Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack
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  • In-house Strictly Testing Lab
  • Raw material: 99.7% A00 Aluminum Ingot
  • Compliance with GB/T 5237-2008 High Precision
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Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack

Wellste manufacture and supply extruded aluminum roof rack. 30 extrusion press imported from Taiwan and advanced anodized line imported from German.

Wellste Aluminum has experienced more than 20 years. Nowadays, we have reached 100,000 ton annually production capability.

Wellste: The Top Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Supplier

Wellste extruded aluminum roof rack usually comes in 6063 or 6061 aluminum alloy. The surface can be anodized, powder coated according to your requirement.

For anodized, we can do clear anodized, sandblast anodized and also colorful anodized. For powder coated, we have RAL standard color for you select.

Aluminum Roof Rack

A roof rack is a support frame or part mounted on the top of the car fixing luggage safely and conveniently. It can carry sports gear like bicycles, kayaks, canoes, snowboards and other luggage to save inner space.

extruded aluminum roof rack

Why aluminum roof rack? There are many advantages for extruded aluminum roof rack. Aluminum is lightweight but with high strength, it is corrosion and wears resistant.

Item TypeExtruded Aluminum Roof Rack
MaterialAluminum Alloy 6063/6061/6463/6000 Series
Temper T4/T5/T6
ShapesStrip, and customized
ApplicationPicture frame, advertising display in a shopping mall, Metro, Airport, mobile shop and so on.
TypeSingle side display, double sides display; Floor standing, Wall-mounted
Surface treatmentAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF etc.
Deep processingCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
StandardGB, ASTM , AISI , DIN , BS, JIS
Delivery Time 15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Service1. Free sample, Free design;
2. OEM/ODM available;
3. Custom-made request;
4. New design solution suggestion

Wellste extruded aluminum roof rack is easy to handle and maintain. It is easy to be assembled not like steel racks need to be welded in advance. The light weight of extruded aluminum roof rack uses less fuel.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Premier Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Manufacturer

Wellste extruded aluminum roof rack can be used for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, for both recreational use and commercial use. You can choose a permanent or removable rack according to your demand.

Wellste can provide one-stop aluminum fabrication service. We can do the cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, CNC machine, welding, and assembling etc. Our rich experience workers guarantee the dimension tolerance and product’s quality meet with industry standard, sometimes also can exceed, that help you boost at your local market.

Wellste is a professional extruded aluminum roof rack manufacturer and supplier. Our sales engineer will give you fast and warm customer service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Contact our support team, we will reply to you in 8 hours and get a fast quote freely.

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Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

Extruded aluminum roof rack is an aluminum device that you will put on the roof of a car.

It acts as a space saving mechanism which you can exploit to save more space within your car.

It is suitable for various purposes such as loading of luggage which will not fit properly inside your car.

Extruded aluminum roof rack

 Extruded aluminum roof rack

Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Comes in How Many Surface Finishing Options?

Extruded aluminum roof racks comes in different surface finishing options according your requirements.

The main surface finishing options for extruded aluminum roof racks include:

·         Anodized Surface Finishing

Anodizing involves the use of chemicals and electrolytes to smoothen the rough surface of the extruded aluminum roof rack. This is the most common and popular surface finishing for car roof rack.

·         Powder Coated Surface Finish

Powder coating involves applying free flowing, thermoset or thermoplastic powder material to form a protective coating on the aluminum roof rack.

·         Mill Surface Finish

This involves leaving the aluminum in its natural state as it comes through from the extrusion process without external finishing.

·         Electrophoresis Surface Finish

It involves immersing the extruded aluminum roof rack in a paint solution in an electrified tank.

In electrophoresis surface, the paint will adhere to the extruded aluminum roof rack through electrophoresis.

·         Brushed Surface Finish

Brushed metal finishing involves using a brush to smoothen the surface of the extruded aluminum roof rack.

·         Polished Surface Finish

Polishing involves using different types of polish to give a wonderful finish on the extruded aluminum roof rack.

What is Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Used For?

You can use the extruded aluminum roof rack in your daily lives on different applications in industrial and commercial applications.

For instance, you can use the extruded aluminum roof racks on the following applications:

  1. Aerospace projects for roof mounted racks for photovoltaic systems in solar energy ventures.
  2. Meteorological applications
  3. Vehicles which have studier racks in different industries for carrying luggage and other things.
  4. Construction industry which use the ladder rack for supporting and carrying tools such as ladders
  5. Military for loading weapons and other luggage
  6. Recreational and sporting industry for carrying canoes, bikes, and kayaks among other materials.
  7. Server roof tracks with perforated doors for better ventilation for electronic equipment storage.
  8. As roof mounted racks, they are suitable for networking equipment such as routers, telephone instruments, and switches.

What are the Benefits of Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

There are a number of advantages that you will experience by using the extruded aluminum roof rack.

Some of the major advantages include:

Section of extruded aluminum roof rack

Section of extruded aluminum roof rack

  • It is flexible and you can easily adjust it to suit your everyday needs.
  • Using extruded aluminum roof racks makes the future changes easy to adjust to.
  • It makes it super quick to adjust to the cargo needs of your car.
  • Using the Allen key, you can easily adjust the roof rack rails and points in seconds.
  • Extrudes aluminum roof racks are super strong and can handle cargo weights of any considerable magnitude.
  • Extruded aluminum roof racks are also light in weight thus adding very little weight on the roof.
  • It is corrosion resistant and thus will take a very long time before it wears down.
  • The extruded aluminum roof racks are easy to handle and maintain.
  • It is easy to assemble in comparison to the steel racks which require prior welding.

Should Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Conform to GB/T 5237-2008 Standards?

Yes, it is important for extruded aluminum roof rack to conform to the GB/T 5237-2008 standards, that is China aluminum industry quality standard.

Besides, the aluminum roof rack must conform to EN 755 of European aluminum industry standard.

This is the standard mark of quality that ensures that the extruded aluminum roof rack is of the right standards.

It protects the consumer from exploitation of manufacturers and also from fake products.

Is There Standard Length for Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

Yes, there is a standard length for extruded aluminum roof racks ranging between 3 to 6 meters.

Wellste produce standard length for extruded aluminum roof racks but also allows for custom lengths according to the customers’ specifications.

Why Choose Aluminum Roof Rack and Not Steel Roof Rack?

You should consider choosing extruded aluminum roof racks over steel roof racks because of the following reasons:

  1. Extruded aluminum roof racks are lighter in weight in comparison to the heavier steel roof racks. The steel roof racks will add additional weight on the car hence using more fuel which is costly.

2. Extruded aluminum roof racks are more flexible and offers more room for adjustments unlike the steel roof rack.

3. You can easily assemble and disassemble the aluminum roof rack to suit the periodic needs unlike the steel roof racks.

4. Steel roof racks often go through a rigorous assembly process involving welding of parts thus making the joints permanent. Aluminum roof racks on the other hand does not go    through  such processes hence making it simpler adjust.

5. Even though steel roof racks are stronger and can handle heavier weights, aluminum roof racks offer weight handling options.

For instance, you can reduce the flex under the load of extruded aluminum roof racks to accommodate heavier loads.

How Much Weight Can Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Handle?

The weight that the extruded aluminum roof can handle depends on a number of factors.

These factors include:

  • The type of extruded aluminum roof rack you are using
  • Shape and size of the extruded aluminum roof rack
  • Mounting method on the car will also determine the weight that extruded aluminum roof rack handles.

Wellste manufactures and rates the weights that every extruded aluminum roof rack can handle.

Do Extruded Aluminum Roof Racks have Cross Bar?

Yes, extruded aluminum roof racks have cross bars.

The cross bars provide the roof rack of the car with the usable portion where you can mount any accessories.

What is the Difference between Extruded Aluminum Integrated Roof Rail and Roof Rail?

An extruded aluminum integrated roof rail is a type of roof rail that blends into the unified functionality of the car.

In other words, you will get the extruded aluminum integrated roof rail already on the car when you purchase one.

On the other hand, extruded aluminum roof racks do not come with the car.

Implying that you will purchase the extruded aluminum roof rack separately and install it on your car.

How Does Wellste Control Quality of Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

Wellste controls the quality of extruded aluminum roof racks by adhering to the Chinese set standards.

They are also compliant to other international quality standards that dictate particular quality standards.

Wellste observes every quality standard accordingly straight from the choice of the alloy through to the manufacturing process.

They also look at the quality standards when it comes to doing complete surface finish of the extruded aluminum roof rack.

And of course, every raw material and final products are tested in Wellste laboratory to ensure they conform to set quality standards.

Can Wellste Support OEM Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Business?

Yes, Wellste supports the original equipment manufacturer extrudes aluminum roof rack business.

You don’t have to worry about quality and accountability because the products come in the name of Wellste.

Painted aluminum roof rack

 Painted aluminum roof rack

Does Wellste Make Custom Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

Yes, Wellste makes custom extruded aluminum roof racks.

Wellste will assist you in making a good design through the help of the experienced design engineers.

After proving that the design is workable, Wellste will produce the custom extruded aluminum roof rack at a good price.

The production process includes cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, CNC machining, welding and final assembling.

What is Wellste MOQ for Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

Wellste produces extruded aluminum roof racks in bulk according to the specifications of the customers’ cars.

The minimum order quantity is 500 kg for the extruded aluminum roof racks.

Wellste is flexible and is ready to negotiate the order quantity with you.

What is Mold Cost Range for OEM Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack?

The mold cost range of original equipment manufacturer extruded aluminum roof rack depends on the type, shape and size.

It ranges from 200 USD to 300 USD and may be more depending on the roof rack that you need.

What is Wellste Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack Production Capacity?

Wellste has an annual production capacity of about 100,000 tons of aluminum extruded products.

Wellste will be able to complete your order within 20 – 25 days.

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