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Cylindrical Heat Sink

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Wellste’s Cylindrical Heat Sink is a state of the art design created by the Wellste to provide the best component for your different cooling solutions.

Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is used in different industries including machineries, LED, solar equipments, automotives, home electrical appliances and many more.

Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is one of the more sophisticatedly built components in cylindrical shape which is mostly used as a cooling solution for LED technologies.

Some of the most known application for this technology can be found in down lights, floodlights, bridge lights, automobile lights and many more luminary type technologies.

Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink optimizes the best design parameters to achieve the illumination industry’s increasing needs for light emitting diode cooling technologies.

When compared to other cylindrical heat sinks, it is verified by top experts that Wellste’s cylindrical heat sinks have higher efficiency in thermal conduction.

The cylindrical heat sink of Wellste Company is widely known and hot commodity for a lot of customers.

Item NameCylindrical Heat Sink
ColorSilver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold etc
Quality StandardGB/T 6892-2015, GB/T 14846-2014
Unit Length3-6 Meter, or as your inquire
 Mold10-15 days
Production20-25 days
ProductionExtrusion, cold forging
Deep processCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, tapping, welding, assembling, punching
Standard PackagingPE shrink film, Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing

Wellste: Your Leading Cylindrical Heat Sink Manufacturer

One of the reasons is the excellent quality of the product. As tested by more than 30 top engineers and experts, Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is guaranteed to exceed other similar products known in the market.

Aside from the outstanding quality, Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is created through extrusion and can also be customized based on the costumer’s requirements. The size and shape can be altered according to the customer’s need.

Wellste cylindrical heat sink is designed to transfer the heat which are generated by mechanical and electronic equipments so that the heat would be released and then dissipate.

Through this process, the cylindrical heat sink is one of the best components in cooling different devices to moderate its increasing temperature.

Using this principle, Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is designed to become more durable than other components. It is designed using the most cost effective and thermal conductive aluminum alloy.

Some of Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink uses fin designs for a higher efficiency in thermal conduction. Wellste also strives to optimize the best designs for their cylindrical heat sinks to provide the customer’s increasing need or the product.

Wellste cylindrical heat sink is also one of the best thermal solution design created by the company. Most clients will require different specifications for their cylindrical heat sink which usually presents different thermal challenges.

With Wellste’s amazing manufacturing processes and innovative design solutions, such challenges become trivial. Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is created with the customers need as our priority without compromising its quality.

Wellste cylindrical heat sink is made from materials with high thermal conductivity and monitored with strict and advanced inspections. The cylindrical heat sink then undergoes a meticulous production process to ensure quality and efficiency.

After the whole process, Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is then manufactured and after undergoing strenuous inspections, it is then delivered to our valued customers.

With these strictly manufacturing processes, exceptional planning and masterful designs, Wellste’s cylindrical heat sink is one of the most competitive product of our company.

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