Curved Aluminum Extrusion
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Curved Aluminum Extrusion

Wellste specialize in manufacturing and supplying curved aluminum extrusions. It is also called bending aluminum extrusion. It is widely used in automation industry.

Wellste can do Roll Bending, Stretch Bending, Rotary Draw Bending, according to your demands.

Wellste: The Top Curved Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Wellste curved aluminum extrusions have been exported to many countries, including the United States of America, Italy, Poland, Spain, Africa and so on.

extruded aluminum cnc

Aluminum is soft and has good ductility. Bending is the demanding process for most of the aluminum extrusions. From 3000 series to 6000 series alloy, 3000 series and 5000 series are the most suitable for bending.

aluminum extrusion bending

Wellste curved aluminum extrusions are widely used in industrial and architectural applications. Wellste welcome your inquiry, our experienced engineer will give you sound advice and assist you to create your product.

curved aluminium extrusion

6000 series when applying T4 or T6, it tends hard to bend. It requires more attention and large radius to avoid cracking.

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Wellste: Your Leading Curved Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

There are various methods for bending aluminum extrusion.

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  • Roll Bending , The profile is passed through three adjustable bending rolls, it starts to bend to the required radius. It is the most flexible bending method.
  • Stretch Bending, During stretch bending, the profile is firmly clamped at both ends. The machine stretches the profile and pulls it around the bending die. Stretching Bending is suitable for a larger bend radius.
  • Rotary Draw Bending, It belongs to precise technology. Mostly used to bend tubes, pipes, and solids. It is ideal for profiles with a large diameter.

Bending Aluminum Extrusion: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Curved Aluminum Extrusion?

Curved aluminum extrusions are types of aluminum extrusions with bends on some sections within its length thus giving it a curve shape.

You can also refer to curved aluminum extrusions as a bending aluminum extrusions.

Curved aluminum extrusion

Curved aluminum extrusion

Does Bending Aluminum Extrusion Weaken it?

No, bending aluminum extrusions do not make the aluminum extrusions weak.

You need to determine the chemical properties as well as the mode of bending grain direction.

Apart from that, you need to consider the minimum inside radius of aluminum when bending it.

This will reduce the chances of cracking and strain hardening at the bend.

Curved Aluminum Extrusion

What is the Smallest Bending Radius for Aluminum Extrusion?

During the bending process of aluminum material expansion occurs on the outside surface and compression on the inside.

The bending radius on the inside and outside of the aluminum extrusion are of different sizes.

The minimum bending radius varies according to the thickness of the aluminum extrusion.

As the thickness of the aluminum extrusion increases, so does the minimum bending ratio.

Bending radius

Bending radius – Photo courtesy: Fabricator

What is Aluminum Extrusion Bend Angle?

Extrusion bend angle is the maximum degree with which you can comfortably bend an aluminum extrusion.

Extrusion bend angle varies according to the thickness of the aluminum extrusion.

Can you Bend Aluminum Extrusion to form Complex Shapes?

Yes, you can bend aluminum extrusions to form complex shapes.

You can employ different bending techniques to form complex shapes with the aluminum extrusions.

How does Roller Bending Aluminum Extrusion Work?

Roller bending of aluminum extrusions involves passing aluminum extrusions through three adjustable bending rolls.

You can also refer to it as the three-roll bending where the adjustable rolls form a triangular shape.

As you move the aluminum extrusion through the three power driven rolls, it begins to bend to the radius you require.

It is often the most flexible method for bending aluminum extrusions especially for symmetrical profiles.

The process will, however, limits the aluminum extrusions to a single bend in one cycle.

Implying that, larger angles often take long to reach the angle that you desire.

Despite the limits, the aluminum extrusion has an unlimited bend radius.

What is Rotary Draw Bending Aluminum Extrusion?

Rotary draw bending

 Rotary draw bending

Rotary draw bending is a bending technique that belongs to a precise technology.

You can use it to bend tubes, solids and pipe aluminum extrusions.

It is the most ideal bending method for bending aluminum extrusions with wider diameters.

What is Stretch Bending Aluminum Extrusions?

Stretch bending of aluminum extrusions involves clamping both ends of the aluminum extrusion.

You have to place the aluminum extrusion along a fixed, rounded bending die before bending clamping it.

The machine will stretch the aluminum extrusion profile and then pull it around the bending die.

It is suitable for stretch bending large bend radius of aluminum extrusions.

What are the Common Problems in Bending Aluminum Extrusion?

During the bending process of aluminum extrusions, you may experience certain problems such as:

  • Misshaping

You might apply different aluminum extrusion bending parameters that may lead to misshapes of the aluminum extrusion.

You can control this by having the right bending parameters on the aluminum extrusion.

  • Creasing

During the bending process, the aluminum extrusion might burst out thus damaging the whole piece.

You can sort this out by using thicker aluminum extrusions and controlling the bending parameters of the aluminum extrusion.

  • Cracking

Aluminum extrusions may crack or break due to high pressure during the bending process.

You can sort this out by using stronger aluminum extrusions and having wider bending parameters.

Are there Special Tools for Bending Aluminum Extrusions?

Yes, there are special tools that you can use for bending aluminum.

The tools for aluminum extrusion bending are consumable and you can replace or modify after a particular period.

Some of the special tools that you can use in bending aluminum extrusions include:

  • Ram for forcing aluminum extrusions on bending dies.
  • Bending die which pushes the aluminum extrusions onto pressure dies thus forming the bend form you desire.
  • Bender or bending tool which pushes the aluminum extrusion to form bends.
  • Clamping block for holding the aluminum extrusion in place.
  • Sliding pressure die is a moving die that exerts enough pressure on the aluminum extrusion to make a bend.
  • Mandrel to hold the aluminum extrusion in lace to prevent misshaping and creasing.
  • Bending rolls that control the bending parameters in such a way that the bends form 360 degrees’ rotations.

Apart from Bending Aluminum Extrusions, Wellste Offer Which Other Fabrication Techniques?

Apart from bending of aluminum extrusions, Wellste offer other fabrication techniques such as:

  • CNC machining of aluminum extrusions
  • Welding of aluminum extrusions
  • Cutting of aluminum extrusions

Will Bending Affect Mechanical Strength of Aluminum Extrusion?

No, bending will not affect the mechanical strength of aluminum extrusions.

Aluminum extrusions have the best properties that allows you to bend and extrude into different shapes and forms.

Why is Aluminum Extrusion 6000 Series Suitable for Bending Applications?

6000 series are suitable for bending applications due to the following reasons:

  • It is the strongest among the aluminum extrusion series thus providing it with the best mechanical strength.
  • Apart from that, it also provides high quality resistance to erosion thus increasing the durability.
  • What’s more, the 6000 series aluminum extrusions are available in different varieties such as 6005, 6063, and 6463 among others.

Does Bending Aluminum Extrusion Require Heat Treatment?

Yes, bending aluminum extrusions may require you to use heat treatment techniques.

However, this does not apply to all forms of aluminum as you may bend other forms without heat.

Bending aluminum extrusions that is harder than 5054 series may require heat treatment for annealing purposes.

Can Bending Aluminum Extrusion Cause Surface Micro cracking?

Yes, bending aluminum extrusions can cause surface micro cracking.

Surface micro-cracking is one of the problems you might experience during the bending process of aluminum extrusions be anodized or powder coated.

It might come as a results of too much bending pressure, or use of a weak form of aluminum extrusion.

Apart from that, the bending parameters may not be appropriate thus leading to micro cracking on the surface.

You can sort this by controlling the bending parameters, and using the right material that fits the bending requirements.


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