• skived fin heatsink

Skived Fin Heat Sink

  • Thin Fin thickness is from 0.2-1.0mm
  • Higher Aspect Ratio improve Thermal Performance
  • No tooling request and low set up cost
  • Low minimum order volume to start

Wellste manufactured skived fin heat sink using aluminium. Thus it comes with a thin finned heat sink.

These skived processes will serve as a perfect thermal solution. This skived fin heat sink can be used for cooling high-power electronic devices under air-cooled conditions.

Our skived fin heat sinks offer highly optimized cooling solution as it allow for higher fin densities and higher aspect ratio in greater surface area.

If you are looking for a fin density, our skived fin heat sinks can be the best alternative used for extruded heat sinks.

At Wellste, skived fin heat sinks are being produced according to the required specifications of the product.

The final skived heat sinks are being machined using fabrication techniques such as CNC, Punching, Tapping, Welding, drilling, and so on.

Wellste skived fin heat sink must be handled carefully to help avoid damage cases. In Wellste, we can offer full range of heat sink service. From product designing, thermal modelling, base extrusion, surface finishes to testing product, Wellste serves as to-go-to company.

Item NameSkived Fin Heat Sink
Material1000 Series
Surface TreatmentAnodizing, Painting, Sand Blasting
Fin Thickness0.1-1.0mm
Maximum Height100mm
Maximum Width500mm
PaymentT/T, L/C, etc
PackagingStandard export packing, Or customized packing

Wellste: Your Leading Skived Fin Heat Sink Manufacturer

Wellste has the capability to provide you top quality thermal solutions in competitive prices. We can always deliver your order on time, even during peak seasons.

Wellste custom skived fin heat sink serves as a thermal solution for wide array of mechanical and electronic devices. Wellste professional engineering team can design and develop unique and cost-effective skived fin heat sink to meet thermal needs of every client’s and customer’s.

As a heat sink specialist, Wellste can provide you high precision and diverse thermal solutions. Thus, we maintain a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 standards. From then to present, we can guarantee the quality of goods we produce. Also we ensure high level of customers’ satisfaction even if shipped out.

Wellste, for over 20 years industry-experienced, we strictly evaluate product customization. Moreover, we can calmly handle all the problems that occur during the production process.

Wellste can produce a skived heat sink that offers excellent thermal properties. With a dense population of uniformly shaped and distributed fins, these serve as a great solution. Wellste will provide you high quality thermal products that are applicable for industry equipment and components like microelectronic.

Whether you are going to order skived fin heat sink for your business or personal projects, Wellste will handle your order, help you provide the best cooling solutions for your components.

Our in-house tooling manufacturing system solutions continually innovate that will guarantee you high precision product.

Our technical staffs are 24/7 available for support and fast response. Moreover, they help sort through the selections to find the most cost efficient and cooling solutions for your important devices and other equipments.

Wellste serve more than 1000+ client from different countries. We are well-known for designing and engineering excellent aluminum heat sinks and cooling solutions.

We are a trusted manufacturer that only delivers quality products with uncompromising integrity. We are looking forward to be your partner for thermal solution in years to come.