Cutting Aluminum Extrusion
  • Precision Cut to Specific Length
  • Keep High Strict Length Tolerance
  • Comply with GB/T 1804-m equal to ISO 2768-m
  • Advanced Cutting Equipment and Qualified Inspectors
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Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

Wellste cutting Aluminum extrusion is an in-house service that can save your whole purchasing cost.

Wellste cutting aluminum extrusions keep very highly strictly length tolerance, it is relying on our advance cutting equipment and Wellste qualified inspectors.

Wellste: The Top Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

Wellste imported 4 sets full-Automatic double head saw cutting equipment named WEGOMA brand, WEGOMA Cutting machine is commonly suitable for Solar Photovoltaic Modular Industry to keep solar modular Frame length’s precision.cutting extruded aluminum


Wellste cutting Aluminum extrusions will be randomly measured by precision instruments every 10 minutes, it can maintain cutting Aluminum extrusions lengths accurately and won’t have any mistakes on cutting production.

Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

Furthermore, Wellste also has 1sets single head saw cutting equipment and 2 sets automatic corner cutting machines, special for cutting small Aluminum Extrusions.

cutting extruded aluminum

Wellste adopts WEGOMA cutting machines to cut if the specific length more than 400mm/15.75’’, that we can control the tolerance range within +/-0.1mm, compare with a traditional cutting machine, WEGOMA is readable digital display with double saw heads cutting.

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-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Wellste: Your Premier Cutting Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Precision Cut to Specific Length

cutting to length

If your required length less than 400mm, we will adopt full automatic corner cutting machine, the tolerance range also can be controlled within +/-0.1mm. Though each long bar profile will have 200mm length fall off, Wellste engineer can make press Jigs to cut at all, It can increase your finished goods rate.

cutting aluminium profile

Wellste Cutting aluminum Extrusions comply with GB/T 1804-m, it equal to ISO 2768-m. Wellste cutting Aluminum extrusions vary 10mm to 4000mm with Angled 90 Degrees, also support Angled 30,45,60 Degrees cutting or any angle degree, Wellste can cover mostly for you in one-stop production solution, not only including cutting but also surface inspecting, assembling and finally packing.

Wellste owns full Aluminum Fabrication facility, including 8sets precision cutting machines, we also have punching press, welding machines, CNC and more… Wellste engineer knows what is an important factor and how to meet what you exactly want. Wellste will optimize Aluminum Fabrication procedure and make ideal precision Aluminum Extrusion Parts for you.

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Cutting Aluminum Extrusion: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Cutting Aluminum Extrusion?

Cutting aluminum extrusion is the intentional opening or separating of aluminum extrusions into two or more pieces.

It involves the application of force and the use of different tools in the process of separating aluminum extrusions.

How do you Cut Aluminum Extrusion Angle?

You can cut aluminum extrusion angles by following these steps:

Step One: Choosing the Aluminum Cutting Tools

First you will select the tools that you need for cutting the aluminum.

In this case you will use wood cutting saw with carbide tipped blades to assist you in cutting aluminum extrusion angles.

Choose a blade which can create narrow kerfs which are slots or notches made by the saw.

You should also reduce the diameter of the cutting blade to get better results.

Step Two: Application of Cutting Lubricants on Bids and Blades

You can use different cutting lubricants such as saw wax and standard oil to lubricate the cutting process.

This will reduce slippage of the tools and prevent the formation of sparks.

Step Three: Secure the Aluminum Piece and Cut

Using a C clamp, you should secure the piece of aluminum and then use a push stick to hold and move the aluminum piece.

Feed the piece of aluminum through the blade or the blade through the aluminum piece.

Makes sure that you place the blade or aluminum piece at an angle so that it cuts directly through that angle.

Why is Laser Cutter nor Recommended for Cutting Aluminum?

Laser cutting

Laser cutting – Photo courtesy: AIMETAL FINISHING

Laser cutters are not suitable for cutting aluminum due to the following reasons:

  1. Obtaining a suitable cut quality is virtually impossible

First laser cutter cannot cut thick aluminum extrusion due to its inherent reflective surface.

Second, laser cutter produces high heat that may cause burrs since aluminum profiles cannot withstand high temperature.

2. Controlling cutting speed implies high cutting cost

Adopting special speed control mechanism is very costly.

Remember, faster cutting speed causes burrs on aluminum extrusion. On the other hand, extruded aluminum will crack when the cutting speed is slow.

3. Overall production cost is high

Aluminum extrusion material damages laser cutting machine faster. It implies, with only few cuts, you will replace the laser cutter or components.

In short, cutting aluminum extrusion using laser cutter is neither efficient nor cost-effective.

What is the best Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminum Extrusion?

When you are cutting aluminum extrusions, you need a saw blade that is suitable for cutting non-ferrous materials.

The blade has to have special grade of carbide, a triple chip top grind and negative or zero hook angles.

Remember that the blade has to have the right tooth count that matches the thickness of the aluminum to cut.

Can you Cut Aluminum Extrusion with an Angle Grinder?

No, you cannot cut aluminum extrusions using an angle grinder. But you can use aluminum carbide burr to cut the aluminum extrusion.

Aluminum extrusions are soft metals and during the cutting process, the angle grinder can jam and shatter the blade.

If not, the blade of the grinder will jam and the blade may fly back at you thus causing injuries.

How Can You Cut Aluminum Railing Section?

You can use a wood cutting saw with carbide tipped blades to cut aluminum railing sections.

How do you Cut T-slot Aluminum Extrusion?

You will use the reverse carbide tipped blade on a saw to cut T-Slot aluminum extrusions.

How do You Cut C-beam Aluminum Extrusion?

You will use a blade cutting saw with carbide plates to cut C-beam aluminum extrusions to the right specifications.

How do You Cut Aluminum Channels?

Using a chop saw or carbide tipped blade you can easily cut the channels according to the cutting specifications in an aluminum extrusion.

Does Wellste Offer Precision Extruded Aluminum Cutting?

Precision cutting aluminum extrusion

 Precision cutting aluminum extrusion

Yes, Wellste offers precision extruded aluminum cutting within 0.1mm.

All you have to do is provide the precise specifications and Wellste will act on it.

Can Wellste Cut Small Aluminum Extrusions?

Yes, Wellste can cut small aluminum extrusions in accordance to the size that you desire.

Can Wellste Cut Aluminum Extrusion to any Length?

Yes, Wellste can cut aluminum extrusions to any length.

Wellste is very strict to the length specifications and will cut the aluminum extrusions according to your specifications.

How does Wellste Control Quality of Cutting Aluminum Extrusion?

Wellste controls quality of cutting aluminum extrusions by:

  • Adhering to the GB/T 1804-m quality standard requirements which is similar to ISO 2768-m.
  • It uses advanced and quality cutting equipment in cutting the aluminum extrusions.
  • Wellste has qualified inspectors who look at the material after the cutting process to ensure it is of high quality.
  • Wellste keeps a very high and strict tolerance to the length guide and specifications through precision cutting.

Are there any Tips for Cutting Aluminum Extrusion?

Yes, to cut aluminum extrusions effectively, you should go through the following tips:

  • Make sure that you clamp the aluminum tight to prevent it from moving around during the cutting process.
  • You should also consider having the right blade and band the saw to 1.25 inches away from the length you desire.
  • Remember to clean the ends of the aluminum extrusion to the lengths that you desire.
  • Apart from that, you should lubricate the blade to avoid slipping of the blade and prevent spark formation.

How do You Smooth Edges of Aluminum Extrusion after Cutting?

After cutting aluminum, the surface of the cut area is rough and may pose other fabrication challenges.

You can first you will bow the surface i.e. let automatic wind to blow the surface.

Then, you can remove burr using deburr device.

At times, you can use files to remove the largest blurs.

Deburr device

 Deburr device

You should rube the rough surface until the large blurs fall off completely.

After that, you will smooth the edges by using a sandpaper by stroking it lightly and continuously.

Can you Plasma Cut Aluminum Extrusions?

No, you cannot plasma cut aluminum extrusions.

Plasma cutting aluminum extrusions often has a bad rap under crude machine control and drive system.

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