• 6061 Aluminum Oval Tubing

6061 Aluminum Oval Tubing

  • Low MOQ only from 100kg stock items
  • Custom specific length upon your request
  • Our engineer assist to finalize your design
  • Easy installation with matching accessories

Wellste offers a wide range of aluminum oval tubing, which is widely known in different industries worldwide. Our aluminum oval tubing is made from high-grade 6061 aluminum materials.

4 oval aluminum tubing

Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing offers excellent welding characteristics and excellent processing performance. The 6061 aluminum materials provide deformation after processing.

oval aluminum tubing

What’s more, 6061 aluminum material offers a lot of excellent features. They feature easy color film, easy to polish, and excellent oxidation. That’s why we offer high-precision 6061 aluminum oval tubing that will truly suit your different applications.

6061 aluminum pipe

Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing has a great role in industrial hydraulic applications for its good corrosion resistance. Not only in hydraulic applications, Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing is popularly used in the automobile industry, industrial machinery industry, rail transit, seamless pipe, decoration work, industrial automation, heat exchange, and many more.

oval aluminum pipe

Our 6061-aluminum oval tubing can be welded for common-strength applications. They are fabricated with non-heat, treatable aluminum alloy, and general-purpose that offers excellent corrosion resistance and good workability.

6061 oval tubing

Wellste 6061 aluminum tubing is available in different sizes. They are also divided into required sizes as per request. At Wellste, you are guaranteed very strong, durable, and precise 6061 aluminum oval tubing to complete your projects.

We have all you want for your business needs and projects. Be with us, make us your long-term business partner. We truly help you boom your business. Communicate with us now and let’s discuss Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing products and prices.

Aluminum Grade6063, 6061, 6005, 6082 etc
Heat TreatmentT5 T6 T4
Colorsilver, black, champagne, bronze, golden etc
Surfaceclear, sandy, brushed and polished
Applicationhome furniture, building material,industrial products etc
Production Time10-15 days mold time, 15-20 days bulk production time
LengthLong bar or cut to specific length
Packagingwrap with film, load in pallet

Wellste: Your Leading 6061 Aluminum Oval Tubing One-Stop Solution Supplier

Wellste has multiple solutions for extruded aluminum tubing. The aluminum tubing is machined from 6061 aluminum. Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing is very popular for structural applications.

There are 2 types of 6061 aluminum oval tubing you can find in Wellste. They are classified as 6061 T6 aluminum extruded tubing and 6061 T6 aluminum drawn tubing. They both bring outstanding benefits to your applications.

aluminum oval tubing

Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing has feature stress-cracking resistance, heat-treatable, and non-magnetic. For lightweight applications and aircraft ordinance, Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing is the solution.

The properties brought in Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing to your applications is that they are good corrosion resistance and good strength. They are easily bendable and machinable in some cases. Wellste 6061 aluminum oval tubing is well-known for its versatility.

6061 aluminum oval tubing

Due to its versatile characteristic, they are ideal in manufacturing bike frames, structural components, boating components, machined parts, etc.

Wellste offers different surface treatment to your 6061-aluminum oval tubing. You can order anodized 6061 aluminum tubing, standard mill finish, and even powder-coated 6061 aluminum oval tubing upon request.

oval aluminum tube

After anodizing your 6061-aluminum oval tubing, expect a colorful appearance! You can find them in silver, gold, champagne, and many more colors. Custom-made 6061 aluminum oval tubing is available according to color, surface treatment, sizes, and wall thickness. Just send us your specifications.

Wellste is capable to produce a wide range of 6061 aluminum tubing. Stamping, drilling, bending, cutting, tapping, spinning, CNC machining, deep drawing, welding is all be achieved in Wellste.  These standard methods are realized to complete your desire for 6061 aluminum oval tubing.

Let Wellste brings fulfillment to your brand! Choose us to provide outstanding solutions to your applications!

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