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Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

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Wellste bonded fin heat sink is designed to provide high cooling and smaller thermal performances. This heat sink type overcomes heat sink surfaces limitations.

It allows much taller fin heights and much smaller spacing. Our bonded fin heat sink performed significantly where sufficient heat is generated by higher fin densities and fin aspect ratios.

Wellste bonded fin heat sink specifically effective to high powered commercial, military, industrial and medical electronics applications.

Components include motor drives, power supplies, electro-surgery equipment, amplifiers and among others.

In Wellste, we offer a full range of bonded fin heat sinks for reduce thermal resistance on your thermal and mechanical and requirements.

Wellste bonded fin heat sinks are fabricate using aluminium alloy. Fins are also fixed to the base by epoxy or soldering. Bonded fin aluminium heat sink provides significant weight and cost.

With our extensive range of bonded heat sink, any size orders are provided with prototypes to large production runs. Wellste can design and develop bonded heat sink that can meet your assembling needs.

Item NameBonded Fin Heat Sink
Material1000 Series
Surface TreatmentAnodizing, Painting, Sand Blasting
Maximum Width900mm
Maximum Length900mm
ProcessAluminum plate cutting–Making the solts in the  base–Fins cutting–Bonding fins to base–CNC machining–Deburring–Cleaning–Inspection–Packing
PaymentT/T, L/C, etc
PackagingPE shrink film, Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing

Wellste: Your Leading Bonded Fin Heat Sink Manufacturer and Supplier

For custom design bonded fin heat sink, you can send your bonded pin fin heat sink design. Specific structure and size that appropriate for the applied equipment and required heat load to carry is a must.

The fins not only cut & shaped from aluminum coil or sheet, but also can extruded extrude fins to shape and length for more complicated designs, we can extrude fins to shape and length, specifically.

Moreover, we also performed custom groove that can produced by aluminum sheet or extruding production way.

Custom design bonded fin heat sinks are available to support thermal modelling. And our engineers will help and assist you from designing heat sink to final manufacturing. For that reason, your cooling requirements for high-power electronic component packaged applications will be satisfied.

Wellste will customize your own design through our modern production technologies and latest generation machines for aluminum fabrication such as CNC, Punching, Tapping, Welding, Drilling, and Milling. With our robust production capabilities, we can ensure fast delivery even during peak season.

Wellste specialize bonded fin heat sink which are designed for forced convection applications. Our experienced workers and knowledgeable technical team will tailor the required cooling of your equipment to a specific design.

Wellste has established a reputation for making products that help customers produce high-quality, high-performance with extremely reliable equipment.

Over 20 years, Wellste has been helping customers and clients’ design issues. We’ve been the leading manufacturer and provider of all kinds of thermal management and protection solutions.

We worked very hard to develop quality relationships with our customers around the world. Committing with them and doing what we can to guarantee quality products and services, made them pick the right choice.

Wellste as a reliable and trusted partner, produce unique innovation and superior quality bonded fin heat sink. Our company has been approved by SGS, and obtained ISO 9001 quality management certified. We already serve 1000+ clients from popular companies.

Moreover, we pride ourselves to offer them innovative solutions that allow them to make highly competitive products in their markets.

For more information regarding bonded fin heat sink, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, You can work with our team to tailor your own boned fin heat sink.