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Heatsink Profile

Wellste heat sink profile is designed to become one of the most competent products to provide the best cooling solutions for all occasions.

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  • High aspect ratio and thin fin extruding ensure high thermal performance

Your Leading Heatsink Profile Manufacturer and Supplier

The heat sink profile includes the concepts of cooling different forms of machines, automatons, high-powered LED, automotive and regenerative technologies. Wellste heat sink profile includes various choices that will provide the best thermal solutions for your needs.

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Item Type heat sink profile
Material Aluminum, Copper
Size Standard or customized size
Colors silver, black, blue, wood color, RAL powder coating color, and so on
Shape Round, Square, Flat, or customized
Thickness 0.4mm-20mm or Customized
Application LED Lighting, Inverter, Welding Machine, Communication Device, Power Supply Equipment, Electronic Industry, Thermoelectric Coolers/Generator, IGBT/UPS Cooling Systems, etc.
Production Process Profiles Extruding—Cutting—CNC Machining(Milling, Drilling, Tapping)—Deburring— Cleaning— Inspecting–Packing
Finish Anodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep process CNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Tolerance ±0.01mm
Length customized length
Packaging standard export packaging or as discussed
OEM & ODM Available. our engineer can check and discuss your design, great help!
Free Samples Yes, we can provide free sample
Delivery time 15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Port Shanghai Port

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For more details regarding Wellste’s heat sink profile, you can contact our team of professionals through our website or you can directly inquire right away.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Leading Heatsink Profile Manufacturer

Wellste’s heat sink profile also offers different outputs regarding its thermal performance, size, shape, and design.

The designs offered by Wellste Company include extra small heat sinks, big heat sinks, high-density large heat sinks, anodized heat sink, and CNC heat sink. Each and every design is at a high Precision Quality level as guaranteed by more than 30 top engineers.

Wellste’s heat sink profile does not only provide conventional standard designs but it also gives the customers the freedom to choose based on their own designs and specifications. It has many types, shapes, and forms that would fit the customer’s needs.

Wellste heat sink profile is meticulously tested by more than 30 engineers and professionals to verify its authenticity.

From the mouth of such professionals, the quality of Wellste’s heat sink profile is fully guaranteed to meet your every demand. The materials used in creating Wellste heat sink profiles are specifically chosen for better thermal conductivity thus providing a better product and more efficient output.

Wellste’s heat sink profile also includes the heat sink extrusion profiles design to have a high aspect ratio. Our largest size diameter can be reached more than 500mm, This allows the heat sink extrusion profile to have various applications especially in providing a great amount of airflow. This design optimizes the advantages of the heat sink extrusion.

Wellste heat sink profile is also widely known as a supplier of aluminum heat sink profiles which is made by 6063 aluminum alloy and is produced through the extrusion process.

It is also known as a heat sink extruded aluminum profile and its designs are also top-notch and highly praised by different experts.

Aside from having the capability of being extruded, the aluminum material used also has a higher thermal conductivity. The parts produced by aluminum heat sink extrusion profiles are known to have the most cost-effective output for most electronic cooling products and applications.

Wellste’s heat sink profiles are manufactured at a large number per year and are being supplied to customers in different industries.

One-stop custom aluminum fabrication can help to save your whole cost from raw material to final heat sink parts, our engineers will optimize the manufacturing process to supply competitive prices to you.

Aside from being popular due to its excellent quality, Wellste’s extruded heat sink profiles is also very practical due to its material and cost efficiency.

Some of the designs available are the star and linear LED designs, straight fin and many more depending on the customer’s customization. The extruded heat sink profiles can also be customized to fit the customer’s required size and shape.

Wellste heat sink profile is very popular in many leading industries around the world especially in the production of electronic devices.

It is also widely used in industries including medical technologies, LED lighting, architecture, electronics, communication information technologies, and many more.


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