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Wellste Thermal Break Aluminium Window Profile

  • Low order volume 500Kg each ONLY.
  • In-house Lab guarantee product quality ship out
  • Strip or Glue injections meet your different price demand
  • Comply with GB/T 5237-2008 High Precision degree Standard

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profiles are designed for thermal break, They are manufactured according to the specific design, shape, and powder coating ordered by our valued customers.

Thermal Break Aluminium Window Profile

Item TypeThermal Break Aluminium Window Profile
Material6000 Series
ApplicationWindows, doors, curtain walls, rails, decoration profile.
ColorCustomized Color
Thickness1.General profiles thickness: 0.8mm—1.4mm
2.Anodizing protection thickness: 8-12 micron
3.Normal powder coated thickness: 60-100 micron
ShapeSquare, angle, flat, hollow, oval, triangle, U-profile, L-profile, T-profiles, H-profiles or customized available.
Quality Control1. Inspection at Site.
2. Inspection Before Shipping.
3. Testing Machine.
Surface treatmentAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF etc.
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
OEM & ODMAvailable. our engineer can check and discuss your design , great help !
Free SamplesYes,we can provide free sample
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port

Aluminium Profiles for Windows and Doors application Aluminium Profiles for Windows and Doors

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile are one of our manufacturing products of which we are really proud.

Thermal Break Aluminium Window Extrusions

If you are looking for aluminum extrusion profiles for thermal break aluminium windows of outstanding quality, then feel free to contact us 24/7.

Wellste offers a fair price according to the client’s explicit requirements. We offer our products even at low MOQ, which is 500 kg per product.

Aluminum Window and Door Profiles

You can also get a refund of your mold fee if you get the required amount that you ordered.

Before we can discuss in detail thermally broken windows you need to completely comprehend the meaning of “thermal break”, which is an equally important component of a window.

thermal break window frame

The thermal break is actually the insulation within a window. The reason for having this insulation is that standard aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold, which will lead to a loss or gain of heat through the frame of the window.

Thermal Break Aluminium Window Profiles

This can eventually undermine the performance of double-glazed windows.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profiles have been manufactured with a barrier in between the inside and outside the aluminium window frames.

thermal aluminum windows

This will ultimately prevent the conductive thermal energy loss, owing to the heat conductivity coefficient of 1.8˜3.5W/m2.k, which is more than an ordinary window.

It is also estimated that the heat loss is reduced by ⅓ during the winters.


Wellste: Your Leading Thermal Break Aluminium Window Profiles Supplier

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile also have a variety of other benefits. By installing thermally broken aluminium windows, you will be able to stop the noise by up to 80%, which reduces the noise by more than 30dB.

anodized Aluminium Profiles for Windows and Doors

These type windows ensure that the indoor temperature is maintained within the range of 12-13˚C. This helps in keeping your home cooler during the hot summers.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile have countless other beneficial properties like non-corrosive, flame-retardant, durable and low-maintenance.

aluminum window frame extrusion profiles

This makes thermally broken aluminium windows an ideal solution for commercial building applications and high-end residential projects where large, complex glazing solutions are required.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile are manufactured by using two different types of thermal break strips, one is strip type and the other is glue injection type.

Powder Coating Aluminum Window Frame Extrusion

Wellste thermal break aluminium windows connect two parts of aluminum profiles by using the thermal barrier strip to connect, thus preventing the heat conduction and heat loss and saving energy.

The insulation materials used is polyamide 66, which is commonly known as nylon 66(PA66).

Aluminium Sliding Door Extrusion

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile also use the latest glue injection thermal break technology. The insulation materials used is polyurethane (PU), which is insulation adhesive.

It generally consists of a resin component and an isocyanate component. The insulation material is injected in the middle of aluminium window.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile are supplied to our customers after being powder coated in a wide range of unique colors.

However, strip type thermal break is not ideal for powder coating as Nylon 66(PA66) is prone to water absorption and has the tendency to swell up when it is exposed to moisture.

This makes it difficult for the powder coating to be applied, making it less durable, but the whole cost is less than injection type of Thermal break aluminum windows.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile that use glue injection type of polyurethane (PU) isolation strips are a far better option.

They can easily be handling problems about bubbles occurring by using Polyurethane as thermal barrier, These thermal break windows are more popular among high-end building constructions as the powder coating is long lasting.

Wellste thermal break aluminium window profile are extruded with the promise that our products will be in compliance with the GB/T 5237 high precision degree standard.

Moreover, these windows will being tested in our in-house labs, where each product is carefully inspected from its raw material to its final product. This extensive procedure ensures aluminium windows of exceptional quality.

Our customer care and sale department strive to facilitate our valued customers. You can get a fast quote within a few hours and get your order delivered in the shortest time possible.


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