• Large Diameter Aluminum Tube

Large Diameter Aluminum Tube

  • 100% pure A00 Aluminum Ingot
  • Owns high-technology 35 extrusion lines
  • More than 2 decades of aluminum industry experience
  • Manufacture based on your designs and specifications

large diameter aluminium tube

Wellste supplies large diameter aluminum tubes worldwide. We offer them in a standard mill finish, anodized, or satin based on your specifications. Great pricing, satisfying services, and customized customer service are all realized in Wellste.

12 aluminum pipe

Wellste large-diameter extruded aluminum tube is constructed from different alloy numbers ranging from 1000 series to 7000 series. They are constructed with maximum resistance and high operational durability to various chemical agents.

18 inch diameter aluminum pipe

Mostly, Wellste large diameter aluminum pipe is light in weight. You can find them in almost the construction industry just like shipbuilding, buildings & structures, road construction, and aircraft construction.

Large Diameter Aluminum Tube

Wellste large diameter aluminum pipe is obtainable in the square, rectangular, or round shapes. You can get them in different diameters, sizes, lengths, and wall thicknesses. At Wellste, we produce a large diameter aluminum tube as per your request and specifications.

As a leading distributor of excellent quality large diameter aluminum tube, our team guarantees the greatest quality finish, bent, and fit of large diameter aluminum tube that will complete your project.

Now, if you’re looking for the best aluminum pipe for your projects and business needs, choose Wellste to be your no.1 supplier and manufacturer. Because in Wellste, what you see is what you get! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


Wellste: Your Reliable Large Diameter Aluminum Tube Distributor

Are you looking for a high-quality large diameter aluminum tube at great pricing? Popular construction industry worldwide, Wellste is the best aluminum pipe manufacturer. We expand our fabrication capabilities and aluminum tube inventories to produce a custom large diameter aluminum pipe.

large diameter aluminium tube manufacturer

Wellste stocks a wide array of large diameter aluminum tubes to complete your projects. You can obtain a 5086 aluminum pipe, 6061 aluminum pipe, 6063 aluminum pipe, and 5083 aluminum pipes in large diameter.

All of our large diameter aluminum pipe brings countless features and great advantages to your applications. They are usually light in weight and corrosion resistance that makes them suitable in any construction applications including shipbuilding, aircraft, buildings, road, and structures.

Wellste’s production has an extensive range of fabrication facilities for aluminum welding, assembly, and tube bending. Wellste large diameter aluminum pipe is obtainable in flat-sided, rectangular, round, and oval. Any special aluminum shapes for your large diameter aluminum tube is possible as per request. Just send us your requirements and we will do the job.

What’s more, Wellste offers a large diameter aluminum tube in many standard mill finish, anodized, powder-coated, electrophoresis coating, PVDF coating, and many more. A wide range of different sizes, lengths, and wall thicknesses of large diameter aluminum pipe is what you will get in Wellste.

Wellste specialized in a large and small production of large diameter aluminum tube, guaranteed excellent quality products. We have a complete range of large diameter aluminum pipe production lines to create custom and standard shapes and sizes.

We, Wellste is absolutely your one-stop solution for the best large diameter aluminum who provides customer support, product qualities, order fulfillment, and many more. Because in Wellste, our goal is to exceed and fulfill your expectations.

We precisely manufacture large diameter aluminum pipe to your requirements. Please contact our sales team and experience our first-class products and services!

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