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Aluminium Profile Door

  • Premier Raw material: 99.7% A00 Aluminum Ingot
  • Capabilities: Anodized, Powder coating, Electrophoresis, PVDF
  • 20-25 days Short Lead time and deliver your goods on time
  • Comply with GB/T 5237-2008 High Precision degree Standard

Aluminium Profile Door can be also called Aluminum Door Profiles, It is formed by extruder that can be produced for vast various shapes, Aluminium profile door almost uses 6063 alloys. Powder Coating is by far the most commonly used in aluminium profile door. The powder coat surface makes the door clean, durable, weather-resistant, and comes with a variety of colors.

Wellste aluminum profile door with powder coating is commonly used as well, especially the white aluminum profile door and brown aluminum door section. Wellste uses premier powder raw material to guarantee 20 years of color anti-fading.

Besides powder coating, Wellste Aluminium profile door can also apply anodizing (polishing, brushed), PVDF, and electrophoresis coating for you to choose.

Anodizing finish is also very popular. After anodizing, the aluminum door profile will be more durable and corrosion-resistant. The regular film thickness is 8-12 micron. If you want a thicker oxide film, we can do even 20-25 micron. There are black, champagne, bronze, and red color for you to choose from.

Wellste is an aluminum door profile manufacturer and supplier since 1996. With 35 extrusion press imported from Taiwan, we reach 10,0000ton annually production capability. We welcome custom and OEM. Our engineer will assist you in design & prototype base on your idea.

Item Name Aluminum profile door
Material Aluminium 6000 series alloy: such as 6063 6005 6061
Temper T5 or T6
Quality Standard GB/T 5237-2008
Length 3-6 Meter per piece, or as your inquire
Finish Mill-finish, Anodized, Powder coated, Electrophoresis, Woodgrain, Brushed, Polishing
Open Mould 10-15 days
Production Time 20-25 days
Payment TT, L/C, etc

Wellste: Your Professional Aluminium Profile Door Supplier

Wellste Aluminum door profile can be used to make interior and exterior frame sections, as like sliding door Frames, kitchen door frames, Wardrobe, swing door, casement door, and patio door. It gives you not only a beautiful outlook but also sturdy and durable product.

Compared with Vinyl door, Wellste aluminum door profile has many advantages. Vinyl door cannot be painted, while aluminum door profile can be powder coated to the color you want.  Vinyl door may be damaged by extreme weather, while aluminum window can handle this, it has good corrosion resistance, the aluminium door frame extrusions make the window more durable and long-lasting. According to the test, aluminum door stops more noise than vinyl window. What’s more, vinyl cannot be biodegradable, while aluminum is environmentally friendly that can be recycled.

Wellste is specialized in manufacturing and supplying aluminum door profile. We strive to provide high-quality products and offer fast and friendly customer service. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Contact us today, our sales engineer will get a short reply within 12Hours and improve your design to final products together.

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