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Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Wellste has provided large aluminum heat sink for over the years, serving our customers worldwide. Wellste’s commitment to serving customers will surely win your trust. At Wellste, we are all eager to work with you and give you the best solution.

  • Minimum Order Quantity starts less than 100KG
  • Extruded Fin height to gap Ratio reaches 22:1
  • Offers Skived Fin, Bonded Fin, Extruded Type
  • Engineers help to customize your large heat sink

Your Reliable Large Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

Wellste will surely provide a solution for your aluminum heat sinks needs, whether you’re looking for custom heat sink or one of our standard heat sink products. Wellste can give best value in your aluminum heat sink solution that you’ve been searching for other suppliers.

aluminum heat sink

Item Type large aluminum heat sink
Material Aluminum, Copper
Size Standard or customized size
Colors silver, black, blue, wood color, RAL powder coating color, and so on
Shape Round, Square, Flat, or customized
Thickness 0.4mm-20mm or Customized
Application LED Lighting, Inverter, Welding Machine, Communication Device, Power Supply Equipment, Electronic Industry, Thermoelectric Coolers/Generator, IGBT/UPS Cooling Systems, etc.
Production Process Profiles Extruding—Cutting—CNC Machining(Milling, Drilling, Tapping)—Deburring— Cleaning— Inspecting–Packing
Finish Anodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep process CNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Tolerance ±0.01mm
Length customized length
Packaging standard export packaging or as discussed
OEM & ODM Available. our engineer can check and discuss your design, great help!
Free Samples Yes, we can provide a free sample
Delivery time 15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Port Shanghai Port

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We ensure you that Wellste is an ISO9001 certified company. Our aluminum heat sink products are RoHs compliant to make them safer in any use. We can guarantee that we are manufacturing reliable large aluminum heat sinks for you.

If you are looking forward to requesting a specification for your aluminum heat sinks, we are looking forward to speaking with you. For more info, we are 24/7 available in customer service, feel free to contact us.

0% Quality Complaint
0% Quality Complaint
Mechanical Testing
Advanced Mechanical Test
SGS & ISO Audited
SGS & ISO Audited

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Leading Large Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

Large aluminum heat sink from Wellste has also a wide range of flexibility because it can adjust in any evolvement of customers’ designs and can provide great input to customers in terms of cost reduction, functions approach, and process feasibility.

Wellste well-trained personnel and workers 24/7 prepared to help and assist you to develop aluminum heat sink designed to surpass your temperature reduction and also cost-effective to supply.

400mm large aluminum heat sinks

400mm Width large extruding Heat sink

Large aluminum heat sinks manufactured by Wellste with advanced technology are made to fit your designs and specifications. We aim to provide you outstanding large aluminum heat sinks at reachable prices.

At Wellste, we give you limitless options of customization for your aluminum heat sink applications. We are also giving a quality-control measure to ensure consistent and reliable results for the manufacturing process of our aluminum heat sink. We are confident that we can meet your expectations because we are engaged in this business for decades and so on.

At Wellste, large aluminum heat sinks are fabricated with reliable materials to ensure performance level and efficiency. We provide various sizes and specifications. Our company is one of the best exporters and manufacturers of large aluminum heat sinks.

large aluminum heat sinks

Large aluminum heat sinks in Wellste are well developed to offer high performance to reach applications in the electronic industry. We are providing our dear customers with outstanding aluminum heat sinks.

At Wellste, we guarantee that we will save your time and costs and that our products are served to lessen the threat of large aluminum heat sink quality for your applications,such as LED power amplifier, Power IC, Voltage regulator, power electronic semiconductors, and so on.

We are always advanced in quality planning, manufacturing process and we are also mastering to supply large aluminum heat sink to our valued clients in any part of the world.

Large aluminum heat sinks in Wellste range from simple composition to complex figures for cooling and can be applied for both normal and forced convection by using a fan.

Commonly high-density large heat sink suggest adopt Skived Fin heat sinks, Bonded Fin Heat sinks, Extruded Heat sinks that can reach your special dispassion requirement.

We can also provide aluminum heat sink based on your own designs or based on thermal requirements. Wellste can supply aluminum heat sink from few quantities to large productions in a short time period.

Large Aluminum Heat Sink: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all your questions on large aluminum heat sink.

So, before importing large aluminum heat sink, read this guide.

What Is Large Aluminum Heat Sink Used For?

Large aluminum heat sinks are suitable materials that offer thermal solutions.

It offers exceptional heat conductivity hence makes heat flow away from hot devices.

Besides, it will accomplish this task by increasing the working surface area of the device.

Also, it increases the quantity of low-temperature fluid that will move across the large surface area.

The large aluminum heat sink finds its application in high-power heat sink systems.

Large aluminum heat sink

Large aluminum heat sink

Why Is Large Aluminum Heat Sink The Best Option To Choose?

Some of the properties that make large aluminum heat sinks a better option include the following:

  • It has a good thermal conductivity
  • Provides easy machining
  • It is lightweight
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • It has good electrical conductivity
  • Easy to recycle
  • It has a high strength averaging between 70 MPa and 700 MPa
  • Easy malleability
  • It has a low density with the density averaging 2700 kg/m3
  • Also, it is not magnetic meaning it will not interfere with magnetic fields

What Is The Size Of Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

The sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Besides, the size you can use in electronic and industrial applications is 265 mm by 45 mm.

Large aluminum heat sink dimensions

Large aluminum heat sink dimensions

Which Are The Common Types Of Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

Every type of heat sink manufacturing process contains its benefits and flaws.

Besides, there are several ways you can manufacture large aluminum heat sinks.

Here are some common types of large aluminum heat sinks:

Extruded Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Extruded aluminum heat sink

Extruded aluminum heat sink

Most heat sinks are commonly made from extruded aluminum heat sinks.

Besides, this process is vital for several applications.

Extruded large aluminum heat sinks are cost-effective and you can easily customize the specifications.

Also, the performance of extruded large aluminum heat sinks can range from high to low.

However, the limitation of these heat sinks is that you are limited by the dimension.

This is because there is a limit to the maximum width of the extrusion.

Bonded Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Bonded finned aluminum heat sink

Bonded finned aluminum heat sink

These types of aluminum heat sinks are popular in applications requiring large-sized heat sinks.

Bonded aluminum heat sinks have the advantage of having different materials for the base and the fin.

Besides, you can use both aluminum fins and copper fins instead of using a single material for the fins.

This will enable you to enhance the thermal performance of the large aluminum heat sink.

Also, you will only add a small amount of weight to the entire system.

However, the bonded large aluminum heat sink will provide moderate performance and they are costly.

Skived Large Aluminum Heat Sink

The heat sinks that you will make using this method normally use copper.

Skived aluminum heat sink comes from a solid block of aluminum metal.

Besides, this type of large aluminum heat sink will provide more flexibility in the design process.

Also, it allows you to achieve a high fin density that forms a high surface area for more heat to dissipate.

The performance of skived large aluminum heat sink ranges from medium to high.

They have the limitation of having more weigh and directional sensitivity.

Skived aluminum heat sink

Skived aluminum heat sink

Stamped Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Stamped aluminum heat sink

Stamped aluminum heat sink

When you use this process, you will stamp the metal fins of large aluminum heat sinks then solder them to a base.

This type of large aluminum heat sink is suitable for low-power usages.

The stamped large aluminum heat sink has the benefit of being cost-effective since the production is automatic.

However, they have the limitation of providing low performance.

Forged Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Forged aluminum heat sink

Forged aluminum heat sink

This type of large aluminum heat sink comes about by compressing aluminum material.

The forged aluminum heat sink has several applications.

Besides, you can choose to either hot forge or cold forge this heat sink.

Also, they will provide a minimum level of performance, and you can manufacture them in high volumes at low costs.

However, a forged large aluminum heat sink will provide minimal design capabilities.

CNC Machined Large Aluminum Heat Sink

CNC machines aluminum heat sink

CNC machined aluminum heat sink

This type of large aluminum heat sink will provide high thermal conductivity.

It also enables you to design complex geometries using this process.

This allows you to have several flexibility options within your design.

However, they are costly to produce and it takes a lot of time to produce every piece.

This makes it not suitable when making high volumes of CNC machined large aluminum heat sinks.

Die Cast Large Aluminum Heat Sink

This type of large aluminum heat sink comes through the process of die-casting.

Besides, the production efficiency of this process is high, making it suitable to produce high volumes.

Also, die cast aluminum heat sink has a high heat dissipation effect and is cost-effective.

Die cast aluminum heat sink

Die cast aluminum heat sink

Pin Fin Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Pin fin aluminum heat sink is produced through the process of cold forging.

They are also known as cold forging large aluminum heat sinks.

Besides, the cost of conducting cold forging is not high, making the production process cost-effective.

Pin fin aluminum heat sink

Pin fin aluminum heat sink

Apart from these, other classifications may include industrial heat sink, LED heat sink, cylindrical heat sink, square heat sink, round heat sink, motor heat sink, and anodized aluminum heat sink.

What Is The Difference Between Active Vs Passive Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

Here is how these two compare:

Active Large Aluminum Heat Sink

This type of heat sink will use fans, water pumps, or other powered techniques to aid in the cooling process.

These extra systems will also enhance the cooling rate.

In electronics, active large aluminum heat sinks will use the internal power supply of the system to operate.

One common system in active heat sinks involves mounting one or more fans to the side or above the stacks of heat fins.

The fans will constantly pull and push a flow of fresh air across the entire metal cooler.

This effect will enhance the thermal dissipation effect.

Besides, you will see active large aluminum heat sinks with fans being knows as HSF.

Advancement to active heat sinks makes some of them use water or some form of liquid to assist in the heat dissipation process.

The common form of liquid cooling is known as a closed-loop cooler [CLC].

Pumps will continuously pull a set volume of coolant within a sealed configuration of tunes in CLCs.

The liquid will flow on the component you are cooling and absorbs the heat via contact plates.

It then moves to the large aluminum heat sink where secondary cooling occurs between the coolant and the surrounding environment.

This allows the coolant to cool before recycling into the system to repeat the process.

Active large aluminum heat sinks are common in temperature control systems in various electronics.

Passive Large Aluminum Heat Sink

This type of heat sink needs no extra products to directly assist it in the cooling process.

Passive large aluminum heat sinks will dissipate heat that the system generates when it contact this material.

The heat will then go out to the surrounding environment.

Passive aluminum heat sinks are larger than active aluminum heat sinks.

This is because they operate in solitary, needing no extra features such as fans or other cooling techniques.

When you combine it with a pin or finned layout design, they possess a large surface area that assists in heat dissipation.

Besides, you will use passive aluminum heat sinks in applications using low power.

This is because such small applications will not produce much heat that makes them require active cooling processes.

Also, they are a cost-effective solution when you require cheap thermal transfer where large active systems are an impractical choice.

Passive large aluminum heat sinks require a large installation area.

How Does Thermal Performance Of Large Aluminum Heat Sink Vs Large Copper Heat Sink Compare?

Large aluminum heat sinks will not conduct heat as efficiently as large copper heat sinks.

This is because large copper heat sinks have impressive heat transfer capabilities.

Large copper heat sinks have a thermal conductivity of almost 60% higher than that of large aluminum heat sinks.

Why Should You Choose Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink?

When you design large extruded aluminum heat sinks, you need to optimize the surface area contacting the coolant or surrounding air.

Besides, they offer a higher ratio of air-cooled large extruded aluminum heat sinks.

For instance, the ratio of the heat sink can go over 40:1, with the widths reaching 30 inches.

This makes it suitable for power electronic and lighting applications.

Also, new consumer electronics will increase the energy demand, especially in smaller devices.

This will increase the heat that the device produces which can damage the electronics.

Large extruded aluminum heat sinks are some of the popular thermal management systems that cool power electronic modules.

Also, large extruded aluminum heat sinks are made of a single piece of aluminum, thereby eliminating the use of insulators.

This feature will enhance thermal efficiency.

Also, applications using large extruded aluminum heat sinks usually use natural convection, hence requiring no fans.

Does The Fin Ratio Influence The Performance Of Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink?

Heat sink

Heat sink

Large extruded aluminum heat sinks contain two categories of fin ratios namely, low fin ratio, and high fin ratio.

Fin ratio is defined as the height of the fin to the width between each of the fins.

Standard large extruded aluminum heat sinks can offer a ratio of about 6:1.

However, this ratio fails to meet the needs of a majority of the power electronics in the market.

Also, the normal power electronics need a fin ratio ranging between 12:1 and 19:1.

The large the fin ratio, the larger the surface area.

Also, a large surface area will increase the amount of heat that the large extruded aluminum heat sink can dissipate.

Which Are The Best Aluminum Alloys For Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink?

There are various types of aluminum alloy you can use to manufacture large extruded aluminum heat sinks.

For instance, the thermal conductivity value of 1050 aluminum alloy is W/m•K.

However, 1050 aluminum alloy is too soft mechanically for the construction of large extruded aluminum heat sinks.

The best aluminum alloy for making large extruded aluminum heat sinks come from the 6000 series alloy.

The benefits of the 6000 aluminum alloy series include the following:

  • They are widely available
  • Also, they will extrude well
  • They are fairly strong

Some of the common aluminum alloys within the 6000 series include 6061 alloy and 6063 alloy.

Either of these will perform well for large extruded aluminum heat sinks.

Besides, ensure there is more consideration to heat dissipation than the choice of alloy.

The 6000 series aluminum alloy will offer a small difference in thermal conductivity.

For this reason, make sure you maximize the surface area of the large extruded aluminum heat sink.

Also, maximize the airflow to enhance the performance of the heat sink.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Designing Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

These factors entail the following:

Thermal Resistance

The idea of thermal resistance in semiconductor devices in several industrial and consumer electronics will simplify how you select heat sinks.

The heat flow between semiconductor dies and environmental air gets its model from a series of heat flow resistance.

Besides, there is resistance in the following areas:

  1. From dies to the casing of the device
  2. From the casing to the large aluminum heat sink
  3. From large aluminum heat sinks to the ambient air

Thermal resistance is the rise in temperature for every unit of power and is akin to electrical resistance.

The expression of thermal resistance is in degrees Celsius per watt [°C/W].

Also, you can calculate the temperature rise of dies over ambient air when you know the device dissipation [Watts] and total thermal resistance.

Thermal resistance in large aluminum heat sinks is an approximation.

This is because it does not consider non-uniform heat distribution over the heat sink.

Large aluminum heat sinks have a thermal resistance that ranges between 0.4 °C/W to 85 °C/W.


Aluminum alloy is the most popular type of heat sink material.

The 1050 aluminum alloy series has the highest thermal conductivity of 229 W/[m·K], however, they are mechanically soft.

Besides, 6060, 6061, and 6063 aluminum alloys are common for large aluminum heat sinks.

The thermal conductivity values depend on the temper used in the aluminum alloy.

Besides, you can make a single piece of a large aluminum heat sink through casting, milling, extrusion, or skiving.

Also, fin efficiency is a vital consideration when making high-thermal conductivity large aluminum heat sink material.

Fin efficiency is the actual heat that the fin transfers divided by heat transfer.

Besides, spreading resistance is another factor you should consider when designing large aluminum heat sink materials.

Fin Arrangement

There are three types of fin arrangements for large aluminum heat sinks:

Pin Fins

This type of fin arrangement has pins extending from the base.

The pins can come in shapes such as cylindrical, square, or elliptical.

Pins are the common large aluminum heat sink arrangements in the market.

Straight Fins

This type of fin will run across the whole length of the large aluminum heat sink.

A variation of straight-fin is the cross-cut large aluminum heat sink.

Besides, you will cut straight large aluminum heat sinks at regular intervals.

Flared Fins

In this type of configuration, the fins are not parallel but flare or slant to the side.

Flared fins will lower flow resistance and forces more air to pass through the large aluminum heat sink fin channels.

This happens otherwise a lot of air will bypass the flared fins.

Slanting the fins will maintain the overall size but provide longer fins.

Cavities [inverted Fins]

These are sections that form between neighboring fins that stand for vital promoters.

Besides, cavities will extract heat from several types of heat-generating devices to the large aluminum heat sink.

Surface Color

Heat transfer in large aluminum heat sinks happens through convection, conduction, and radiation.

In radiation, heat transfer happens through heat-sink temperatures and surrounding temperatures.

Convection entails heat transfer within the surrounding air while conduction is through the air.

A matte black surface radiates more heat than shiny surfaces as shiny surfaces have low emissivity.

Conducive Thick Plate

Placing conductive thick plates as an interface between the heat source and cold heat sinks will enhance the cooling performance.

Here, the heat source will cool under thick plates rather than through contacting coolants.

Why Is Large Bonded Aluminum Heat Sink The Best Choice Over Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink For Higher Power Applications?

This is because the large bonded aluminum heat sinks have a higher fin ratio than extruded aluminum heat sinks.

Extruded aluminum heat sinks can offer fin ratios of 6:1 while bonded aluminum heat sinks can reach 19:1 ratios.

The bonded aluminum heat sinks use thermal epoxy to bond plates or aluminum-to-aluminum extrusions.

What Is The Recommended Fin Ratio For Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

This ratio will range between 6:1 and 19:1.

How Does Fin Arrangement Impact Performance Of Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

A large surface area in large aluminum heat sinks makes it work better.

However, there is more to this statement.

There are three types of fin arrangements are pin-fin, straight-fin, and flared-fin.

For instance, pin-fin large aluminum heat sinks will pack more surface area within a specific volume.

Pin-fin large aluminum heat sinks perform better than straight fins in their specific applications.

This happens when fluid will flow axially along the pin-fins and not only tangentially across the pin-fins.

In bypass systems, flared large aluminum heat sinks perform better than pin or straight fin arrangements.

Which Are The Possible Surface Treatments For Large Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Surface treatment represents the coating methods of the coat you will apply on large aluminum heat sinks.

Surface treatments protect large aluminum heat sinks, and they entail the following:

Bright Dipping

In this process, you will bright dip the large aluminum heat sink making it have a specular or mirror appearance.

Technicians place the profile in dipping solutions containing hot phosphoric acid and nitric acid.

After bright dipping, you can anodize large aluminum heat sinks.

This effect will make the layer of oxide thick, hence increases the corrosion resistance.


An electrochemical process is a technique you will use to anodize a large aluminum heat sink.

It leads to the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the metal thus, providing a protective coat on the large aluminum heat sink.

Besides, you will not apply any additional layer in the anodizing process.

Also, the anodizing process builds the oxide layer upon the original aluminum heat sink.

Oxide film will adhere to the aluminum as it has a strong molecular bond.

Anodizing will protect the large aluminum heat sink and increase its corrosion resistance.

Besides, the large aluminum heat sink will maintain its appearance for a long duration.

The anodizing layer is hard and resistant to wear thereby protecting the underlying large aluminum heat sink.

Also, the oxide layer has decorative characteristics and allows the large aluminum heat sink to have decorative colors.

It also retains the natural look of aluminum material and makes it have an attractive appearance.

Besides, you can use either natural or hard anodizing processes.

Natural anodizing involves using transparent and uncolored anodic film.

Hard anodizing involves using an oxide layer to harden the large aluminum heat sink.

This will make the large aluminum heat sink corrosion-resistant, durable, and hard.

Mill Finish

This surface treatment involves forming a texture on the large aluminum heat sink once it exits the rolling mill.

A mill finish forms rough surfaces having no luster.

Also, mill finish will not involve any chemical or mechanical finishes.

Powder Coating

This coating provides the large aluminum heat sink with protective and decorative layers.

Also, you will apply a coat of powder via the electrostatic process once you complete several pre-treatments like rinsing and degreasing.

The negatively charged powder binds to the positively charged large aluminum heat sink.

A temporary sticking effect will occur through the electrostatic process.

After that, you will cure the coating after heating, melting the coat making it form a continuous liquid film.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly you use no solvents.

Besides, the final finish is somehow rough since the granules are visible.

Mechanical Finish

This technique entails buffing, polishing, blasting, sanding, or gritting.

Mechanical finish enhances the surface quality of large aluminum heat sinks.

After that, you can proceed to add cosmetic finishes.


Here, you will surface treat the large aluminum heat sink through etching or cleaning.

Besides, you will use alkaline or acidic substances to clean or etch.

Apply a pre-treatment coat after cleaning to enhance the powder or paint substance.

This additional substance will provide strong corrosion resistance.

Wet Paint

This technique will provide a smoother finish and is useful when aesthetics are vital for your application.

Also, powder coating cannot achieve specific decorative effects.

This method is easy as the configuration of the large aluminum heat sink will not be an issue as spraying happens in spray booths.

What Are The Advantages Of Placing Conductive Thick Plate Between The Large Aluminum Heat Sink And The Heat Source?

This effect will enhance the cooling performance of the large aluminum heat sink.

Also, cooling happens below thick plated and not in direct contact with cooling fluids.

Can You Customize The Shape Of Large Aluminum Heat Sink?

Yes, you can customize it depending on your application needs.

What Are The Advantages Of Friction Stir Welding Over Fuse Welding During Fabrication Of Large Bonded Aluminum Heat Sink?

These include the following:

  • The strength will increase
  • The joints will flush with the surfaces
  • It forms a homogeneous material lacking filler metals and insulators
  • There will be minimal thermal deformation
  • Also, it is easy to repeat the process
  • There is an increase in impermeability since the joints are sealed and non-porous

Which Are The Attachments Methods For Large Aluminum Heat Sinks?

The methods include:

  • Thermally conductive tapes
  • Epoxy
  • Clips
  • Wire form Z-clips
  • Threaded standoffs containing compression springs
  • Push pins having compression springs

Which Are The Industry Standards For Large Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Some of the industry standards include:

  • NAS4122
  • SAE AIR1957
  • NAS4121

How Can You Lower Conduction Resistance In Large Aluminum Heat Sink Performance?

The processes entail the following:

  • Decrease the surface roughness
  • Increase the interface pressure
  • Altering fin design
  • Using thermal paste
  • Filling air gaps

For all your large aluminum heat sinks from China, Wellste offers perfect solution for all your needs.

Contact us today for your high performance large aluminum heat sink.

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