• 100100 T-slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

100 Series T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

  • 100KG low order volume ONLY
  • One-stop finalize from idea to manufacturing
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  • More than 100 types of standard aluminum profiles stock

Wellste specializes in the careful monitoring of the entire manufacturing process, so that the products of only supreme quality are produced. This is extremely important to us if we want to maintain our good reputation.

T Slot Aluminum Extrusion

Item Type100 Series T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile
Material6000Series aluminium alloy
ShapeT – Profile, or customized
The option of Profile15/20/30/40/45/50/60/80/90/100/160 series etc.
ApplicationDecorations, Robot Frame, workstations, Building, Industrial, Machinery, Automation parts, CNC, etc
ColorStandard: black, silver and grey, or customized
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF etc.
Lengthcustomized length
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
OEM & ODMAcceptable

Wellste also ensures that our team of designers ask questions and have a clear idea about what you want to achieve in the project. We can also you valuable suggestions that can guarantee your project’s success.

T Slot Aluminum ExtrusionT Slot Aluminum Extrusion

T slot aluminum extrusion T slot aluminum extrusion T slot aluminum extrusion

Contact us 24/7, so that we can help you get all the details right and our team of experts can help to facilitate the smooth running of your project.

100 series t-slot profiles are yet another option available in the market for the manufacturing of strong aluminum framing systems. Moreover,  they help to form complex and durable three-dimensional structures without being welded together. This gives the t-slot profiles a great deal of advantages over the steel structures.

All t-slotted profiles have been expertly designed in such a way that maximum strength, versatility, and flexibility are provided to the final aluminum structure.

The great advantage of these profiles is that they are available with both custom colors and anodized finishes. The anodized finish provides resistance to scratching, corrosion and other external conditions, that tend to cause damage to the structure.

100 series t-slot profiles are abundantly used for various applications such as machine guarding, enclosures, trade show booths, workstations and carts, and cleanroom equipment.

Our team can help you finalize the initial designs and guide you through the entire production process

Wellste helps to create customized t-slotted aluminum profiles with the help of customized OEM services that ensure uninterrupted assistance to you throughout the progress of your project.

Meanwhile, we also offer one-stop purchasing on hardware for T Slot Aluminum Extrusion. they are compatible with all the other major suppliers. our T slot series includes 2020 Aluminum Extrusion, 2060 Aluminum Extrusion, 3030 Aluminum Extrusion, 4040 Aluminum Extrusion, 4080 Aluminum Extrusion, 4545 Aluminum Extrusion, 5050 Aluminum Extrusion, 6060 Aluminum Extrusion, 8080 Aluminum Extrusion, 100100 Aluminum Extrusion, assembled Aluminium Profile Accessories, etc.



Wellste: Your Leading T slot Aluminum  Profile One-Stop Solution Supplier

With  5 years of t-slot aluminum extrusion profile experience, our team of engineers can assist in assembling a wide variety of industrial solutions.

Moreover, Wellste promises timely delivery of your customized products in 3-4 days. Your product can either be delivered assembled or unassembled, depending on both size and weight of the delivered product.

If  you want a fast, friendly and helpful customer service, then make sure to call us for any further details and a fast quote.

100 series t-slot profiles include the 100100 t-slot extruded profiles.


100100 T Slot Aluminum Profile

100100 T-slot Aluminum Extrusion



Code: W-10-100100
Slot Width: 10.2mm
Weight: 12kg/m
Length: 6.02m or custom cut
Mass of Inertia: lx: 191.25cm4 ly: 191.25m4
Section Modulus: Zx: 42.5cm3 Zy: 42.5cm3

100100 t-slot profile has eight slots of 10mm. They are especially ideal for heavy-duty applications that require additional strength as well as t-slots. Moreover, these types of profiles find M10 to be the most suitable when they require accessories or fasteners.

It can be easily connected with 50 series profile and other parts like handle, end connector, and caster etc. These profiles are commonly used for building blocks, clean room, conveyor, CNC and other frameworks.

Our motto is to provide uninterrupted and friendly customer service without fail.  Our team of professionals will ensure that you are not disappointed with the quality of the product.

We will try our best to uphold the trust you have placed in us and ensure that the consistency in our quick, friendly and accurate service remains unchanged. This will eventually decide the success of the project.



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