• aluminum rectangular tubing
  • aluminum rectangular tube

Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

  • 48+ QC Inspection Team every step
  • 100% Testing before loading
  • Compliance with GB/T 5237-2008 High Precision
  • Design & Prototype to finalize your idea

Aluminum rectangular tubing is formed by extrude and wide range in various type of building and industry, because its light-weight, good corrosion, and brightness appearance, hardness advantage, additionally, The well machinable capability and good welding ability is also better than other metal.

Wellste aluminum rectangular tubing available material is 6063 and 6061 alloy, 6063 Aluminum Rectangular tube are used in Home Depot, window and door frames, Tile Trim, furniture, and architectural etc. It has a fantastic surface appearance with 6063 Alloy.

6061 aluminum rectangular tubing has higher tensile and yield strength than Alloy 6063, so they are primarily used as a structural component, truck & bike frame, and electrical fittings etc.

Furthermore, if you require much higher strength and hardness. 6083 and 7075 alloy can be count on wellste, we can extrude this high-strength aluminum tube for you.

Contact our sales engineer today and we can advise which alloy No. is best for you.

Item NameAluminum Rectangular Tubing
MaterialAluminium 6000 series, 5000 series, 7000 series, Other special inquired
TemperT4 T5 T6
Quality StandardGB/T 5237-2008,GB/T 6892-2015, GB/T 14846-2014
Length3-6 Meter per piece, or as your inquiry
FinishMill-finish, Anodized, Powder coated, Electropheresis, Woodgrain, Brushed, Polishing
Open Mould10-15 days
Production Time20-25 days
PaymentTT, L/C, etc
MOQ500KG each one
Deep processCNC,  drilling, milling, cutting, bending, tapping, welding, assembling, punching
Standard PackagingPE shrink film,Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Best Aluminum Rectangular Tubing Manufacturer

Wellste aluminum rectangular tubing gains much good feedback from our clients. We have in-house tooling manufacturing and one-stop aluminum fabrication. we can supply comprehensive competitive price and short lead time, It can support your local business more reliable.

As 20-years premier aluminum rectangular tubing manufacturer, Our products have been exported to many countries, including the United States of America, Italy, Poland, Spain, Africa, and Mexico.

At Wellste, we provide various kinds of surface treatment. There are anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis coating and PVDF coating. After anodizing, it forms a protective layer of aluminum oxide which will improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and also give you a good outlook. You can get black, champagne, bronze, and red color without any more fee.

If you need more color, powder coat is suitable, it can get more color than anodizing. Wellste owns hundreds of standard aluminium tube sizes comes in various dimension and thickness. We have an available mold for these aluminum rectangular tubing with round corners, Whatever small or large Aluminum rectangular tubing, wellste owns 35stes from 600 to 6800Ton extrusion line can guarantee stable and short delivery time, we can let you receive the goods 20% faster than ordinary lead time.

Wellste provide one-stop aluminum fabrication. We can do deep machining for the tubes. CNC/cutting/milling/punching/tapping/welding/assembling all can be realized in Wellste.

Wellste welcome customized and OEM. Our experienced engineer will assist with your design and help to create your product. If you inquiry aluminum rectangular tubing, wellste can be count on, Ask for a quote today, our sales engineer will reply you within 6hours.