Anodized Aluminum Tubing
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Anodized Aluminum Tubing

Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is among the finest aluminum profiles globally. This anodized aluminum tube is on the trend!

Because it is the second hardest material ever known! It comes after diamond!

Your Premier Anodized Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer

Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is very tough. Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is also not heavy compared to other aluminum products.

anodized aluminum tubing

Also, Wellste anodized aluminum tubing impresses business owners because of its anti-rust characteristics!

colored aluminum tubing

Moreover, Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is recommended by businesses because of its high corrosion resistance. In addition, many companies like anodized aluminum tubes because of their versatility!

anodised aluminium tube

Here is a list of its various uses: construction, appliance, furniture, kitchenware, and vehicles! What’s more, is that we offer marine anodized aluminum tubing too! The list goes on! And anodized aluminum tubing is utilized in the medical industry as well!

anodizing process

aluminum tube tolerances

Also, Wellste anodized aluminum tubing benefits in making automotive parts, elevator doors, and vehicles!

Aluminum Grade6063, 6061, 6005, 6082 etc
Heat Treatment T5 T6 T4
Color silver, black, champagne, bronze, golden etc
Surfaceclear, sandy, brushed and polished
Applicationhome furniture, building material,industrial products etc
Production Time10-15 days mold time, 15-20 days bulk production time
LengthLong bar or cut to specific length
Packagingwrap with film, load in pallet

black anodized aluminum tubing

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: The Leading Anodized Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is also famous for its many properties. One of them is its ability to survive in extreme situations! Wellste anodized aluminum tubing can deal with very great wear and tear!

If your company is into sports, an anodized aluminum tube is also used in sporting equipment!

Anodized Aluminum Tubing

Here’s another great deal for your company! You can also purchase our Telescoping Aluminum Tubing which you can customize! You can have it in round, square, oval, and telescoping rectangular tubing! Wellste is also willing to custom aluminum fabrication for you! Just send us your desired details!

round aluminum extrusion

When compared to other extruded aluminum tube products, an anodized aluminum tube has many advantages! Wellste anodized aluminum tube can maintain its luster, appearance, and structure for a very long time!

Another feature of the anodized aluminum tube is its color stability. Even when exposed to ultraviolet rays, anodized aluminum tubing maintains its color! The anodized finish of your aluminum product will not easily chip off too! It also preserves its gloss!

anodized aluminum square tubing

Additionally, Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is very valuable. It has low finishing costs! Wellste anodized aluminum tube does not require high maintenance too!

Wellste is wise on the anodizing process that your aluminum tube goes through. We make sure that your anodized aluminum tube is well coated. Wellste ensures that your anodized aluminum tubing is of high performance! It is with anodic coating!

anodised aluminium square tube

Furthermore, Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is among the most durable aluminum. It went through both direct and indirect extrusions!

Wellste anodized aluminum tube is accessible in many alloy grades. You can have it at these grades: 6061, 6063, 2024, and 7075.

Along with this, Wellste anodized aluminum tube comes in T6 and T73 tempers. Wellste anodized aluminum tubing is accessible in round, rectangle, and square aluminum tube shapes!

Wellste anodized aluminum tube is stronger than pure aluminum. It is made with an oxide finish! This protects your anodized aluminum tube from harm!

In Wellste, your company is guaranteed to have aluminum products that have a long life span! Collaborate with us and we will begin making your quality aluminum products! We are willing to customize your aluminum products. Talk to us about your preference. We can modify your anodized aluminum tube quickly!

Contact us now! Purchase your own anodized aluminum tube which is very strong! It’s a must-have aluminum product!

We value the opinions of our customers. You can give your feedback about our products. We will be grateful to know your satisfaction rate!

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