluminum 6000 series is more popular for awning extrusions because:

  • It is easy to heat treat the 6000 series aluminum
  • You can easily weld and extrude the 6000 series aluminum.
  • It is resistant to corrosion even if it’s in use in a marine environment
  • The strength varies from medium strength to high strength making them suitable for load bearing applications.
  • It is stable and also light in weight making the suitable for both sea and land applications.

What are the Advantages of Using Aluminum Awning Extrusion?

You will realize the following advantages when you are using the aluminum awning extrusion:

  • Light in weight thus reducing the weight of the motion related applications.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio thus making them to be considerably stronger than other awning extrusions.
  • Resistant to rust as it will form a protective layer when it comes into contact with rust agents.
  • Machines easily and you can easily cut or drill holes in the molding or installation process using basic tools.
  • Easy to assemble and eliminates the need of welding the parts to make different structural shapes and designs.
  • You can easily paint, polish, anodize and plate aluminum awning extrusions surfaces to improve the appearance.
  • Gives you enough room for recycling and reusing the aluminum for other purposes.
  • Tooling that you will require for aluminum awning extrusion is less expensive thus allowing for different designing capabilities.

How does Wellste Control Quality of Aluminum Awning Extrusions?

Wellste follows strict quality standards and verifications to ensure you get the best aluminum awning extrusions.

Our quality control focuses on the following key aspects:

·         Quality Inspection and Verification of Each Process

From the time we receive the raw material for aluminum awning extrusion, we test the chemical composition.

Our team then control the extrusion process of the awning.

After aluminum awning extrusion, our team again do the visual inspection.

Also, we take measurement using Vernier caliper for dimensional accuracy and consistency.

·         Wellste has In-house Lab

Before shipping any aluminum awning extrusion, we do a comprehensive in-house lab test.

It ensures both the mechanical and chemical properties conform to the China national standards.

Aluminum awning profiles

Aluminum Awing Extrusion Comes in Which Surface Finishes?

Aluminum awning extrusion comes in different surface finishes such as:

  1. Anodized surface finish
  2. Powder coated surface finish which allows for a variety of color schemes.

How Can You Extrude Aluminum Awning?

You can extrude aluminum through the following processes:

Step One: Choosing the Right Aluminum Extrusion Alloy and Tooling

First, you need to have the right aluminum extrusion tooling and alloy.

After that you need to come up with the right design for the aluminum awning extrusion.

Step two: Preheating the Aluminum Billets

After that, you will heat the aluminum billets and tooling to a particular temperature until it becomes soft.

Step Three: Extrusion Process

It involves actual extrusion where the hydraulic press molds soft aluminum to form the shape of the aluminum awning.

Step Four: Cutting and Aging

You will cut the aluminum awning extrusion to the right sizes after which you will age it appropriately.

You will then allow it to cool down before taking it through other processes

Step Five: Surface Finishing

You can either anodize or powder coat before painting it with different colors.

How Long Does Extruded Aluminum Awning Last?

You can use an extruded aluminum awning for a very long time if you clean and maintain it frequently.

It will serve for more than 20 years if the surface make anodizing treatment.

Are There Aluminum Awning Extrusion Standard Sizes?

Yes, there are aluminum awning extrusion standard sizes.

You can also get different aluminum awning extrusion sizes depending on your custom requirements.

How does Wellste Price Compare with Other Aluminum Awning Extrusion Companies?

Wellste offers the most unique and affordable pricing in comparison to other aluminum awning extrusion companies.

You will get a unique pricing on the quotation depending on the size and design of the aluminum awning extrusion.  Contact Wellste sales engineer to get price today.

How Long Does Wellste Take to Deliver Aluminum Awning Extrusion?

Wellste will deliver the aluminum awning extrusion to you within 20 – 25 working days.

This depends on the custom design that you need, quantity and distance to the place of delivery.

Can Wellste Provide Custom Aluminum Awning Extrusion?

Yes, Wellste can provide custom aluminum awning extrusions depending on your design requirements.

Can Wellste Offer Aluminum Awning Extrusion Design?

Yes, Wellste can offer aluminum awning extrusion designs.

Wellste has a team of design engineers who are ready to assist you in coming up with a custom design.

What Aluminum Awning Mounting Accessories Does Wellste Provide?

Wellste provides different aluminum awning mounting accessories such as:

Aluminum awning accessory

Aluminum awning accessory

  • Support brackets
  • Z brackets
  • Eye Ends
  • Splice and angle brackets
  • Threaded rod brackets
  • Wheel trolleys
  • Overlapping trolleys with steel wheels and pull rope
  • Bolts and nuts

You can contact us today for custom aluminum awning extrusion accessories and parts.

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