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Black Aluminum Extrusion

Wellste black aluminum extrusions are lightweight, and rustproof and can be cut with any miter, circular, or chop saw. Shop in Wellste for a variety of aluminum extrusions today with your specifications.

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Your Leading Black Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

High strength Wellste black aluminum extrusions are manufactured from 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. These are best in weldability, good corrosion resistance, formability along good appearance for anodized black aluminum extrusions. We manufacture Black Aluminum extrusions in a wide range of sizes.

black aluminum extrusion

This type of aluminum extrusion profiles is used for a large variety of structural applications, including lighter guarding, lighter load-bearing structures, and lightweight frames.

You can rely on Wellste! Wellste has 30+ professional Engineers who are in Aluminum Industry. We can custom your black aluminum extrusions demands. Also, you can compose your own aluminum extrusions product. Just send your exact configurations and specifications, and Wellste will do and handle the process.

Item NameBlack Aluminum Extrusion
MaterialsAluminium Alloy 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series, etc
TemperH112,  T5, T6
Open Mould10-15 days
MOQ500KG each one
Quality StandardGB/T 5237-2008 China Aluminum Industry Standard
Production Time15-25 days
PaymentT/T, L/C, etc
Surface FinishAnodized, Powder-coated, Electrophoresis, Woodgrain
Standard PackagingPE shrink film, Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing
Deep processCNC bending, tapping, milling, assembling, cutting, welding, punching, drilling.

t track aluminum extrusion

Wellste integrates design, research, extrusion. We also perform deep machining services, such as CNC machining, stamping, cutting, welding, bending, and more.

t slot aluminum extrusion

The extrusion process of Wellste Aluminum has made the most of black aluminum extrusion unique combination of physical characteristics.

Wellste, a professional standard black aluminum extrusion profiles supplier, has obtained ISO environmental management system certification, ISO quality system certification, and SGS.

Since 1996, Wellste manufacture and supply standard aluminum extrusion. With 20+ years of aluminum extrusion industry professionalism and experience, We have reached 100000 tons annually fabrication capability.

As an ISO9001-2001 authenticated company, Wellste holds 5 Anodized Line, 35 Extrusion Lines, 1 PVDF Production Line, and 5 Sprayed Production Line.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Extruded aluminium profile factory

Wellste: Your Black Aluminium Extrusions Supplier

Wellste is specialized in producing black aluminum extrusions with wall thickness as thin as 0.3mm. Wellste Aluminum is a thin black aluminum extrusions expert. Enquire now!

Get your black aluminum extrusions from Wellste. You’ll find black aluminum extrusions that are perfect for factory automation, workstations, machine frames, machine guarding, carts, and more.

Choose from black aluminum extrusions types that are easy to cut, assemble, and reconfigure.

Wellste also can extrude other alloys No. for black aluminum extrusions, such as 1000series to 7000series types of black aluminum extrusions. You can talk to one of our sales representatives to know more about this special aluminum alloy number.

We provide various kinds of surface treatment like electrophoresis coating, powder-coated, and anodized. Wellste can provide one-stop-shop aluminum products. We can perform deep machining for the black aluminum extrusions finishes.

Wellste company offers a variety of products which can meet your various demands.

Wellste black aluminum extrusion can be used in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, Wellste black aluminum extrusion offers versatility that our local and foreign customers appreciate.

Aside from that, our customers have proven the high level of performance of our black aluminum extrusion. In fact, Wellste is one of the leading producers of aluminum extrusion in China.

Wellste black aluminum extrusions come in various shapes and designs. Wellste has thousands of extrusion profiles for your various applications,such as structural that like 2020,3030,4040,4545,5050 T slot aluminium extrusions.

Also, Wellste black aluminum extrusion is assured to have the maximum quality you need.

Wellste spent 20 years of service in the aluminum industry business and continues to improve. Thus, you can count on the quality of our black aluminum extrusion.

Wellste black aluminum extrusions are commonly preferred in the field of architecture construction and industrial applications.

The neat design of your black aluminum extrusion will surely fit in different settings.

Wellste black aluminum extrusion can be used for housing applications like doors windows and other architectural decors.

Our advanced anodization lines from Germany help achieve the aesthetics of your black aluminum extrusion. It has all the qualities and traits that your customers will surely appreciate.

Besides, the color of your black aluminum extrusion is well-engineered to last longer. The advanced anodization process leaves a porous surface to your aluminum extrusion.

Thus, the dye used to color your black aluminum extrusion can penetrate deep on the surface. As a result, the dye does not peel off.

Moreover, the color of Wellste black aluminum extrusion is ensured not to fade and chip easily. Wellste black aluminum extrusions also gain a polished or matt look from the anodizing technique.

black aluminum extrusion

Also, the anodization method gives your black aluminum extrusion protection against corrosion. Anodizing provides an oxidation layer that acts as a shield to protect your black aluminum extrusion.

Therefore, Wellste black aluminum extrusions have improved thickness and strength.

aluminum door frame extrusions      aluminium office partition extrusions

Aluminum door frame extrusions                Aluminium office partition extrusions

Wellste black aluminum extrusions make it a priority to meet your highest standards for quality and durability.

Your black aluminum extrusions are capable of the heat treatment process for greater strength. Various tempers for black aluminum extrusions are obtainable.

Furthermore, there are different aluminum alloy series you can choose from to extrude. If you are not sure yet, our skilled engineers will help you in the production process.

Wellste’s dedicated team will help you choose the best material you need for your specific application.

aluminum extrusions for wall panels         aluminum sliding door extrusions

Aluminum extrusions for wall panels           Aluminum sliding door extrusions

Our technicians have 10 years of experience in the industry. That is why we guarantee that your black aluminum extrusions will meet or even exceed your expectations.

Wellste black aluminum extrusion has ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification. So you are sure that all your orders are tested for quality before packaging for shipment.

Wellste is also known for its outstanding customer service. Let us have a conversation to help your business grow.

Wellste’s customer support team is very friendly and will respond to your questions fast.

So for questions about Wellste black aluminum extrusion and other aluminum extrusion profiles, do not hesitate to message us anytime.

You can trust Wellste! We are sincerely willing to cooperate with your business to achieve progress. We are the professorial supplier of on-stock black aluminum extrusions products in China.

We do CNC, assembling, milling, tapping, cutting, punching, welding, and more. Also, we can make surface treatment after a deep machining process. These will ensure smooth and clean black aluminum extrusion’s surface without any oil stain.

In fact, Wellste is a skilled aluminum extrusion supplier and manufacturer for almost two decades. Our high-quality products have been exported to many nations, including Italy, Spain, the United States of America, Poland, Mexico, and Africa. Wellste black aluminum extrusions have attained the best reliability both Foreign and Domestic markets.

Contact Wellste now for bulk black aluminum extrusions pricing! Buy and save money!

Black Aluminum Extrusion: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will answer all questions you have been asking about black aluminum extrusion.

Whether you want to learn about the extrusion process, features, available profiles or shapes – you will find the information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Black Aluminum Extrusion?

Black aluminum extrusion

Black aluminum extrusion

Black aluminum extrusion is the process of forcing aluminum materials through a die to create black aluminum designs.

It involves pushing aluminum materials using a powerful ram through a cross-sectional profile which emerges through the die opening.

What Are Salient Features of Black Aluminum Profile?

Aluminum has the best mechanical features that make it suitable for use in black aluminum extrusion.

One of the most significant features of aluminum that makes it suitable is its malleability.

Implying that, you can readily shape the aluminum materials into different shapes with very little energy.

Apart from that, aluminum also has a lower melting point thus making is suitable for manufacturing black aluminum extrusions.

In other words, you will spend low costs in the tooling and manufacturing of aluminum due to the salient features.

Which Are the Types of Black Aluminium Profiles Available?

There are numerous types of black extrusion profiles that you can choose from to suit your application requirements.

These types of aluminum extrusion profiles come with different designs with intricate spaces depending on application specifications.

Here are some of the types of black aluminum extrusion profiles you might consider.

  • Hollow Beam Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • Square Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • Triangular Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • Single Radius Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • L-shaped Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile

What Are The Advantages of Black Aluminum Profile?

You should consider using aluminum materials to make the black aluminum profiles due to the numerous benefits.

In other words, aluminum has the best features that you can explore for extrusion of black aluminum profiles.

Here are the benefits of the black aluminum extrusion using aluminum materials.

Light In Weight

One of the most important features of the black aluminum profiles is the light weight which makes extrusion easy to handle.

Black aluminum profiles weigh about 1/3 of the weights of steel, iron, brass, and copper making it less expensive.


Black aluminum profiles are also very strong materials that you can simply depending on the application specifications.

You can also concentrate the strength of the black aluminum profiles at the point where you really need it to be.


You should also look at black aluminum profiles through its resilience as it combines flexibility and strength.

It can flex under pressure or load and bouncing back to its original form as soon as you release the load.

Resistant To Corrosion

Black aluminum profiles have excellent resistance to rust due to the naturally occurring oxide file on the surface.

You can also enhance the black aluminum profile corrosion resistance through different finishing processes such as anodizing.


You can also consider using black aluminum profiles due to the high sustainability levels allowing for infinite recycling.

Implying that, you can recycle black aluminum profiles infinitely without losing its aluminum properties thus making it safe for the environment.

How Does V-Slot Vs. T-Slot Black Aluminum Extrusion Compare?

There are quite a number of black aluminum profile shapes available in the market.

Among the different types of profiles, you can either choose between the V-slot and the T-slot.

Here is a comparison between the V-slot and T-slot aluminum profiles.

T-Slot Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile

You can identify the T-slot black aluminum profile by looking at the T-shaped grooves on every side.

T slot aluminum extrusion profiles

T slot aluminum extrusion profiles

V-slot Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile

You can also identify the V-slot black aluminum profile through V-shaped grooves on every side.

V slot black aluminum extrusion profile

V slot black aluminum extrusion profile

Apart from the difference in shape, you will also note that the V-slot has edges that are slightly beveled.

Implying that, you can have wheels and bearings inside the V-slots and doubles up as linear rails.

What Are The Most Popular Sizes of Black Aluminum Profile?

You can have any size of the black aluminum profile that you want to fit your application needs,

Despite having that freedom, manufacturers often produce the most common sizes that you can also decide on.

The most common sizes that you can order for the black aluminum extrusion profiles are:

  • 20mm x 20mm
  • 20mm x 40mm
  • 20mm x 60mm
  • 20mm x 80mm

Can You Cut Black Aluminum Extrusion?

There are a variety of ways that you can use to cut black aluminum extrusions.

You should consider using the most appropriate cutting method that will have a fine finish and conserve the tools.

The most convenient method of cutting aluminum profiles is by using the hacksaw.

You have to make the right measurements and marks on the black aluminum extrusions before cutting.

In case of rough areas, you can simply fix then using a file to make it smooth.

Is It Advisable To Powder Coat Or Paint Black Aluminum Extrusion?

No, it is not advisable to paint or powder coat the black aluminum extrusions.

Powder coating and painting will have another level on top of the black aluminum extrusion.

The extra layer will reduce the bearing effectiveness thus reducing the efficacy of the black aluminum profile.

The most appropriate mode of finishing the black aluminum profiles is through anodizing or leaving it plain.

Anodizing will make the aluminum extrusion black even though it is easier to scratch.

Plain aluminum extrusion profiles is not easy to scratch and allows you to apply other surface finishes.

How Does Heat Treatment Improve The Mechanical Properties Of Black Aluminum Profile?

You should pass the black aluminum extrusions through heat treatment to enhance its mechanical properties.

In other words, heat treatment will enhance the yield stress as well as the ultimate tensile strength.

Here, you will place the black aluminum extrusion profiles in ovens which will accelerate the aging process.

In the long run the black aluminum extrusion profile will emerge stronger and better after heat treatment.

What Is The Comparison Between Tensile Strength Of Black Aluminum Extrusion Made Using Untreated 6061 Aluminum (T4) Vs Heat-Treated 6061 Aluminum (T6) Compare?

Tensile strength of black aluminum extrusion of untreated aluminum 6061 (T4) is lower than the heat treated 6061 aluminums (T6).

In other words, heat treatment of aluminum increases the tensile strength of the black aluminum profile.

Heat treatment will increase the aging process of the black aluminum profiles thus increasing the tensile strength.

Which Are The Secondary Surface Treatment Processes For Black Aluminum Extrusion?

There are different types of surface finishes that you can opt for on the black aluminum extrusions.

The surface finishes for back aluminum extrusion profiles vary in terms of service and durability.

Here are some of the surface finishes that you can choose for the black aluminum extrusions.

  • Black Color in Anodizing Surface Finish
  • Electrophoresis Surface Finish
  • Woodgrain Surface Finish

How Do You Join Black Aluminum Extrusion Profile Parts?

There are plenty of ways that you can use to join aluminum profiles to other aluminum profiles.

Here are the most common joining techniques that you can explore for your black aluminum profiles.

Screw Port Joining

You can use self-tapping screws to join two parts of the black aluminum profiles together.

It will help create a very strong and robust fix that you can easily disassemble if need be.

Nut Track Joining

You can also opt for the nut track with the help of a nut or bolt through a channel.

The channel must fit the bolt head or nut tightly thus preventing it from spinning and creating a tight joint.

Snap Fit Joining

You can also use the snap fit joining to help in hiding the screw heads thus making it a decoration feature.

The lead in barbs provide the top extrusion the opportunity to slide and clip with the bottom extrusion profile.

Corner Cleat

In this case, you will have to fix two identical extrusions at a particular angle to achieve the corner cleat.

Usually, the extrusion comes complete with a channel that will accept the cleat thus enhancing the strength of the bond.

Hinge Connection

You can also have a hinge connection which allow the two connected profiles to move freely.

It is a connection process that can be achieved in different ways including the use of cylindrical features.

What Makes Black Aluminum Extrusion Corrosion Resistant?

Black aluminum extrusion profile

Black aluminum extrusion profile

Black aluminum extrusions are corrosion resistant and will not rust easily.

It has a naturally occurring oxide file on the surface of that keeps away the corrosion agents.

In other words, the main corrosion agents will not have access to the interior of the aluminum surfaces.

It will eventually help in protecting the black aluminum extrusion profiles from rusting.

Apart from that, you can also enhance the corrosion resistance properties by adding a surface finish.

Which Are The Fabrications Options Achievable With Black Aluminum Extrusion?

To achieve the final dimensions that you need on the black aluminum profile, you will have to fabricate.

In other words, fabrication will allow you to get the best dimensions of the black aluminum extrusion profiles.

Some of the black aluminum extrusion profile fabrications that you can perform include:

  • Punching of the Black Aluminum Extrusions
  • Drilling of the Black Aluminum Extrusions
  • Machining of the Black Aluminum Extrusions
  • Cutting of the Black Aluminum Extrusions

For instance, you can simply drill or punch a hole in the black aluminum extrusion profile.

Can You Recycle Black Aluminum Profiles?

Yes, you can recycle the black aluminum extrusion profiles countless times without exhausting the properties.

It is one of the most important metals that you can simply without worrying about environmental pollution.

Due to the recycle ability of the black aluminum extrusion profiles, you are certain of getting great scrap value.

What Is The Typical Lead Time For Black Aluminum Extrusion?

Well, depending on the type of black aluminum extrusion profile, you can have it within 15 to 25 days.

In other words, you may have simple or complicated designs for the black aluminum profiles.

Simple designs of the black aluminum profiles usually take a shorter period to manufacture.

On the flip side, the complicated designs may take longer periods to design thus increasing the lead time.

Which Are The Pretreatment Steps During Black Aluminum Extrusion Anodizing Process?

Manufacturing the black aluminum extrusions often require proper preparations with pretreatments.

In the pretreatment process of black aluminum extrusions, there are plenty of functions you will perform.

Here are the main functions that you can perform as you prepare to anodize aluminum extrusions.

Alkaline Cleaning

You will perform alkaline cleaning on the black aluminum extrusions to remove surface contaminations.

Apart from that, you can also use the alkaline cleaners to etch the aluminum accordingly.

Acid Cleaning

You will also use the acid cleaners to help in elimination of the surface contaminants.

It also helps in removing or eliminating oxide layers from the surface of aluminum.


In this case, you can use the etching process to eliminate smaller pieces of aluminum from the extrusion.

This will increase the surface area of the aluminum extrusion profiles that you can pre-treat before manufacturing.

Deoxidize And Desmut

You can also remove the intermetallic and oxides from aluminum which appear as black to grey particles.

Deoxidization is a process that you will perform on the etched aluminum to get rid of the remaining debris.

Which Are The Types Of Anodizing Processes For Black Aluminum Profiles?

Anodizing is a chemical process where you will immerse the aluminum metal in acid-based electrolytes.

After that, you will pass a current through the solution as you control the temperature of the electrolyte.

Here are some of the anodizing processes that you can use for the black aluminum profiles.

Sulfuric Acid Anodizing

You can use sulfuric acid anodizing to create transparent, thick, and absorptive oxide films suitable for both organic and inorganic films.

It will also help in production of thin films for the pretreatment of organic films.

Chromic Acid Anodizing

You can also use chromic acid which will produce greenish-gray or gray coating even though it is less porous.

It will also produce great corrosion resistance and is most suitable for the aerospace industry and production of opaque colors.

Oxalic Acid Anodizing

You will achieve a hard and impervious coating with a golden tone when you use the oxalic acid.

It allows you to color the organic, inorganic, as well as electrolytic coloring processes.

Phosphoric Acid Anodizing

It will produce an anodic oxide that is porous which may act as a base for electroplated coatings.

It is useful in bonding of black aluminum extrusions within the aerospace industry.

Boric Acid Anodizing

You can also produce a hard, nonabsorptive, and impervious film with very high electrical resistance.

It is suitable for anodizing black aluminum extrusions for the specialized electrical applications.

Hardcoat Anodizing

You can produce a thicker film through hard anodizing or functional hard coating at low temperatures and high current densities.

You can come up with more additives to make the black aluminum extrusion profiles denser and more abrasion resistant.

What Are The Methods Of Coloring Anodic Coating Of Black Aluminum Extrusion?

There are also a number of different methods that you can employ to color the black aluminum extrusions.

Here are the most common methods that you can use to color coat the black aluminum extrusions.

Black aluminum extrusion profiles

Black aluminum extrusion profiles

Organic Dyes

You will impregnate the anodic film with various colors of organic dyes.

Inorganic Dyes

This is a similar process to organic dyeing even though it has better light fastness.

Integral Color

In this case, you will anodize selected dyes in sulphophthallic electrolytes to produce a black to bronze color.


You can achieve an opaque integral film ranging from bronze to gold and black to grey depending on aluminum alloy.

Electrolytic Color

Here, you will have a sulfuric acid bath then electrodeposition of metal oxides in open anodic pores.

Over-Dye Process

It involves deposition of basic electrolytic colors which is then immersed in an organic dye.

How Do You Seal Anodized Black Aluminum Profile?

There are quite a number of methods that you can use to close the pores o the black aluminum extrusions.

Sealing the anodized black aluminum extrusion will make it inert to make the surface nonreactive and nonabsorbent.

Here are some of the processes that you can employ to seal the anodized black aluminum extrusions.

Hot Water

In this case, you will use deionized and high-quality water that is free of silica near or at the boiling point.

Hot Water With Additives

You can have additives on hot water that will prevent seal bloom, powdering and smut.

It will prolong the bath life and accelerate the sealing time of the black aluminum extrusion profiles.

Mid-Temperature Seals

You will immerse it in a nickel acetate solution at 77 to 88 degrees centigrade along with other ingredients.

The other types of ingredients that you can use include buffering agents, dispersants, and wetting agents.

Room Temperature Seals

You can also use the nickel fluoride at 29 to 35 degrees centigrade to seal the black aluminum extrusion profiles.

Non-Nickel Seal

In this case, you will use other metal salts apart from nickel at mid temperatures to seal black aluminum extrusions.

Can You Extrude Black Aluminum Profile To Tight Tolerances?

Yes, you can extrude black aluminum profiles to tight tolerance.

It is also the most precise mode of extrusion that you can have over the other competing processes.

What Are The Applications Of Black Aluminum Extrusion?

Well, you can use the black aluminum extrusion profiles in quite a number of applications.

Here are some o0f the main applications that you can have on the black aluminum extrusion profiles.

  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Renewable Energy Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Engineered Products Industry

Which Are The Possible Customization Capabilities For Black Aluminum Extrusion?

There are quite a number of customization capabilities that you can have for black aluminum extrusion.

In other words, you can have any type or form of customization that you so fit with black aluminum profiles.

Aluminum is malleable and that allows you to shape it or customize it accordingly.

Which Are The Black Aluminum Extrusion Dies Available?

There are three main types of black aluminum extrusion dies that you can use.

All the three types of dies have specific characteristics with different die and tooling specifications.

Here are the three main types of dies that you cab have on the black aluminum extrusion profiles.

Aluminum profile extrusion process

Alumium profile extrusion process

Solid Dies

This type of die does not have any enclosed openings or voids such as solod angles, bars, and channels.

Here, you can either use the feeder dies, flat face dies, or the pocket dies among the solid dies.

Hollow Dies

You can use the hollow die to produce a shape with one or more than one void such as simple rectangular tubes.

In this case, you will use a pothole die with two interlocking pieces known as the cap and mandrel.

Semi-hollow Dies

Alternatively, you can opt for the semi-hollow dies with voids and multi-voids that are not enclosed completely.

It is a hybrid or combination between the hollow dies and the solid dies of the black aluminum profiles.

What Is The Cost Of Black Aluminum Profile?

The cost of black aluminum extrusion profiles can vary depending on the type of profile that you need.

In other words, you will pay for the black aluminum extrusion profiles depending on the dimensions of the extrusion profile.

The greater the dimensions of the black aluminum profile, the higher the price you will pay for them.

On the other hand, the lower the dimensions of the black aluminum extrusion profile, the lower the cost.

At Wellste, we give you the best black aluminum extrusion profiles that meet the specific needs of your applications.

Contact us now for all your black aluminum extrusions.

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