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Structural Aluminum Tubing

Wellste structural aluminum tubing is proven to be lightweight. Also, Wellste structural aluminum tubing has excellent thermal conductivity! Then, Wellste structural aluminum tubes have high tensile strength. Besides that, it also has great yield strength!

Wellste structural aluminum tubing gains popularity because of its precision tolerance. Wellste also provides a broad list of surface finishes. Mill, paint, and anodized finish are up for sale!

Wellste: The Top Structural Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer

Wellste structural aluminum tubes are normally used in different structural components. Wellste structural aluminum tubes are utilized in making railings, highways, and bridge compositions. Along with that, Wellste structural aluminum tubes are also being used in making irrigation systems and in electrical products.

aluminium structural sections

Wellste structural aluminum tubing belongs to the topmost aluminum products that businesses trust!  Wellste structural aluminum tube product is a versatile tube that will surely suit your needs!

aluminum structural shapes

Don’t worry about long transaction processes! Here at Wellste, our products are within your reach! You are guaranteed to receive your purchase as soon as possible!

Wellste structural aluminum tubing extrusions are composed of these elements: Magnesium and Silicon. Wellste structural aluminum tubing is suitable for welding and forming.

structural aluminum extrusions

Wellste structural aluminum tubing has excellent resistance to corrosion.  Also,  this tube product has high strength. It is formable and bendable! It is one of the best tube products in making fences, gates, frameworks, and other structures!

structural aluminum

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Frequently Structural Aluminum Tubing Questions & Answers
What is the MOQ for Wellste Structural Aluminum Tubing?

Wellste MOQ for Structural Aluminum Tubing is 500kg, if you just start your business, we are willing to decrease MOQ to 200kg.

Why I need to open a mold for my Structural Aluminum Tubing?

We have hundreds of existing sizes for your reference, and if they are not acceptable, we will have to do special customization based on your requirement.

When can I receive my Structural Aluminum Tubing?

If the Structural Aluminum Tubing is the product in stock, we will prepare the delivery for you within even 3 days.

Where I can get the catalog for Structural Aluminum Tubing?

You can download the catalog directly from our website, and you can also get it from our technical engineers.

Can I print my on logo on the Structural Aluminum Tubing?

Sure, we have a laser printing service for you after getting details from your side.

Can I do special customization for my Structural Aluminum Tubing?

Sure, our technical engineers are experienced and can deal with your case regardless of the difficulty.

Wellste: The Leading Structural Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer in China


Wellste structural aluminum tubing offers standard extruded aluminum tubing with 6061 and 6063 grades of aluminum alloys. Wellste structural aluminum tubing shapes vary from square to rectangle to round!

As for the standard size, Wellste structural aluminum tubing manufactures up to 11.5 inches! While the standard outside diameter of our aluminum tubular can reach up to 8.625 inches! Wellste structural aluminum tubes are available at standard tempers: T5 and T6.

Wellste aluminum square tubing that are made from 6061 alloys are an excellent choice for industrial needs. While Wellste structural aluminum tubing that’s made up of 6063 alloys is for general construction.

Along with this, Wellste aluminum rectangular tubing made of 6061 aluminum is ideal for structures and platforms. Also, Wellste structural aluminum tubing produced with 6063 alloys is preferred in making furniture!

Wellste aluminum round tube that’s composed of 6061 grade is perfect for making frameworks. While Wellste aluminum round tube made up of 6063 aluminum alloy is great in making shelves and railings.

As for your company’s benefit, Wellste structural aluminum tubes are available in both thick wall aluminum tubing and thin wall aluminum tubing. If you want to custom aluminum fabrication, do not hesitate to contact us. Collaborate with us via our email:

We are open to working on your ideas. Just send us your specifications! Kindly give details about these things: alloy grade, temper, length, finish, size, shape, and other customization.

Wellste Aluminum is proven to be keen on details! Many businesses trust us because of our verified products and services that we provide them!

Wellste Aluminum is committed to supplying your businesses with quality aluminum products! Our more than 2 decades of practice in this industry showcases our brand’s credibility!

Place your orders now! Wellste structural aluminum tubing is ready to serve its purpose!

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