• aluminium transport extrusions

Aluminium Transport Extrusions

  • MOQ from 500KG & In-house strictly Testing Lab
  • Compliance with GB/T5237-2016 High precision
  • Offer design to final usage comprehensive solution
  • Latest CAD technology for feasible extruding, Quality, Appearance

Wellste is the customized aluminum transport extrusions manufacturer from China that have been dealing with all types of customized aluminum extrusion for 20 years.

Wellste aluminum transport extrusions are ideal for general fabrications, making frames, garden fruit enclosures, furniture making, and shopfitting.

All of the aluminum transport extrusions from Wellste are lightweight and have excellent strength properties.

Wellste aluminum transport extrusion is cut easily. Most of the sizes are tackled with good quality blades and hacksaw.

Machining and drilling of the aluminum transport extrusion are very easy compared to stainless steel or steel.

As the leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we at Wellste use 100% aluminum ingot raw material for our aluminum transport extrusion.


Aluminum Alloy no. 6061/6063/6082
Heat Treatment T4 T5 T6
Surfaceanodized, powder coated, wood grain etc
Colorsilver, black, champagne, bronze, golden etc
Production Time10-15 days mold time, 15-20 days bulk production time
LengthLong bar or cut to short length
Deep ProcessCNC, punching, welding, stamping, etc
PaymentL/C, T/T
Packagingwrap with film, load in pallet

Wellste: Your Leading Aluminium Transport Extrusions Manufacturer

Wellste owns production equipment that is imported from Germany, Taiwan, and Japan.

Thus, our aluminium transport extrusions are welded with the correct training and correct equipment.

Wellste offers aluminium transport extrusion in various polished sizes off the shelf.

The aluminium transport extrusion from Wellste is produced by the method of extrusion where the aluminum billets are pressed through a hard die.

Our engineering team produced aluminium transport extrusion which is strong and light. Aside from that, it has excellent corrosion resistance.

This could be the perfect choice for a broad range of manufacturing purposes or construction. Also, you can use it along with other usages of general fabrication.

Since our aluminium transport extrusions are light in weight, you can work with them easily. At Wellste, we can customize the widths of aluminium transport extrusions.

Additionally, Wellste aluminium transport extrusion is in mill finish. This is perfect for use in craft modeling projects and shelving. It is ideal for maintenance, temporary outdoor fixtures, and repair.

Behind our hard-earned experience, Wellste engaged in supplying and manufacturing a wide range of Aluminum extrusions for transport channels.

All of our aluminum extrusion is manufactured by operating advanced technology. Besides, Wellste owns 35 extrusion press lines, anodized line, and sprayed production line.

All of our aluminum extrusion we offered is designed to exceed international standards.

We obtained ISO 9001-2001 certificate. We strive to continue expanding our aluminum extrusion business, achieving excellence, and be the first choice as a supplier to customers.

At Wellste, you can avail of our aluminium transport extrusion at very affordable prices.

Moreover, we are one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom aluminum transport extrusions.

In the latest technologies investment, we are experts in large and small profile aluminum extruders. Thus, we offer our valued customers the full range of capabilities in aluminum extrusion services.

We have rich experienced engineers to assist every stage of your project from design to prototyping, and to production.

Our top 30 engineers are highly skilled at handling various profile aluminum extruders.

We have work with you of all size varies with requirements. We can produce quickly the prototypes of your design because we are specializing in die machines.

If you are interested, contact us today!


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