• brushed aluminum tube

Brushed Aluminum Tube

  • Low Qty Request from 200KG only
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Customize surface finish with various color
  • Available in many standard aluminum options

Wellste brushed aluminum tube belongs to the top-ranking aluminum products. Wellste brushed aluminum tube is in demand in the aluminum industry because of its satin finish!

Brushed aluminum tubes are also called dull polished metal. Wellste brushed aluminum tube intends to have its famous scratched look!

Moreover, Wellste brushed aluminum tube is known for its excellent heat conduction!

Wellste brushed aluminum tube is up for sale! It has a bright dipped or brushed finish! You can avail of it anytime you want!

Wellste brushed aluminum tube is all-around! Wellste brushed aluminum tube is used in structures, platforms, rails, poles, and frames!

In addition, Wellste brushed aluminum tubes can make machine parts and marine equipment too!

Furthermore, brushed aluminum pipes are often made with 6061 aluminum and 6063 aluminum alloy. Aside from that, you can customize your brushed aluminum tube’s aluminum grade! Here are our available alloys: 6463 and 6082.


Wellste: The Leading Brushed Aluminum Tube Manufacturer in China

Wellste brushed aluminum tube is very durable and flexible!

What’s more interesting about brushed aluminum tubes is their long length of service! Also, you won’t have to stress yourself about its maintenance.

Wellste brushed aluminum tube has little need for maintenance!

Moreover, Wellste brushed aluminum tube has superior rust and corrosion resistance!

We have another bonus about it! Wellste brushed aluminum tube is fairly weldable and formable! You can request to shape it in any form you like!

Also, Wellste brushed aluminum pipe went through different processes. It has undergone standard procedures. This ensures the quality of your brushed aluminum tube.

We also give our customers the choice to pick the best temper for the right brushed aluminum tube. We want to provide your company with the right aluminum product of your preference! Check out these tempers you can choose from T66 and T67.

Wellste extruded aluminum tube comes in various wall thicknesses too. The range is based on its uses in specific fields. Wellste brushed aluminum tube is also for sale in shapes of aluminum rectangular tubing, aluminum round tubes, aluminum square tubing, and aluminum oval tubing!

Wellste brushed aluminum tube sustains its quality even for a long time! Its brushed coating will not peel off even in extreme climates!

Wellste will not disappoint your company! We are a trusted brand of aluminum products! Your company is secured to be supplied with quality aluminum profiles!

And, here’s a great deal for your company! You can customize your brushed aluminum tube in any way you want!

We are able to custom aluminum fabrication for your brushed aluminum tube according to your desired shape, size, alloy, and many more! Speak to us about your ideas and we will quickly attend to you! Wellste ensures to give you quality customer service!

Wellste will supply you with your aluminum needs. We got you covered! We will deliver your aluminum products at a fast rate!

We will take care of every aluminum product you need! Let’s collaborate on your company’s projects!  We will take the initiative! Lastly, we ensure to accomplish your requests!

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