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Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Wellste manufactures all types of custom aluminum extrusions with high precision & quality.  Our Wellste custom aluminum extrusions are well-suited for use in windows, door frames, canopies, curtain walls, light fixtures, sun shades, and handrail systems.

Fully customized Wellste custom aluminum extrusions are made for your specific shapes, designations & applications.

Wellste: The Top Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer

You can count on our over two decades of industry experience in manufacturing aluminum extrusions with high performance & accuracy.

We work with your designs to recognize improvements early on, saving your costs and time on processes.

custom aluminum extrusion

We offer a wide array of custom aluminum extrusions of finishes, from powder coating, anodizing to sandblasting, mill finish, and more, to improve the extrusions’ stability & visual appeals.

custom aluminum extrusions_01

If you’re sourcing for custom aluminum profiles like a door, window, or industrial profiles for your wholesale business, Wellste can offer you the most competitive prices in custom aluminium extrusions.


Item Type Custom aluminum extrusions
Material6000, 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005 Aluminum Alloy, etc
Open Mould10-15 days
ApplicationAluminium Profile, Door and Window, Industrial, Racks, Fixturiing& Shelving, etc.
ColorNatural Silver, Black, or customized color.
Surface treatmentMill finish, Anodizing, Sand Blasting, Powder coating, PVDF, etc.
Deep processingCutting, Drilling, Threading, Bending, etc.
StandardGB, ASTM , AISI , DIN , BS, JIS
Delivery Time3-5 Days

Our one-stop-shop aluminum extrusion solution, from design to construction, fabrication & pre-assembly, will help you boom your business, both formwork rental, builders, and sales businesses.

custom aluminum extrusion profiles

china custom aluminum extrusions

From custom aluminum extrusions that need basic procedures such as precision cutting, tapping, drilling, or punching to completely finished elements and assemblies.

large custom aluminum extrusions

Wellste offers extensive capabilities for fabricated components – a comprehensive solution that’s ready to transmit or insert into a production line.

Our custom aluminium extrusion products are broadly used in a residential areas, Villa Hills, high-rise structures, and many more.



welding anodized aluminum
MIG & TIG Welding
cnc metal fabrication
Laser Cutting

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Custom Aluminum Extrusions: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

From the industrial profile, CNC machined components, to aluminum end-use products, Wellste’s technical know-how, knowledge, and wide market experience empower us to deliver specialized services beyond the entire project life cycle.

Bespoke Aluminium Extrusion

With this strategy, we take on the challenging demand from the industries of Transportation, Medical Equipment, Home Decoration, Electronics, Advertising, Marine, and more.

Wellste custom aluminum extrusions are designed and manufactured innovative in configuration, functionality, and appearance!

These will act with the most excellent tolerances and high decorative surfaces! Our offer is adaptable to blend your requirements and our ideas.

Wellste has done remarkable and high-tech custom aluminium processes such as pre-heating, quenching, extruding, stretching, aging, and finishing to produce long-lasting, precise, and extraordinary custom aluminum extrusions that are perfect for many applications.

In China, Wellste is recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of custom aluminium extrusions.

For more than 20 years in the manufacturing aluminum industry, we are competent, professional, and expert in producing thousands of high-quality custom aluminium extrusions.

We carry in-stock one of the largest custom aluminum extrusion inventories found everywhere.

As of now, we reach 180,000 square meter creation workshop and a 10,000ton annual production volume.

You can definitely trust Wellste! Just send your own design now to get the best discussions from our friendly team.

From the most simplistic to the most complex profile, Wellste has the expertise to satisfy all of your custom aluminum extrusion requirements.

Our permanent dedication to quality, research & development, and service to our customers have addressed us as a recognized leader in the aluminum extrusion industry for nearly 20 years. Our custom design makes for unlimited extrusion possibilities.

Wellste is ISO9001 and ISO-14001 certified and offers expertise in extruding 6005series, 6060series, 6061series, 6063series, 6101series, 6105series alloys, and many more in standard and special tempers.

Whether you`re a wholesaler, importer, brand owner, Formwork Provider & Builder of custom aluminium extrusions products, you can always count for Wellste.

Need super-wide custom aluminium extrusions? Wellste can help. Contact us immediately.

We look onward to hearing from you. If you have a problem or any request you want to discuss, we will give you the assistance you need 24/7.

I know you’re probably looking for high quality and reliable custom aluminum extrusions.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about custom aluminum extrusions.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Should You Consider Custom Aluminum Extrusions For Your Products Or Projects?

Custom extrusion is the process where you will manufacture aluminum products of different shapes according to your personal specifications.

Custom aluminum extrusions parts

Custom aluminum extrusion parts

You should consider custom aluminum extrusion for your products because it produces the parts to exact specifications.

Apart from that, you are sure of getting very high-quality products when you use custom aluminum extrusions.

On top of that, you can complete complicated or complex cross-sections through the custom aluminum extrusion process.

Which Are The Possible Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

You can complete custom extrusion of different types of aluminum profiles including the most complicated profiles.

It allows you to make different extruded aluminum shapes even those with hollow centers and a supporting profile at the center.

Some of the possible custom aluminum extrusion profiles include.

  • Square Aluminum Extrusions
  • Rectangular Aluminum Extrusions
  • Round Bar Aluminum Extrusions
  • Tube Aluminum Extrusions
  • Other Possible Shapes of Aluminum Extrusions

In short, through custom aluminum extrusions, you can make different products such as T-slot aluminum profile, aluminum profile accessories, aluminum channel profile, and aluminum construction profile.

Bespoke Aluminium Extrusion

What Are Custom Aluminum Extrusions Used For?

You can use the custom aluminum extrusions for different purposes depending on the application demands.

Here are some of the applications where the custom aluminum extrusions will come in handy.

  • Construction and Architecture Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Industrial Applications
  • Electrical Systems
  • Display Units or Equipment

Example and application of aluminum extrusion profile

Examples and application of aluminum extrusion profile

How Does Custom Aluminum Extrusions And Custom Drawn Aluminum Compare?

Among the aluminum products, you can opt for custom aluminum extrusions or drawn aluminum extrusions.

Here is a comparison between the custom aluminum extrusion and the custom drawn aluminum.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum profile extrusion

Aluminum extrusion profiles

You will make custom aluminum extrusion by heating aluminum alloys and forcing it through a die.

At the other end of the die, you will obtain the final product from the heated aluminum alloy.

You must also understand that the shape of the extrusion die will determine the final shape of the extrusion.

Custom Drawn Aluminum

You will make the custom drawn aluminum by pushing the heated aluminum alloys into a mould.

The mold stretches out the heated aluminum alloys thus undergoing plastic deformation.

You can use this process to make aluminum products such as pots, cans, among other circular objects.

Why Is 6XXX Series Alloys The Best For Structural Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

You can choose from a long or extended list of aluminum alloys with different tempers.

In construction and building applications, you should consider using the 6XXX series.

It is the most suitable aluminum alloy with the most convenient characteristics for building and construction.

In this case, the main alloys that you will consider using are 6060, 6063, 6061, and 6005A.

In case you are looking for aesthetical value, you should the 6060 alloys and 6063 aluminum alloys.

You will also use the 6061 aluminum alloys and 6005A aluminum alloys for the purpose of construction.

The 6XXX series offers you greater strength, proper electrical conductivity, as well as other functional benefits.

What Production Steps Are Involved In Custom Aluminum Extrusion Process?

The main process of producing aluminum extrusions is through the extrusion of aluminum alloys.

To properly understand the whole process, here are the main steps to follow during the extrusion of aluminum alloys.

1. Design the Custom Aluminum Extrusion

First, you must have the design of the custom aluminum extrusion that you would like to have.

You must have the design of the custom aluminum extrusion according to the demands of the client.

Apart from that, you will also create a die which mimics the exact cross-section of the final product design.

As soon as you complete the design, you should share it with your client on a CAD file to confirm the design.

You may also have a 3D printer to produce the exact design that your client needs.

2. Die Cutting

As soon as your client approves of the die design and drawing, you will produce the die.

You will cut the die in order to produce an off tool or initial sample.

After that, you will use the sample to check the measurements as well as the production processes.

In addition to that, you must also conduct fine tuning ion order to get the most preferred specifications.

3. Production or Extrusion Process

As soon as the off-tool sample is ready and approved, you will proceed with the production process.

You will heat and load billets or blocks of aluminum alloys into the extrusion press.

After that, you will apply pressure which will push the heated aluminum billet through the die.

On the other hand of the extrusion die, the desired shape will emerge before cutting it to length.

After that, you will tamper the extruded aluminum with heat and the increase the strength by stretching.

black aluminum extrusion

4. Value Addition

These are the final stages of the extrusion process where you will complete the fabrication and extrusion process.

Some of the finishing touches you can have on the custom aluminum extrusion are anodizing, and powder coating among others.

Apart from that, you can proceed with further fabrication such as punching holes, cutting and drilling among others.

You can also add thermal breaks before packaging and distributing to different locations.

Powder coating aluminum profile

Powder coating aluminum profile

Do Custom Aluminum Extrusions Require Additional Finishing?

No, you do not need to have additional finishing on the custom aluminum extrusions.

As soon as extrusion is complete, the custom aluminum extrusions naturally form tenacious oxide films to prevent them from corrosion.

You will only need the additional finishing for aesthetic reasons as well as severe service conditions.

In most cases, your client will specify the most suitable type of surface finish for custom aluminum extrusions.

Different colors of custom lauminum profile

Different colors of aluminum profile

Which Surface Finishing For Custom Aluminum Extrusions Are Available?

As soon as you complete the extrusion process, you may proceed to having a complete surface finish.

There are quite a number of surface finishes that you can have for the custom aluminum extrusions.

Here are some of the surface finishes for the custom aluminum extrusions.

Basic Mechanical Finishes

You will perform different forms of treatment such as bead blasting, buffing, as well as grinding to adjust surface quality.

It is also a mode of preparation that you can use to prepare the custom aluminum extrusions for other surface finishes.

Anodization Surface Finish

You may also anodize the aluminum extrusion in order to provide oxidization and scratch resistant coating.

It will also provide the most efficient cosmetic appearance for the custom aluminum extrusions.

Painting Surface Finish

You can alter the surface appearance and color of the custom aluminum extrusions just by painting.

There are different types of paintings you can use such as matte gloss, and textured finish painting among others.

Powder Coating Surface Finish

This is an alternative to anodizing that offers consistency of tone as well as excellent chemical resistance.

Silk Screen Printing Surface Finish

You can add logos and texts to the custom aluminum extrusions through silk screen printing.

It is a very cheap method in comparison to printing using a machine.

Laser Engraving Surface Finish

You will add more details such as texts to the custom aluminum extrusion through laser engraving.

It is suitable for engraving serial numbers because it does not fade or rub off easily.

What Is The Ideal Tolerance For Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

There are different tolerances available for the custom aluminum extrusions at very different prices.

Implying that, you will get the most suitable tolerance for your custom aluminum extrusion depending on your specifications.

You should get in touch with your customs aluminum extrusions factory to advice on the most ideal tolerance levels for your custom aluminum extrusions.

Extruded aluminum sliding channel

Which Are The Modern Extrusion Processes Used In Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturing?

In the extrusion of aluminum, there are different processes that you may opt for.

There are two most recent extrusion processes that you can have for your custom aluminum extrusions.

Here are the two main types of modern extrusion processes for aluminum.

Friction Extrusion

Illustration of friction extrusion

Illustration of friction extrusion

You may use friction extrusion which involves automatic rotation of aluminum billets by looking at die position.

As the die rotates, it leads to the production of heat through friction at the entry point of the die.

The presence of heat allows for the extrusions to flow through the die easily.

Micro Extrusion

Micro extrusion

Micro extrusion

You can also create micro-sized and small objects by using the micro-extrusion process.

It is a very technical process that requires a lot of concentration and resources thus decreasing its popularity.

What Parameters Influence The Wall Thickness Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

One of the most important things that you have to look at when considering extrusion strength is wall thickness.

Apart from that, you must also look at the cost efficiency among other factors when looking at wall thickness.

Here are the main parameters that will influence the wall thickness of the custom aluminum extrusions.

  • Choice of Aluminum Alloy
  • Shape of the custom aluminum profile
  • Extrusion press speed and power
  • Final Surface Treatment
  • Desired Tolerance

What Is The Recommended Wall Thickness Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Thickness of aluminum extrusions profile

Thickness of aluminum extrusion profile

When looking at the most suitable wall thickness for the aluminum extrusion, there are factors to consider.

Among the factors to consider are strength as well as optimum cost efficiency for a better wall thickness.

Implying that, there are no specific wall thickness that you must have on your custom aluminum extrusion.

You can easily determine the most appropriate wall thickness that will suit your application specifications.

Apart from that, you can also have varying wall thickness for your custom aluminum extrusions.

Do You Offer Services In Prototyping Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Absolutely, we offer services in prototyping of the custom aluminum extrusions.

Before we make the final custom aluminum extrusion, we often produce the prototype.

As soon as the prototype is complete, we will send it to the client for approval.

The client must make sure that the prototype is according to the production specifications before we proceed with production.

How Many Tempers Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Can You Choose From?

The tempers of the custom aluminum extrusions are an indication of the class of treatment and basic operations.

Here are the main types of tempers that you can use with the custom aluminum extrusions.

F Temper (AS Fabricated)

In this forming process, you will not need special control over strain or thermal hardening conditions.

O – Temper (Annealed)

In this case, you will have to heat the products to produce lowest strength to improve dimensional stability and ductility.

H – Temper (Strain Hardened)

You will apply this temper to products which you will strengthen through the cold hardening process.

You may follow it with supplementary thermal treatment which may reduce strength.

W – Temper (Solution Heat Treated)

This is an unstable temper that you will apply to alloys that age spontaneously at the room temperature.

This will happen as soon as the process of solution heat treatment is complete.

T – Temper (Thermally Treated)

You will apply this temper to heat treated alloys with supplementary strain hardening for a stable temper.

You can get T4, T5 or T6.

Which Additional Fabrication Services Do You Offer For Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

You may also want to improve the image if the custom aluminum extrusions through additional fabrication.

There are different types of additional fabrication that you can perform on custom aluminum extrusions.

Here is a list of the other fabrication services you cab offer on the custom aluminum extrusions.

  • Forming fabrication
  • De-burring fabrication
  • Beveling/chamfering Fabrication
  • CNC Machining Fabrication
  • Polishing and Brushing Fabrication
  • Painting Fabrication

When Do You Require CNC Machining During Custom Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturing?

You will use CNC machining on custom aluminum profiles that are 12 feet long in one operation.

CNC machining will help with the reduction of machining time as well as machining cost of the custom aluminum extrusions.

How Much Does Custom Aluminum Extrusions Cost?

The amount of money you will pay for the custom aluminum extrusions will vary accordingly.

In other words, there is no definite amount of money you will pay for the custom aluminum extrusions.

The main affecting the amount of money you will pay for custom aluminum extrusions are:

Type Of Aluminum Alloy

There are different types of aluminum alloys that you can use in manufacturing custom aluminum extrusions.

You ought to understand that the different aluminum alloys are available for different prices thus the varying costs.

Size Of The Aluminum Extrusion

You must also understand that the larger the custom aluminum extrusion, the higher the cost of the extrusion.

Apart from that, you must also understand that an increase in weight of the custom aluminum extrusion also increases the process.

Design Of The Custom Aluminum Extrusion

You should also have a look at the design of the custom aluminum extrusion when considering the cost.

There are complicated designs of the custom aluminum extrusions which are costly to produce thus increasing the price.

Does Recycling Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Degrade Their Physical Properties?

You can recycle aluminum infinitely without worrying about the degradation of the physical properties.

In case you decide to use recycled aluminum, you will get custom aluminum extrusions with reduced carbon footprint.

In the long run, the recycled aluminum is better for environmental conservation because it reduces environmental pollution.

What Is The Importance Of Adding Thermal Breaks To Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

You should consider adding a thermal break on your custom aluminum extrusion because it acts as an insulator.

It will act as continuous barrier between the outside and the inner parts of the custom aluminum extrusions.

It will help in the prevention of energy loss through conduction thus maintaining favorable temperatures.

In addition to that, you will have a sound proof or sound resistant custom aluminum extrusion with the thermal breaks.

Apart from that, you will have better impact resistant custom aluminum extrusions with the inclusion of thermal breaks.

On top of that, the thermal break will make the custom aluminum extrusions water tight and air tight.

Implying that no air or water can simply sip through the custom aluminum extrusion with ease.

How Do You Ensure High Quality Manufacturing Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

You can ensure that high quality manufacturing of custom aluminum extrusion by adhering to quality standards.

There are numerous international quality standards that you have to adhere to in the manufacturing process of custom aluminum extrusions.

Here is a list of some of the most important quality certifications that you need to adhere to.

  • AS Quality Standards such as AS9100
  • cGMP Quality Standards
  • RoHS Quality Standards
  • NADCAP Quality Inspection Certification
  • ASTM Quality Certifications such as ASTM B221
  • AMSQQ Quality Certification such as AMSQQ-A-2000

Which Are The Types Of Extrusion Dies Used In Custom Aluminum Extrusions Production?

There are numerous shapes and sizes that you can extrude using different dies to make custom aluminum extrusions.

Despite having so many shapes and sizes of custom aluminum extrusions, you will only use particular dies.

Implying that, there are three main types of dies that you can use in custom aluminum extrusion.

Dies for aluminum extrusion process

Dies for aluminum extrusions process

Solid Dies

You will use the solid dies to make custom aluminum extrusions with no enclosed openings or voids including beams and rods.

It is the least expensive type of die that you can use among all the other types of extrusion dies.

Semi-hollow Dies

You will use the semi-hollow dies to extrude custom aluminum extrusions that is partially enclosed and nearly hollow.

It also has a mandrel with holes, without cores that make complete voids on the custom aluminum extrusions.

Hollow Dies

You will use the hollow dies to manufacture custom aluminum extrusions with one or more hollow parts.

This type of die has different parts such as mandrel, die cap, and bolster support that perform different functions.

What Are The Guidelines When Designing Using T-Slot Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

When designing using the T-slot custom aluminum extrusions, there are particular guidelines to follow.

You should consider using the T-slot custom aluminum extrusion because it simplifies the designing process.

Here are the main steps to follow when designing using the T-slot aluminum extrusion.

T slot aluminum extrusion

T slot aluminum extrusion

Choose Appropriate Aluminum Profile

You will begin the whole process by choosing the most suitable type of aluminum profile.

It is important to know that the custom aluminum extrusions will have different dimensions requiring proper selection.

Choosing Appropriate Joint Configuration

You should also choose the most appropriate joint configuration that you will need for connecting joints.

It will help in defining structural integrity and rigidity of the custom aluminum extrusion profile.

Use High Strength Extrusion Systems

In the designing process, you should use high strength extrusion profiles for applications that are demanding.

This will help in improving the structural integrity of the assembly thus making it strong.

Do You Handle Short Run Custom Aluminum Extrusion?

Yes, we handle short run custom aluminum extrusions especially for long term and solid partners in the industry.

We have all the details about the kind of designs and materials that such partners need.

This makes it very important in making the custom aluminum extrusions over a short run.

Which Are The Common Custom Aluminum Extrusion Shapes?

There are different aluminum extrusion shapes that you can make through the extrusion process.

Here are some of the main types of custom aluminum shapes that you can make using the extrusion process.

Solid Shapes

You can make different types of solid shapes, and rods with different cross-sectional areas.

The main shapes that you can make through the extrusion include rectangles, circles, and squares among others.

Semi-solid Shapes

You can also opt for semi-solid shapes including partially open forms, angles and squares.

Hollow Shapes

You can also have the hollo custom aluminum extrusion shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles.

How Do You Ensure Cost-Efficient Production Of Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

You should also think of reducing the cost of producing the custom aluminum extrusions as much as possible.

The cost reduction process begins from the designing stage of the custom aluminum extrusions.

Apart from that, here are some of the strategies you can employ to reduce the cost of custom aluminum extrusions.

  • Have uniform thickness along the walls
  • Have simple radius along the corners
  • Have a symmetrical design
  • Have very few channels and screw bosses
  • Avoid having deep and narrow channels

At Wellste, we can handle all you’re your custom aluminum extrusion profiles – contact us now for any questions or inquiry.

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