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Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

  • Low order volume from 500KG
  • 100% inspection at every production step
  • Over 20 Years of history of manufacturing customize
  • In-house maintain your thin wall aluminum tubing tooling

Your Premier Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Supplier

SGS & ISO Audited Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing
Wellste, a professional thin wall aluminum tubing manufacturer, has been approved by SGS, and obtain ISO quality system certification, ISO environmental management system certification.
0% Quality Complaint
Wellste has an advanced in-house quality testing lab, 48+ QC inspection team, 100% inspected thin wall aluminum tubing before shipment, Guarantee the product quality, and eliminates your concerns.
Manufacture Test Certificate
We will issue a testing certificate for each order before shipment. Make sure to the thin wall aluminum tubing to meet chemical composition standards and achieve mechanical performance standards.
Fast Delivery
Wellste keeps stable delivery time 25 days or less. We own 35 extrusion presses that ensure your delivery date. Even in peak season, we can catch the delivery time. There will be no delay.
thin wall extruded aluminum tubing
Wellste specializes in producing all kinds of high-precision thin wall aluminum pipes which can reach as thin as 0.010",supports customization, and has higher delivery time than peers of the same trade.
thin wall aluminum rectangular tubing
Wellste has a professional team of engineers to design high-precision thin wall rectangular tubing for you free. We have served aerospace, medical electronics, firearms and industrial factories
thin wall square tubing
Wellste has a wide range of thin wall square tubing with tolerance accuracy as high as 0.0005 inch.Advanced manufacturing capabilities and innovative solutions help you reduce cost effectively.
custom thin wall tubing
Any complex shape of thin wall aluminum tubing can also be realized by our engineers with 20 + years of professional experience .Perfect technical solutions and good after-sales service are also available.
telescoping aluminum tubing
Telescoping aluminum tubing is widely used in applications such as tour guide flag pole,telescopic table flag,telescopic pole for cleaning,telescopic tarp pole,telescopic selfie stick creating adjustable structures that fit your needs.
Aluminum Round tube
Aluminum round tubes are corrosion-resistant, light weight, and will not be corroded, widely used in various walks of industry, such as ship, automobile, aerospace, aviation, electrical equipment, agriculture, electromechanical, home furnishing, etc.
aluminum rectangular tubing
A variety of shapes and sizes of aluminum rectangular tubing are available in Wellste.Strict quality control and advanced manufacturing capabilities ensure qualification rate high to 99.9%.One-stop solution support and good after-sales service.
aluminum square tubing
Wellste is dedicated to providing customers with high quality aluminum square tubing.Wellste has more than 20 years of professional experience of engineers composed of R & D team & advanced aluminum production equipment & a series of quality testing equipment.

Your Premier Extruded Aluminum Tube Supplier

Extruded aluminum tube also named as extruded aluminum pipe, that are widely used in every industry. 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series all can be made in Wellste.

thin wall aluminum tubing factory

Item TypeThin Wall Aluminum Tubing
Material1000series ~ 7000series aluminium
ColorSilver white, bronze, gold, black, champagne, customized
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF etc.
Lengthcustomized length
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Deep processCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, stamping, welding, bending, assembling, Custom Aluminum Fabrication
OEM & ODMAvailable. our engineer can check and discuss your design , great help !
Free SamplesYes,we can provide free sample
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port

Wellste as extruded aluminum tube manufacturer for almost 20 years. We produce Aluminum Round tube, aluminum square tubing, Aluminum rectangular Tubing& aluminum oval tube, varied ranges of thick wall aluminum tubing is also available. Thin wall aluminum tubing is widely used in applications such as aerospace, medical, electronics, firearms and industrial.

thin wall aluminum tubing

thin wall aluminum tubing suppliers

The most common alloy no. to produce an extruded aluminum tube is 6061 and 6063.  Both of them have good corrosion resistance, wearability, and a good outlook for anodized aluminum tube. Wellste provides various kinds of surface treatment.

There are anodized, powder-coated, electrophoresis coating and PVDF coating. With these properties, the extruded aluminum tube has a wide range of applications in different area.

anodized aluminum tube

Extruded Aluminum tubes also can be called aluminum pipe in material 6063, which are used in home fittings, furniture, and construction, etc. Wellste Aluminum tubing supply telescopic tube which can be used for a curtain rod, mop handle, adjustable legs, rails, and more.

Let’s Support Your Bussiness and Reduce Cost For You

Wellste can custom your Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing , Also can design your own Products, Even If idea ONLY.

advanced testing equipment

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Premier Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer

Wellste can produce thin aluminum tubing in various size. The wall thickness can be produced to start as thin as 0.3mm. The thin wall aluminum tubing can be cut into short length, packed in carton box with plastic bag. We can also provide as long as 6meters.

Wellste offers one-stop aluminum fabrication. We have drilling machine, automatic pipe bending machine, punching machine, milling machine, and lathes, etc. Wellste also provides assembly and welding service. This will save your cost and time.

thin wall aluminum extrusion

Wellste thin wall aluminum tubing can be used to make telescoping aluminum tubing. They are commonly used as a shower curtain rod, broom handle, and other furniture accessories.

Wellste is a professional thin wall aluminum tubing manufacturer and supplier. We welcome your inquiry. Our sales engineer will give you fast and warm customer service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Our aluminum extrusion profiles have been exported to many countries, including the United States of America, Italy, Poland, Spain, Africa, and Mexico. Wellste telescoping aluminum tubing has gained good reputation both Domestic and Foreign market.

thin wall aluminum tubing

Wellste has rich experience to manufacturing and supplying thin wall aluminum tubing. The most common alloy No. to produce thin wall aluminum tubing is 6061 and 6063.

Both of them have good corrosion resistance, weldability and weather resistance. Wellste provides various kinds of surface treatment. There are mill finished, anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis coating and PVDF coating.

There are also sandblast anodizing, brushed and polished surface. After anodizing, you can get silver, black, gold, champagne, and bronze color.

If you want more color, powder coat will provide you hundreds of standard RAL color. You will get a colorful appearance for your thin wall aluminum tubing.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

Thin wall aluminum tubes are easy and low density tubes that you can use in different light applications.

The ratio of wall thickness to diameters is among the main features to look at in thin wall aluminum tubing.

Aluminum tubing

Aluminum tubing

 Are there Different Shapes of Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

Yes, there are different shapes for thin walled aluminum tubing such as round, square and rectangular shapes.

Which Alloy is Suitable for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

The suitable aluminum alloys for thin wall aluminum tubing are the 5000 series and 6000 series.

How does Wall Thickness to Diameter Ratio of Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Compare to Normal Tubes?

Wall thickness to diameter ratio of thin wall aluminum tubing are smaller in comparison to normal tubes.

Normal tubes have thicker walls in comparison to the thin wall aluminum tubing thus decreasing the diameter.

Thin wall aluminum tubing, just like the name suggests, have smaller or thin walls thus decreasing the diameter.

thin wall aluminum tubing surface treatment

What is the Minimum Wall Thickness of Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

At Wellste, the minimum wall thickness for thin wall aluminum tubing is 0.01 inches.

Aluminum tubing

Aluminum tubing

What are Characteristics of Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

Thin wall aluminum tubing exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Have a high strength to weight ratio implying that they are strong but also very light in weight.
  • It is resistant to corrosion thus increasing the durability of the thin wall aluminum tubing.
  • It has great thermal and electric conductivity
  • The surface is smooth and shiny thus can reflect light and heat making it a good material for architectural insulations.
  • The alloys are non-toxic and does not release any toxic substances to the environment.
  • You can also recycle the material without losing the main properties.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing is Available in which Surface Finishing?

You can choose different types of surface finishing for thin wall aluminum tubing such as;

  • Colored Anodized surface finishing
  • Sandblasting surface finishing
  • Liquid painting with different shades of paints

How Does Wellste Maintain Wall Thickness of Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

Wellste maintains the wall thickness of thin wall aluminum tubing by:

  • Using the right type of aluminum alloy material that will not go through deterioration process such as corrosion.
  • Using the right type of machining and tooling processes that will maintain the integrity of the material.
  • Wellste uses different forms of surface finishing techniques that will maintain the integrity of the thin wall aluminum tubing.
  • It employs the services of quality inspection officers who will ensure that the product will maintain the wall thickness for long.

Where can you use Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing?

You can use thin wall aluminum tubing in different applications such as:

  • Marine industry applications
  • Pharmaceutical industry applications
  • Packaging industry applications
  • Construction industry applications
  • Transportation industry applications
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