• Die Casting Heat Sink

Die Casting Heat Sink

  • Fast lead time only 20-25 days
  • High Performance on anodized surface finishes
  • High tight dimensions controlled within +/-0.05mm
  • Engineers help to finalized from design to manufacturing

Wellste die casting heat sink designed and widely used for higher volume cooling applications that require higher thermal conductivity feature.

Through die casting, you can eliminate or reduce the final machining operation for the heat sink. With Wellste die cast heat sink you can significantly save cost.

Wellste die casting heat sink provides excellent thermal performances. Heat can be spread directly and fastly without additional resistance.

This high pressure casting heat sink is an efficient option for specific applications which demand light weight and superior cosmetic surface quality. We can provide all heat sinks that will fit to any designs and specifications.

Wellste, as a professional die casting heat sink manufacturer, we have the capability for high ratio density die casting. We are engaged in providing an extensive range of die casting aluminium heat sinks.

In Wellste, we can produce unique shape and sizes of heat sink by die casting. And through weight requirements and high volume production needs, we can satisfy each client business demand.

Our die casting heat sink range is widely praised by our clients and customers for its high mechnical strength, robust construction and durable performance.

We manufacture die cast heat sinks using aluminium alloy number is A380, A356, ADC12 and so on,  These material are lighter and has higher thermal conductivity than other material.

Aluminium die casts heat sink can resist extreme control conditions.

Item Name Die Cast Heat Sink
Material Aluminum: ADC12, ADC10, A380, A360, A356
Surface Treatment Anodize, Powder coat, Spay paint, Sandblasting, Polishing
Design 1. As per customer’s design

2. As per customer’s sample

Process Tooling fabrication–Aluminum die casting–cnc machining–threading–surface treatment
Packing single protective+carton+pallet

Wellste: Your Leading Die Casting Heat Sink Manufacturer

Wellste die casting heat sink is popular in the market because it was made from aluminium. This is the preferred material for die casting heat sink. These die casting processed are suitable to meet every project requirement and performed rapid production. This ensures that the process is always used for the right application, especially in the LED industry.

Wellste die casting heat sinks are manufactured in near net shape and range in complexity. We give high solutions for cooling problems and best in quality die cast heat sinks. Wellste is ISO 9001 certified company that has been manufacturing die cast heat sinks with superior materials for competitive prices. Our die casting heat sinks are designed with expertise and can meet your specific needs.

Wellste die casting heat sinks are process with the most advanced technology and are tested in safety percussions. We have the widest range of flexibility in manufacturing die cast heat sinks to enhance our products in all aspects.

Wellste casting heat sink will be operated by advanced vibratory tumbling machine to remove all surface sharply deburrs and make fantastic elegant appearance.

Wellste is the leading die casting heat sink manufacturer and supplier. We are one of the best longtime business partners in die cast heat sink industry.

We provide huge quantity of die casting heat sinks. We also provide design assistance to our customers, so you can freely send us your custom design heat sink. All our die cast heat sink products are with high quality and competitive price.

At Wellste, we focus on providing professional state-of-the-art services. Equipped with high-tech machines, our engineering and designing team will bring you valuable products.

If you need help in designing your heat sink, please let us know your requirements. We will design casting heat sink just the way you expect it.

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