Custom Aluminum Fabrication
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Your Custom Aluminum Fabrication Supplier

Wellste custom Aluminum Fabrication involves widely added-value production process, Wellste offers completely ranges of customized Aluminum Fabrication solution from photograph to reality Aluminum Extrusion components.

  • Skilled workers keep stable quality & Lead time
  • CNC, bending, welding, laser engraving, cutting & drilling
  • Advanced Fabricating equipment with manual and automatic way
  • Experienced sales and engineers give you fast response and solutions

Custom Aluminum Machining Options

Wellste custom Aluminum Fabrication not only including cutting and drilling Aluminum Extrusions, but also CNC, bending, welding, laser engraving and more.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Wellste has advanced Fabricating equipment with the manual and automatic way to achieve your full range of fabrication demanding. Custom Aluminium Fabrication

Wellste custom aluminum Fabrications is guaranteed by automatic CNC machining centers, that the accuracy of size tolerance can be reach +/-0.02mm.

custom aluminum welding
MIG & TIG Welding

Wellste provides welding service with high-precision finished metal for various industries. MIG welding is suitable for the production of high strength finished products, while TIG welding is usually used for welding thinner metals.

aluminum for cnc milling
CNC Milling

Wellste has advanced CNC milling machine for custom  fabrication, which has strong adaptability and good flexibility. It can process parts with complex contour or difficult to control size, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc.

aluminum cnc service
CNC Turning

Wellste is dedicated to providing  custom aluminum fabrication for more than 20+ years.  Wellste has a number of imported CNC lathes, which can meet the requirements of ultra-high precision processing.

aluminum custom metal fabrication

Puching is an important process of custom aluminum fabrication. Stamping parts are produced by stamping on the premise of small material consumption. The parts have light weight and good stiffness.

custom cut aluminum
Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is widely used in custom aluminum fabrication because of the advantages of high energy density,  short working time, small heat affected zone and no mechanical stress on the workpiece.

custom aluminum tubing fabrication

Products of bending are widely used in aviation, shipping,  and decoration industry. Through the selection of various kinds of mold, bending can be used for  the sheet bending, stretching, rounding, punching.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the MOQ for your custom aluminum fabrication?

We are able to accpet one piece at initial order for support your business, but laterly, the order amount at least reach USD 2000.

Can Wellste design for me for free ?

Yes, Of course, Our engineers have long time work experience in custom aluminum fabrication industry, Wellste is capable to handle and supply optimum manufacturing solution to you.

What type of payment does Wellste accept?

Paypay, T/T transfer OR can be further discussed.

How long time for a custom aluminum fabrication production?

Normally it takes 25-35days depends on your aluminum parts and surface treatment.

Where is your factory located?

Our factory is near from Shanghai air port and only takes 2hours by express way.

Your Premier Custom Aluminum Fabrication Supplier

Wellste also owns other advance fabrication equipment for cutting, punching, welding, that can meet and even exceed the high precision industry standard with some critical dimensions.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

More than 5 years industry experience workers ensure your custom Aluminum Fabrications that keep stable quality Aluminum Extrusion parts delivery to you, our rich experienced teams whatever sales or engineers will give your fast response with at least 2 options feasible solutions.At Wellste, Custom Aluminum Fabrication is the right place that we specialize in basic or complex more than 20 years.

Wellste: Your Best Custom Aluminum Fabrication Manufacturer

Furthermore, Custom aluminum Fabrication contains surface treatment is anodized and painting, Wellste is able to provide fabricating the Aluminum parts multiple surfaces, varying from anodizing to painting, whatever color mostly you thought, Wellste engineers will coordinate with our long-term partner make color sample for your selected.

Wellste custom aluminum fabrications are widely applications in automobiles, PV solar Module, building construction, Home decoration to electronic products, from simple to complex fabrication, it is required in every industry. Therefore, Wellste focus on 10-years custom aluminum fabrication whatever one customized part, or million pieces Aluminum fabrication parts, wellste has stable production capability that helps hundreds creating from concept to final manufacturing.

Wellste offers custom Aluminum Fabrication process is one-stop manufacturing and service, based on your final usage and budget, wellste will supply more flexible machining solutions for saving your purchasing cost. Wellste also cares about the products quality, our QC with an advanced measuring tool will inspect randomly at every production process.

Wellste continuously strives to customized Aluminum Fabrication based on your detailed requirements, We know Aluminum Extrusions Fabricationvery well, We are able to provide top quality products and competitive price to coordinate you develop local markets.

Why not contact our sales engineer discuss further? We are always here to fully support any of your issues.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

Custom aluminum fabrication is the process of making aluminum extrusions according to the specifications of the customer.

Custom aluminum fabrication
Custom aluminum fabrication

What are the Benefits of Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

The benefits of custom aluminum fabrication include:

  • You can get the right aluminum extrusion that will fit your production requirements.
  • Custom aluminum extrusions are light in weight thus requiring very little energy to move at high velocities.
  • Custom aluminum extrusions are resistant to corrosion thus increasing their durability.
  • Apart from that, custom aluminum extrusions have very high mechanical strengths and can support heavy weights.
  • It is also environmental friendly allowing you to reuse and recycle the aluminum extrusion without losing original value.
  • Custom aluminum fabrication is also a fast process where you can get your fabrication faster than others.
  • Custom aluminum fabrication requires manufacturers to use skilled labor thus promising high quality products.

How does Wellste Control Quality of Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

Wellste controls quality of custom aluminum fabrications by adhering to the Chinese fabrication industry standards.

Apart from that it ensures that the custom aluminum extrusions adhere to the:

  • General and linear dimension tolerance GB/T 1804-2000 which is a Chinese standard equal to ISO 2768-m.
  • It also takes note of the precision dimension tolerance that customers require for their custom aluminum fabrications.
  • The components assembly matches among all the workers thus producing the same products of high quality.

What is Wellste Capability in Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

Wellste is capable of producing custom aluminum fabrications by providing different services.

These services include CNC, punching, laser, cutting, hinge cutting, bending tapping, inserting, and assembly.

Apart from that it also offers robotic, welding, powder, metal stamping, coating and anodizing services.

Which Industries Does Wellste Serve with Custom Aluminum Parts?

T slot-wellste

 T slot

Wellste serves different industries with custom aluminum parts.

Some of the industries include:

  • Automobile industry
  • Solar industry for PV solar modules
  • Building and Construction industry
  • Home decorations and electronic products industry

Why is Wellste a Trusted Custom Aluminum Fabricator in China?

Wellste is a trusted custom aluminum fabricator in China because:

  • It produces custom aluminum fabrications of very high quality using qualifed materials
  • It adheres to the china fabrication industry requirements.
  • It also adheres to custom requirements of the customer by producing the exact thing the customer is need of.
  • They offer competitive manufacturing process that are pocket friendly to their customers.
  • It has QC that inspects the quality of the products at every production stage.
  • The personnel at Wellste have a wealth of experience in producing custom aluminum extrusions.

Can Wellste help in Design for Custom Aluminum Fabrications?

Yes, Wellste can assist in the design for custom aluminum fabrications.

It has a team of design engineers with plenty of experience in designing to assist you in the designing process.

Does Wellste Assemble Custom Aluminum Fabricated Parts?

Yes, Wellste assembles custom aluminum fabricated parts.

After custom fabrication of the parts, Wellste will assemble all the part through different fabrication techniques.

Can Wellste Laser Engrave Custom Aluminum Parts?

Laser engraving aluminum part

Laser engraving aluminum part – Photo courtesy: WISELY

Yes, Wellste can laser engrave custom aluminum parts.

It has all the tooling requirements for laser engraving of custom aluminum fabrications

Does Wellste Offer Custom CNC Aluminum Parts?

Yes, Wellste offers custom CNC aluminum parts that will fit your aluminum extrusion demands.

Apart from that, it also offers other custom fabrication services such as welding, bending, laser engraving, drilling and cutting.

What should you provide when Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

When you need a custom aluminum fabrication you have to provide a detail drawing in STP or CAD file.

Wellste has a team of design engineers who will assess the drawings before approving it for fabrication.

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