• LED heat sink

LED Heat Sink

  • Fast delivery time even at peak season
  • Over 3000 tool shapes in extruded heat sink profiles
  • Compliance with RoHS and ISO 9001 quality standard
  • Offer a full range of heat sinks for custom cooling solution

Wellste LED heat sink is design to provide cooling solutions for your components. This LED heat sink is applicable for use in a lot of lighting components in demands such as housing hold lighting, industrial lighting, and more. Also, this can be used for down lights, spot lights, and so many more lighting solutions.

Wellste LED heat sinks are produced based on our advanced equipment and with standard raw materials. Our knowledgeable and experience engineers manufacture this high-performance product that will assure LED heat sink efficiency, reliability and execution. At Wellste, we can manufacture LED heat sink in a short lead time and ship out within 10-15 days.

Wellste keep developing and designing a range of heat sink that is specifically develop for cooling LED components. Also we custom design LED cooling solutions based on your system’s structure and thermal requirements. When producing your order, we offer one-stop material fabrication including CNC, Punching, Tapping, Welding, Drilling, Milling.

Wellste LED heat sinks are offered in a reasonable pricing for all your business and project needs. With LED heat sinks quality assurance, you will have the perfect thermal solutions for every component in your particular setting.

Item NameLED Heat Sink
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Surface TreatmentMill Finish, Anodize, Powder coat,  Polishing
ProcessExtrusion, die-casting, cold-forging
MachiningCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, tapping, welding, assembling, punching
PackingNon-woven Fabric, Craft paper, pallet, Or customized packing

Wellste: Your Leading LED Heat Sink Manufacturer

Whether you need LED aluminium heat sink for indoor, outdoor, commercial and industrial applications, Wellste heat sinks meet your expectations. The entire LED heat sink designing and manufacturing services are finish with casted, machined, and extruded options. Therefore, it could meet thermal and aesthetic requirements.

Commonly, led heat sink shape can be round heat sinks or square heatsinks, wellste also support custom heatsink design based on your thermal and conductivity.

Wellste LED heat sink aluminium-made before delivered, we make sure it meet chemical composition standard and achieve mechanical performance standard.

For over 20 years industry experience, focus on aluminium heat sink for led light production. As an ISO quality system certified, we can guarantee your heat sink products high efficiency and top class quality.

Wellste has over 30 engineers and workers that worked for more than 10 year in the industry. The LED heat sink passed through strict product testing and examination. Thereby, they could guarantee your LED heat sink order quality and eliminate your issues. Considering extruded aluminium led heat sink from Wellste can make your lighting components extend its life span.

With Wellste, you are able to acquire a one-stop solution for your needs.  Wellste ensures effective production procedure control. LED extruded heat sinks enjoy a better thermal performance than the common heat sink, you can consult our sales engineer to get better thermal solution.

Our LED heat sink products are Rohs Compliant, making it safe to use it any application it would be. We are capable of manufacturing any custom heat sink for LED to our buyers and customers around the world. And we are looking forward to provide an be your partner in your business. Our heat sink has been guaranteed for its reliability.

Wellste rich experiences lead us to produce large amount of LED heat sink. Whether you find products from our stock or you want to custom heat sink for your LED components, Wellste will not fail you to provide your required project needs.

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