• round heat sink

Round Heat Sink

  • Low order volume from 100kg
  • One stop purchasing solution reduce your overall cost
  • Comply with aluminum industry high precision quality standard
  • Supply Pin Fin heat sink, Die casting heat sink and extruding heat sink

Wellste round heat sink is the perfect solution for equipments cooling challenges.

Heat sinks have been widely used in different industries such as LED lighting, medical equipments, Power conversion, household components and many more.

Also round heat sink is particularly well-suited in cooling equipments in omni-directional situations and for conventional environments.

This round heat sink is constructed using aluminium alloy. Aluminium alloy is lightweight and cost-effective. Therefore, it is more suitable material to use for fabricating round heat sink. Thus it is the particular choice of most project needs.

Round aluminium heat sink products fabrication can be performed in various ways. CNC machining, punching, tapping, welding, drilling and milling are the following procedure where it may goes. Our in-house production will help you save your money and time.

Round heat sink is known for its high efficiency cooling properties. These round heat sinks absorb and dissipate the heat from the units.

Also they allow efficient flow of air through the other components. It serves as an effective cooling solution for every component it matched with.

In Wellste, from pin fin round heat sink, casting heat sink to extruding heat sinks, you can find great range of round heat sink products for the thermal needs of your equipments.

Item NameRound Heat Sink
ColorSilver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold etc
Quality StandardGB/T 6892-2015, GB/T 14846-2014
Unit Length3-6 Meter or custom your specific length
Open Mould10-15 days
Production Time20-25 days
ProductionExtrusion, cold forging
Deep processCNC, cutting, drilling, milling, bending, tapping, welding, punching
PackagingPE shrink film, Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing

Wellste: Your Leading Round Heat Sink Manufacturer

The round heat sink can be furnished by anodizing. Anodized round heat sink offer excellent resistance to corrosion and wear as well as electric isolation.

Wellste can design your ideal products which you completely need for your equipment fabrication. Whether you are in the business of designing computers, electronic equipments, LED lighting and other related components, Wellste round heat sink is what you need.

Wellste round heat sink are manufactured and design by our professional engineers. Over 10 years working experienced, they had already gained knowledge and techniques on every process of the production. You can ensure that you will receive a high precision quality level of products.

In Wellste, we can provide MOQ of 100KG only to support your business and project demands and requirements.

Our stocked standard heat sink even can ship from 1 piece, Moreover, we can deliver your order on time. Or if you want it urgent, we can speed up delivery within 5 days.

As one of the most reliable manufacturer of round heat sinks, our main goal is to gain long-term partnerships with you in this industry.

We aim to provide high quality round heat sinks and efficient services to our clients. Our round heat sink can be customized according to your requirements.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Wellste can completely produce quality standard products for you. You can rely on us as we provide comprehensive solutions in the every process including designing, extrusion and surface finishes.

Our service shows what quality we could offer for you. And you can’t miss this. We have been the one of the leading heat sink manufacturer in China. We already worked and fulfil local and domestic clients’ needs.

Moreover, we are looking forward on fulfilling your project needs. You can contact us and discuss your request. We have 24/7 customer services to support and accept your inquiries. So you can get in touch with us, anytime you want to.