• RV Aluminum Trim

RV Aluminum Trim

  • Tooling fee lower from USD$200
  • Custom your RV Aluminum Trim to final manufacturing
  • Minimum order quantities only from 300Kg to running your business
  • Standard mill finish, anodizing, powder-coating surface or upon on your request

Wellste’s RV aluminum trim is designed by our engineers to help the water out of your own vehicle.

RV Aluminum Trim

This is also used as a case of your outside window frame. It also offers padding in the outside along with your vehicle in which it is easily struck by something.

rv exterior trim parts

Wellste offers different types of surface treatment for RV aluminum trim. It has anodized, powder coating, PVDF coating, electrophoresis, painting, matted, wood grain and more.

rv aluminum corner trim

Moreover, Wellste’s RV aluminum trim encompasses several light fabrication and deep processing. It includes CNC milling, precise cutting, drilling, bending, welding, threading and so on.

Wellste’s RV aluminum trim comes with different colors. It might be satin, clear, bronze, gold, nickel, sandalwood, brass and more colors upon your request.

With Wellste, you can always find the right colors that suits your requirements.

In addition, RV aluminum trim by Wellste is with various shapes. Square, flat, round, rectangle, tube and more shapes are offered. We also have custom shapes.

Aluminum Alloy no. 6063, 6061 OR upon on your request
Heat Treatment T5 T6 T4
Surfaceanodized, powder-coated, Electrophoresis, wood grain etc
Colorsilver, black, champagne, bronze, golden etc
Production Time10-15 days mold time, 15-20 days bulk production time
LengthLong bar or cut to specific length
Deep ProcessCNC, punching, welding, stamping, etc
Packagingwrapped with brown paper, load in pallet

Wellste: Your Leading RV Aluminum Trim Manufacturer

The length of our RV aluminum trim is customable according to our customers’ request. Indeed, Wellste will give you RV aluminum trim which is perfect for your needs.

Along with our RV aluminum trim, we also provide enclosed exterior trailer trim and cargo molding trailer trim.

We also supply rectangular tubing, square tubing, rub rail, roof edge, drip gutter and awning tubes which are perfect for the renovation and repairing of your recreational vehicles.

Wellste’s RV aluminum trim is strong enough to resist damage. It has an excellent corrosion resistance which prevents rust from forming thus it can be used in a long run.

Wellste engineers incorporated our RV aluminum trim with exceptional weather resistance. It will not easily damage even when exposed in sun or high temperature, rain or even snow.

Additionally, Wellste’s RV aluminum trim has rugged appearance. It makes our RV aluminum trim looks attractive and can easily blend with the surrounding features of your recreational vehicle.

For over 20 years in the industry, Wellste is well-known as a trusted manufacturer of high-quality RV aluminum trim.

We are continued to serve our customers with RV aluminum trim engineered with lightweight materials. It provides easy and quick installation. That is why, Wellste’s RV aluminum trim are suitable for recreational vehicles.

Furthermore, Wellste’s RV aluminum trim has a versatile characteristic. You can use it on several surfaces of your recreational vehicle including the bumper, vehicle’s bottom half to avoid road debris.

Apart from it, Wellste’s RV aluminum trim has high strength level and durability that enables it to be used in tool benches, bed liners, concession and other numerous applications.

Wellste is an independent manufacturer of RV aluminum trim. We offer made to order RV aluminum trim to complete your requirements.

All our RV aluminum trim are ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified so you can assure its quality and reliability. These are also carefully tested to guarantee you satisfaction.

If you have more questions, our friendly staff is always ready to answer you. Contact us now!


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