Aluminum Cylinder Tubing
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Aluminum Cylinder Tubing

Wellste specialize in manufacturing and supplying aluminum cylinder tubing. It is specially designed for pneumatic cylinder use.

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  • One-stop Comprehensive Custom Fabrication
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Your Reliable Aluminum Cylinder Tubing Manufacturer

honed aluminum cylinder tubing

Wellste aluminum cylinder tubing can be used for a standard cylinder, mini cylinder, compact cylinder, and slide cylinder, etc. These Aluminum cylinder tubings are all from extruded aluminum tubes that applied in various industry sectors.

Aluminum Cylinder Tubingaluminum air cylinder tubes

No.d (Bore size)mmE(mm)T(mm)B(mm)4-d1(mm)
1Φ3243.5 x 43.532.5 x 32.511Φ5.5
2Φ4049 x 4938 x 3810.9Φ5.5
3Φ5060.5 x 60.546.5 x 46.514Φ7.5
4Φ6370.5 x 70.556.5 x 56.514.15 Φ7.5
5Φ8090 x 9072 x 7218Φ9.4
6Φ100107 x 10789 x 8918Φ9.4
7Φ125135 x 135110 x 11020Φ11.2
8Φ160 176 x 176140 x 14026Φ16.5
9Φ200214.5 x 214.5175 x 17526Φ16.5

It is widely used in the automation industry. Our products have been exported to many countries, including the United States of America, Italy, Poland, Spain, Africa and German, and so on.

For example, packaging, food processing, printing, machine tool, and automotive manufacturing, etc. Aluminum cylinder tubing plays an important role in modern machinery.

At wellste, we stock a wide variety of Aluminum cylinder tubing of standard sizes. We can provide a full catalog and delivery the goods within 7 working days.

Aluminum Cylinder tubing is also called aluminum air cylinder tube or Aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing.

aluminum cylinder tube

Our standard length is 2M-3M. We can cut to length according to your requirements. Wellste is able to offer custom and OEM Aluminum cylinder tubing. Our engineer will assist you design and create your product.

aluminum air cylinder tubes
Air Cylinder Tubes

Tight Tolerance Dimensions is according to EN 755 or ANSI H35, Compliance with China Industry Quality Standard

honed aluminum cylinder tubing
Honed Cylinder Tubing

Matt anodizing & hardness Anodizing Support, Ready stock available size for fast delivery to Global Area

aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube
Pneumatic Cylinder Tube

Standard Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing inner size range from φ32 to φ200mm for your select

hydraulic cylinder tube
Hydraulic Cylinder Tube

Honed Cylinder Tube Inner Roughness(Ra) can be less than 0.6, Internal Diameter Tolerance controlled in H11.

extruded cylinder tubes
Extruded Cylinder Tubes

Extruded cylinder tubes are available in various forms such as standard cylinder, mini cylinder,  and compact cylinder.

aluminum air cylinder tubes suppliers
Custom Aluminum Cylinder Tube

We have a professional team of engineers responsible for your custom aluminum cylinder tube

* Support custom surface finish and your design

Bore Size16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125/160/200/250/320mm
MaterialAA6063 T5
Inner Diameter ToleranceH9-H11
Strightness Tolerance≤1mm/1000mm
Surface RoughnessRa <0.6, OR Ra 0.3 upon your request
Anodized Film≥15 μm
Standard Stock Length2.0 – 3.0 meters
Oxide Film Hardness≥ 400HV
Tensile strength160 Mpa
Yield Strength110 Mpa

advanced testing equipment

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Frequently Aluminum Cylinder Tubing Questions & Answers
Are you available to supply aluminum cylinder tubing samples?

Yes, Wellste is able to provide aluminum cylinder tubing for you check quality, Normally stock sample is for free for saving your cost, But it will require tooling cost if custom tube size.

What’s your MOQ of aluminum cylinder tubing?

Order amount should more than USD 2000 with exsiting stock, customize aluminum cylinder tubing should no less than 100 meters each type.

How long time of your aluminum cylinder tubing sample to prepare?

It is only taking 7-10 days to complete your sample if the sample size is in stock.

For custom aluminum tube, commonly it requires 30-35 days at 1st order since it takes more time on making tooling.

What is payment terms of aluminum cylinder tubing?

30% TT in advance, the balance payment is paid before shipment. OR can be discussed if your qty is large.

Which type of surface finishes are you capable to make aluminum cylinder tubing?

Sliver Anodizing, Black Anodizing, Sandy Anodizing, Bronze Hard Anodized.

How to ensure the quality of aluminum cylinder tubing?

We inspect the product after each manufacturing process and we have the advanced test facilities and instruments, We also can supply SGS certification for your reference.

What about the shipping Package?

Paper tube and exporting wooden case, or customized requirement.

Wellste: Your Leading Aluminum Cylinder Tubing Supplier

The material of aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing is 6063 T5. The surface is often anodized. Hard coat anodized is commonly seen as well as sandblast anodizing. If you need better wear-resistance, hard anodized is your best choice.


Aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing with the hard anodized surface has thicker film thickness and better hardness. Generally speaking, the hardness can reach 400HV. In a word, they are strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

hydraulic cylinder tube

Wellste is a professional aluminum cylinder tubing manufacturer and supplier. We welcome your inquiry.

extruded cylinder tubes

Wellste will ensure the delivery good reach with high quality, Our sales engineer will give you fast and warm customer service.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and the common development with our customers is our rigid pursue.

Order or No order, we are pleasure free quote for you within 24 hours.

Aluminum Cylinder Tube: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

These are round conduits (having hollow cross-sections), carrying internal diameters, wall thickness, and lengths.

The bore or internal diameter is important because it determines the amount of fluid that passes through the aluminum cylinder.

Aluminum cylinder tube

 Aluminum cylinder tube

What are Aluminum Cylinder Tubing Used For?

You can use the aluminum cylinder tubing in various forms such as standard cylinder, mini cylinder, slide and compact cylinder.

This allows you to apply the aluminum cylinders to different applications such as:

  1. Food processing industries
  2. Packaging industries
  • Printing industries
  1. Automotive manufacturing industries
  2. Machine tooling industries
  3. Oil drilling industries

Alumium cylinder tubing

Aluminum cylinder tubing

You can use aluminum cylinder tubing for various purposes such as:

  1. Pneumatic cylinder applications which require perfect corrosion resistance and/or light weight applications.
  2. Low pressure oil cylinders to transport oil from one station to the next.
  • Heat exchangers because of the excellent thermal conductivity properties and ease to weld.

Since it is light in weight, it is a proper for solar water heating systems.

This is simply because it reduces the weight on the roof of the building.

Are there Standard Lengths for Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

Yes, there are different standard lengths for aluminum cylinder tubes.

aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing

This simply means that the length of the aluminum cylinder tubes is standard, usually at 2M to 3M.

This, however, does not mean that you cannot have the aluminum cylinder cut into different lengths.

Wellste will cut and package the aluminum cylinder tube according to your length specifications

The standard length of aluminum cylinder tubes is usually for easy shipping to prevent damage to the material.

aluminum cylinder tube

You can also choose an aluminum cylinder tube depending on other dimensions such as internal diameter or external diameter.

Internal diameter will determine the capacity of the aluminum cylinder tube while the outside diameter determines the thickness.

Aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing-banner1

Why use 6063 T5 for Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

You should consider using the 6063 T5 for aluminum cylinder tubes because of the great quality.

pneumatic cylinder tubing

The tube is resistant to corrosion, non-magnetic, light in weight and ready to use without plating.

Apart from that, the 6063 T5 aluminum cylinder tube goes through an anodizing process to make it smooth.

pneumatic cylinder tube

You don’t have to repaint the 6063 T5 aluminum cylinder tube due to the smooth anodizing properties.

The durability of the 6063 T5 aluminum cylinder to wear and tear is 3 times more than regular chrome plates.

Additionally, it is also weather proof, erosion resistant and has perfect insulation properties.

6063 T5 aluminum cylinder tubes have perfect durability against abrasion with accurate dimensions making it easy to handle.

What Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing Designs Are There?

The aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubings are available in different designs such as:

  1. Aluminum mickey mouse cylinder tube
  2. Standard round cylinder tubing
  • Short stroke aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube
  1. Festo type DNC aluminum tube
  2. Honed aluminum cylinder tubes

Aluminum cylinder tube profiles

Aluminum cylinder tube profiles

Does Wellste has Stock for Standard Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

Yes, Wellste has enough stock for standard aluminum cylinder tubes in store ready for shipment.

You can contact our sales to get our latest Aluminum Cylinder Tube Catalogue.

Whether you’re looking for hydraulic cylinder tube,

You will receive the aluminum cylinder tubes according to your order specifications.

What are the Benefits of Anodized Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

Anodized aluminum cylinder tubes enhance the excellent properties of aluminum in the following ways:

        i.            Durability

Anodizing makes the aluminum extra resistant to wear and tear increasing the lifespan with minimal maintenance.

You can restore it to the original luster by simply cleaning it gently.

       ii.            Stable Color

The anodic dyes seep through and settle in the porous surfaces of the aluminum thus increasing the color stability.

It is capable of maintaining the color despite frequent exposure to Ultra Violet rays.

The color will not chip, flake, or peel thus maintain its originality for a long period.

     iii.            Beauty

Anodized aluminum usually maintains its metallic appearances.

Apart from that, you can easily apply gloss and color to enhance the beauty of the aluminum cylinder tube.

     iv.            Strength

Anodized aluminum is harder and stronger than pure aluminum and second to diamond with respect to hard crystalline structure.

       v.            Corrosion Resistance Properties

After proper sealing, the thick anodized coating makes the surface of the aluminum cylinder tube corrosion resistant.

Apart from that, it prevents the aluminum cylinder tube from further oxidation.

     vi.            Value

It offers you a better value in the long term as the cost of finishing and maintenance is low.

   vii.            Excellent Thermal Stability

High heat stability makes anodized aluminum cylinder tubes favorite materials for condenser tubes, air conditioners and radiators.

 viii.            Standard Sizes

Anodized aluminum cylinder tubes are available in different sizes which you can specify through the bore or thickness size.

     ix.            Non-Magnetic Properties

Anodized aluminum cylinder tubes have non-magnetic properties that allow magnetic sensors to directly control piston movement through the wall thickness.

How do you manufacture aluminum pneumatic cylinder tubing?

You can easily manufacture aluminum pneumatic cylinders through the extrusion process.

Aluminum cylinder tube

The following is a step by step process of manufacturing aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube:

Step One: Heating Aluminum

First you will collect all the raw materials that you require among them being aluminum.

Apart from aluminum you will need the heating equipment as well as the molding equipment of various shapes.

After that you will load the aluminum into the heating drum for and allow it to heat to certain temperatures preferably 350 – 500 0C.

The temperature of the heating drum on the induction furnace will melt the aluminum to a semisolid or liquid state.

Step Two: Hole Flanging

This is the process of making a hollow cavity within the aluminum tube.

You need to have a block with depth that will support the center barrier of the aluminum cylinder.

The center block will determine the shape of the hole.

You should choose a block that will determine and support the center profile of the aluminum cylinder tube.

The machine pours that molten aluminum around the block and it will assume the internal shape of the block.

The molten aluminum flows around the block and fuses together to form a closed shape.

You should ensure that the block does not stick to the molten aluminum making it difficult to remove.

Step Three: Making a Profile

At the same time, as the molten aluminum begins to take shape, you will force it through a hollow tube.

The hole of the hollow tube can assume any shape and that determines the profile of the aluminum cylinder tube.

As it passes through the hole, it will assume the shape of the hollow tube.

The space between the center block and the hollow tube will determine the thickness of the aluminum cylinder tube.

Step Four: Cooling and Stretching Process

After that you will pass the hot aluminum tube through the cooling zone.

It will cool the hot aluminum using cold air or water.

After cooling, you will straighten the profile to release the internal stresses by stretching in a pulling machine.

The machine will cut the aluminum cylinder tube profiles into different sizes according to the specifications.

Step Five: Anodizing Aluminum Cylinder Tubes

Finally, you will pass the aluminum through the electrochemical process that will convert the metal surface through anodizing.

Anodizing gives the aluminum pneumatic cylinder surface a durable, decorative, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

You will immerse the aluminum cylinder into an acid electrolyte bath before passing an electric current through it.

Mount a cathode inside the anodizing tank and the aluminum cylinder tube will act as the anode.

Oxygen ions will come from the electrolyte and combine with the aluminum atoms on the surface.

This gives the aluminum the high strength properties making it durable for any form of pressure.

Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing

How Does Hard Coat Anodized and Sandblast Anodized Aluminum Air Cylinder Tube Compare?

Hard coat anodizing is an electrochemical process that forms an anodic oxide on aluminum.

It forms an extremely hard, abrasion resistant, porous oxide on the aluminum.

Sandblasting on the other hand is the process of shooting steel grits and glass beads at very high speed on aluminum.

Hard coat anodizing involves deeping aluminum cylinder tube in sulfuric acid bath.

The bath contains 180 – 200 grams per liter of acid and very small amounts of dissolved aluminum.

The operating temperature is between 28 to 32 degrees but you can also achieve a slightly higher temperature.

The power supply is a DC current with the aluminum being the anode and the sulfuric acid being the cathode.

You will apply the current for a small period at a specific current density to achieve a specific oxide thickness.

Hard anodized surface

 Hard anodized surface

Sand blasting, on the other hand, is a pre-treatment method which acts as a finishing and cleaning process.

You will control factors such as abrasive hardness, blasting velocity, angle of the blasting gun, and application method.

In this case, the factors that affect sandblasting process include:

  • Pressure of the sandblasting gun
  • Type of sandblasting gun
  • Gun nozzle
  • Abrasive Media

How do you Test Quality of Aluminum Cylinder?

Wellste adheres to strict quality standards and procedures.

Quality inspection and certification of aluminum cylinder testing include:

·         Wellste Owning In-house Lab to Test Aluminum Cylinder

Our quality tests begin from inspecting the chemical composition of the raw materials.

We take samples of raw materials, which we take to our in-house lab to ensure chemical composition meets high quality threshold.

Wellste ensures the aluminum cylinder tube manufacturing machine and process conforms to high quality standards.

At every stage during the manufacturing process, we test quality of aluminum cylinder tube. Before packaging, Wellste team ensures the aluminum cylinder tube meets the exact specifications of customers before packaging and loading.

·         Inspecting Quality during Aluminum Cylinder Production Process

Every procedure in the aluminum cylinder tube production process must meet strict quality standards and specifications.

Wellste workers regularly and consistently inspect the quality of the aluminum production process to maintain quality.

hydraulic cylinder tube

·         Issuing Quality Certificates

We issue all certificates such as mill certificate after loading and other quality testing reports.

In Wellste quality testing reports, you will find every detail of your aluminum cylinder tube such as:

  1. Diameter dimensions
  2. Surface roughness normal Ra≤0.6
  • Inner diameter tolerance H8-H10
  1. Aluminum grade
  2. Alloy composition (Si: 0.2-0.6, Mg:0.45-0.9, Fe:0.35, Cu:0.1)
  3. Cylinder hardness 8-12
  • Tensile strength (160/Mpa)
  • Yield strength (110/Mpa)
  1. Elongation 8/%
  2. Ovality of aluminum cylinder tube (0.03mm to 0.2mm)
  3. Wall thickness deviation (±0.2mm)
  • Length deviation (±0.5mm)
  • Inner diameter and end face verticality (0.2mm)
  • Straightness (1/1000)

But, the entire process does not end after quality testing and reports. Wellste offers exemplary aftersales services to all its clients.

What are the Main Features of Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

The main features of aluminum cylinder tubes include:

  1. Anodized surfaces making it a complete aluminum alloy which is 3 times durable than regular chrome plates.
  2. Resistant to erosion thus increasing the durability.
  • Available in different shapes, sizes and dimensions.
  1. It has perfect insulation properties
  2. Aluminum cylinder tubes are also weather proof prompting its exposure to other environmental factors.
  3. It is light in weight, easy to handle and you can use it without plating.

How Long Does Wellste Take to Deliver Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder Tubing?

Wellste has the ability to supply a variety of standard aluminum pneumatic cylinders within a period of 7 working days.

If requires custom size, the lead time will take around 15-25 days.

Can Wellste Produce Aluminum Cylinder Tube with Tight Tolerance?

Yes, Wellste can produce aluminum cylinder tubes with tight tolerance.

As a matter of fact, Wellste can produce different types of aluminum cylinders according to customer specifications.

Can Wellste Support OEM Aluminum Air Cylinder Tube?

Yes, Wellste has the engineering capability of providing and supporting OEM aluminum air cylinder tubes.

Does Wellste Offer Custom Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

Yes, Wellste offers custom aluminum cylinder tubes.

It has a team of well experienced engineers who can assist you with the creation and designing of your product.

Does Wellste Support Aluminum Cylinder Tube Cut to Specific Length Service?

Yes, Wellste supports aluminum cylinder tubes cut to specific length services.

It produces aluminum cylinder tubes at standard lengths of 2 to 3 meters but also allows for specific length services.

Which Markets Does Wellste Supply Aluminum Air Cylinder Tubing?

Wellste supplies aluminum air cylinders to different places all over the world.

It has been able to export to countries such as United States of America, Italy, Poland, Africa, Spain, Germany and so on.

What is Wellste Lead-time for Aluminum Cylinder Tube?

Wellste is capable of providing you with the best services in record time.

You will be able to receive your aluminum cylinder tube within 7 working days.

Despite the peak season, Wellste will work as fast as they can to deliver the aluminum cylinder tube.

How does Wellste Ship Aluminum Cylinder Tubing to Clients?

Wellste acts upon the request of the clients fast and manufactures the product before packaging and shipping.

The shipping process begins with:

  1. Packaging the Aluminum Cylinder Tube

Wellste will package aluminum cylinder after identifying that the goods will go through the boarders of the destination country.

The packaging protect the aluminum tubes from harsh weather conditions during shipping and handling process.

2.Classification of Tubes and Calculation of landed cost.

This involves the identification of the tariff classification number for the aluminum cylinder tubes.

Using a certificate of origin, incoterms and the classification number, Wellste will calculate the cost of shipping the materials.

3.Arranging for Cargo Transport

After clearing the payments, Wellste will arrange for transport of the aluminum cylinder tubes.

This can either be through sea, courier or air fright depending on the size of cargo.

pneumatic cylinder tubing

4.Tracking the Cargo

Wellste will provide you with the tracking pin for the cargo on board.

The company will also track the cargo to ensure that it reaches the customer.

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