• Polishing Aluminum Profile

Polishing Aluminum Profile

  • 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx Series all can be made
  • ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 Authorized Company
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  • In-house Tooling Technology Guarantees High Precision

Wellste polishing aluminum profile is widely used in different high-end civilian products, such as indoor or outdoor bathroom doors for houses, hotels, and furniture. Our polished aluminum profiles have a unique combination of properties that makes it suitable for many different applications.

These are commonly used in decoration, for door and window, workstations, glass wall, furniture, kitchen, ceiling, LED strip, curtain walls, transportation rail, vehicles, tent, solar, motor housing, machine, and other industrial profile applications.

Many commercial and industrial businesses prefer our products because of their reliability, have excellent corrosion, and wear resistance, making the product more durable and long-lasting. You can obtain our polished aluminum profiles in various shapes: rectangle, square, round, flat, angle, T profile, and so on. We can provide all of these for you!

Wellste aluminum profiles can be polished with various colors like gold, silver, anodized, champagne, black or any customize color required by customers. Also, we offer mechanical polishing and chemical polishing services. Expect the mirror effect after the mechanical polishing and chemical polishing processes of your aluminum products.

Electrochemical and Chemical polishing methods for Wellste polished aluminum profiles are an innovative finishing method that can eliminate mold scratches and marks on the surface of aluminum products. Both can also remove the thermal deformation layer, friction bands, and anodized film layer that may be developed in mechanical polishing.

After electrochemical and chemical polishing, the rough surface of aluminium work-piece tends to be shiny and smooth and as a mirror, which enhances the decorative effect of the aluminium profiles.

Therefore, chemical polishing or electro-chemical polishing treatment is required pre-processing so as to reach the special surface requirement of uniform, smooth, and bright of every polished aluminum profile.

Because of the high-tech manufacturing process, our Wellste polished aluminum profiles have strong, stylish, and good protective properties. Get yours now to experience the improvement of your business!

Wellste Aluminum is focused on polishing aluminum profile, which is equipped with a professional facility. Thanks to our experienced engineers and innovative equipment, we can assure you of the high-standard, excellent design, and high precision of our polishing aluminum profile products.

Hurry and get our aluminum products at a very affordable price!

Item NamePolishing Aluminum Profile
Material6000, 6063, Series Aluminum Alloy
TemperT4, T5, T6
Open Mould10-15 days
Dimension/SizesCustomize OR Standard
MOQ500KG each one
Quality StandardGB/T 5237-2008, GB/T 6892-2015
Production Time20-25 days
PaymentT/T, L/C, etc
Surface Finishing Polishing
Standard PackagingPE shrink film, Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing
Deep processMilling, drilling hole, bending, tapping, punching, short cut, welding,

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-


Wellste: Your Premier Polishing Aluminum Profile Supplier

Worldwide, Wellste is the best manufacturer of polishing aluminum profiles. This product can be in square, round, or rectangular shapes.

We also have polishing machines, used to have a satin finish and brush finish hairline on aluminum profile. Wellste is ISO 9001 reputed company, the most reliable team you can rely on when you`re looking for a high-value polishing aluminum profile.

Wellste polishing aluminum profile offers a shiny and smooth surface. After experiencing the profile polishing machine, they transform into remarkable specular reflections.

Not just polishing, Wellste also provides custom mechanical finishing that adds style and rigidity to aluminum profiles. It really enhances the appearance and value of aluminum profile products with minimum additional payment.

Our range of polishing aluminum profiles is available in stainless steel, bright silver, and bright gold brushing colors. No matter the color, we can make it according to your request.

Shiny and smooth mirror effects will be obtained after the chemical polishing and mechanical polishing processes. Mirror effects definitely improve the decorative effect of the aluminum profile. That`s why chemical and mechanical polishing is required pre-processing so as to achieve the superb surface requirement of uniform, smooth and bright.

Wellste`s polishing aluminum profiles are generally used as an important building material. This product has complete protective features suitable in many engineering applications, basically fulfills uniform appearance requirements.

In Wellste, you can find a satisfying quality of polishing aluminum profiles. We have over 20 Years of Aluminum Industry Experience, so you can really count on our team. We used 100% pure A00 aluminum ingot material in producing all your aluminum profile orders.

Wellste integrates design, extrusion, deep research, and machining services, such as cutting, CNC machining, stamping, bending, welding, and many more.

Allow Wellste to be part of your growing business! A friendly and personalized customer service awaits you!

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