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Aluminium Extrusion Frame

Wellste offers structural aluminum framing and commodity with a complete range of profile component products that will create or help to accessorize your framing solution.

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The leading Aluminium Extrusion Frame Manufacturer

Wellste T-slotted Aluminium Extrusion Frame comes in all dimensions and shapes, including everything from metric and inch forms to connectors, fasteners, and specialty accomplices. We here at Wellste are pleased to offer you an extensive range of these T slotted aluminum extrusion frame supplies and custom structural aluminum extrusions.

T slotted aluminum extrusion frame

Item TypeT Slotted Aluminium Extrusion Frame
Material6000Series aluminium alloy
ShapeT – Profile, or customized
The option of Profile15/20/30/40/45/50/60/80/90/100/160 series etc.
ApplicationDecorations, Robot Frame, workstations, Building, Industrial, Machinery, Automation parts, CNC, etc
ColorStandard: black, silver and grey, or customized
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Lengthcustomized length
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
OEM & ODMAvailable. our engineer can check and discuss your design, great help!
Free SamplesYes, we can provide free sample
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port

t slot aluminum extrusionT slot aluminum extrusion profile

Whether you’re working on a complete structural or modular aluminum framing plan or a more simple task, Wellste has the products you require to produce a comprehensive and economical solution.

Wellste also gives a broad range of services, including accredited CAD design, welding, prototyping, custom extrusions, and many more. We desire to assist you to make your project as prosperous as it can be, no matter how large or small the job.

Wellste is the designer, manufacturer, fabricator, and distributor of Aluminium Extrusion frames and accessories to both commercial businesses and individuals.

We can support the concept of your ideas, design & provide prototypes either virtually or in working examples.

Feel free to contact Wellste now! We are happy to look into your needs for you.

-Standard Packing Option-

* Long bar length profiles 3.0-6.0 meters*
* Short bar length profiles 0.3-3.0 meters*

-Loading & Shipment-

Frequently Aluminium Extrusion Frame Questions & Answers
How can we guarantee the quality of aluminium extrusion frame?

We always supply a pre-production aluminium extrusion frame sample before mass production; and we always have final Inspection before shipment;

Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?

We are a manufacturer with OEM/ODM service.

Can I have a sample order for aluminium extrusion frame?

Yes, Wellste is pleased to provide aluminium extrusion frame for you to check the quality, Normally the sample is for free for saving your cost, But it will require tooling cost if custom size.

Do you have any MOQ limit for aluminium extrusion frame?

We provide Low MOQ for aluminium extrusion frames. 1pc sample is free for you to check our quality.

How long is your delivery time?

It only takes 5-7 days to complete your order if the 2020 aluminum extrusion size is in stock. For custom aluminum extrusion, It takes a little bit long time to make extrusion tooling, commonly it totally requires 25-30 days to finish production

Do you have accessories for the aluminium extrusion frame?

We are able to supply full set accessories for 2020 aluminum extrusion, including bolt & screw, bracket, connector, etc.

Wellste: Your Best Aluminium Extrusion Frame Supplier in China

If you`re looking for the best aluminium extrusion frame manufacturer and supplier, always count on Wellste. Wellste Aluminum is a competent factory with 20+ years of manufacturing aluminum expertise.

Many factory owners prefer the Wellste aluminium extrusion frame to enhance their durability and strength. However, Wellste aluminium extrusion frames are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons.

T Slot Aluminum Extrusion

With its heat preservation, unique decoration, recyclability, and good sound insulation, Wellste aluminium extrusion frames are broadly utilized in the construction field, and with extrusion molding and high physical and mechanical characteristics, good thermal conductivity, and high specific strength, etc.

aluminium extrusion frame

These are suitable for machine frames, doors, windows, brackets, industrial automation equipment, factory and office workbenches, containers, shelves, ladders, etc.

Whether you are constructing a large production line, setting up a workbench for a production line, or installing automation equipment, Wellste aluminium extrusion frames are the best option.

T Slot Aluminum Extrusion

Wellste aluminium extrusion frames are multifunctional and modular,  without complex design and processing, Wellste can quickly frame an ideal mechanical equipment cover.

Wellste, as a specialist manufacturer and exporter of Wellste aluminium extrusion frames, has 30 experienced technicians that can assist you in entire fabrications. We give one-stop aluminium extrusion frames and other aluminum products appropriate for particular applications. Once you decide to bear with us, we are sincerely willing to fully support your business.

Whether you need aluminum cabinet frame extrusions, black aluminum extrusion, sliding window aluminum frame, or aluminum office partition extrusions, you can have it in Wellste.

Contact us today! We have cooperative and reliable customer service awaited when choosing Wellste! You will certainly satisfy with our products and services.

Aluminum Extrusion Frame: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing aluminum extrusion frame can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

A reason this guide will answer all your questions on aluminum extrusion frame.

So, before importing these aluminum frames from China, read this guide.

What Is An Aluminum Extrusion Frame?

An aluminum extrusion frame is a modular system that comes from various alloys of aluminum profiles.

Besides, they have additional accessories that you will use when building jigs, frames, etc.

A majority of aluminum extrusion frames need the assembly of various components of aluminum extrusion frames that have profile shapes.

Choosing an aluminum extrusion frame requires you to analyze it carefully in terms of the specifications and the manufacturer’s capabilities.

Aluminum Extrusion Frame

 Aluminum Extrusion Frame

What Aluminum Alloys Can You Use To Make An Aluminum Extrusions Frame?

Various aluminum alloys can make aluminum extrusion frames.

These include the following:

1XXX Series

This alloy offers a suitable surface finish, corrosion resistance, low strength, easy to join, high thermal and electrical conductivity.

1XXX Series Aluminum Alloy

1XXX Series Aluminum Alloy

2XXX Series

This alloy contains a combination of aluminum and copper.

It offers high strength, suitable machinability, low corrosion resistance, and is heat-treatable.

3XXX Series

This alloy contains a combination of aluminum and manganese.

It offers suitable corrosion resistance, weldability, thermal stability, and medium strength.

4XXX Series

This alloy contains a combination of aluminum and silicon but is not a popular choice for making aluminum extrusion frames.

4XXX Series Alloy

 4XXX Series Alloy

5XXX Series

This alloy contains a combination of aluminum and magnesium.

Besides, this series offers low to moderate strength, good weldability, and corrosion resistance.

6XXX Series

This is the most common type of alloy that makes aluminum extrusion frames and contains aluminum, magnesium, and silicon.

6XXX Series Aluminum Alloy Suitable For Making Extrusion Frames

6XXX Aluminum Alloy Series Used In Making Extrusion Frames

It offers suitable extrudability, surface finish, corrosion resistance, machinability, strength, and heat-treatable.

Besides, you can find their application in windows, sign panels, cranes, storefronts, boat masts, railroad components, etc.

7XXX Series

This alloy contains a combination of aluminum, zinc, copper, and magnesium.

It offers high strength, durability, machinability, and heat-treatability.

What Are The Applications Of Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

Aluminum extrusion frames find their application in various areas.

This includes the following:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Railroad
  • Marine applications
  • Sign panels
  • Truck trailers
  • Scaffolds
  • Cranes
  • Light fixtures
  • Towers
  • Bumpers
  • Hydraulic components, etc.

Aluminium Extrusion Frames For Windows and Doors

 Aluminum Extrusion Frames For Windows And Doors

What Surface Finishes Can You Apply On An Aluminum Extrusion Frame?

Surface finish is a way of coating the aluminum extrusion frames to protect and enhance the durability of the structure.

The types of surface finish you can use include the following:


This is an electrochemical technique for anodizing aluminum extrusion frames.

Anodizing will form a layer of oxide on the surface of the frame which offers a protective cover.

Besides, there are no extra layers you will add following the anodizing process.

This is because it forms a layer on the original surface of the aluminum and forms strong molecular bonds.

Besides, anodizing will enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum extrusion frames while still maintaining their appearance.

Besides, you either use hard or natural anodizing processes on aluminum extrusion frames.

In natural anodizing, you will use an anodic film that is transparent and uncolored.

Hard anodizing entails applying oxide layers to form a hard layer on the aluminum extrusion frames.

Bright Dipping

This process entails placing the aluminum extrusion frame in a bright dip to make it have the appearance of a mirror or be specular.

Here, you will place the aluminum extrusion frame in a solution containing both nitric and phosphoric acid.

Once you finish the bright dipping process, you will proceed to anodize the aluminum extrusion frame.

This combination forms a thick oxide layer that will enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum extrusion frames.

Mill Finish

This type of surface finish forms textures on aluminum extrusion frames after exiting the rolling mills.

The mill will form surfaces that have no luster and is rough, while not involving mechanical or chemical surface finishes.


Here, you will produce a surface finish by conducting cleaning or etching on the aluminum extrusion frame.

To conduct the etching and cleaning process, you will make use of substances such as acids and alkaline.

Once you clean the aluminum extrusion frame, apply a pretreatment to improve the paint or powder.

Conducting this process will increase the corrosion resistance of the aluminum extrusion frame.

Powder Coating

This type of surface finish provides decorative and protective layers on the aluminum extrusion frames.

Besides, you will coat the aluminum through electrostatic technique following a series of pre-treatments such as degreasing.

Powder containing a negative charge will bond with the aluminum extrusion frames with a positive charge.

The electrostatic process causes the powder to form a temporary stick on the surface of the aluminum.

After this, you will cure the aluminum extrusion frame after heating and melting the coat to form a liquid film.

Besides, powder coating is safe to the environment and produces a rough finish due to the visible granules.

Mechanical Finish

The mechanical processes that you will use to improve the surface of aluminum extrusion frames include:

  1. Blasting
  2. Gritting
  3. Buffing
  4. Sanding


This surface finish offers a smooth outlook and is suitable in applications that value aesthetics.

Besides, painting is simple since you will conduct the process within spray booths.


This method is less used but is growing in popularity since it will make the aluminum extrusion frame have the appearance of wood.

Here, you will apply a base powder coat then conduct the extrusion process.

Afterward, you will apply thin films containing patterns on the aluminum extrusion frame.

The wood pattern sticks to the aluminum extrusion frame during the sublimation process.

How Does T-Slot And V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame Compare?

A T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame

A T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame

A T-slot aluminum extrusion frame has T-shaped grooves on every side while V-slot aluminum extrusion frames have beveled edge grooves on every side.

V-slot aluminum extrusion frames allow you to place bearings and wheels within the profile.

This allows you to use it as a linear rail thereby minimizing the cost of components needed for motion control.

Besides, you can use both of these interchangeably but it is good to use one type for a single project.

Also, you can use T-nuts and brackets on both of them but special parts like bearings can only work on one aluminum extrusion frame.

 V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame

V- Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frames

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

Aluminum extrusion frames have several benefits such as:


Aluminum extrusion frames are a suitable option in applications that involve motion since they have a lower density.

For instance, steel is three times as dense as aluminum.

The lightweight effect will save on energy and allow you to achieve more speed.


Unlike several materials, aluminum extrusion frames contain a high strength-to-weight ratio.

For instance, 6061-grade aluminum alloy is almost four times as strong as 304 stainless steel.

Also, the extrusion process will increase the stiffness of the aluminum extrusion frames while lowering the weight.

This effect makes it a suitable option for load-bearing usages.


Aluminum extrusion frames will not acquire magnetism meaning you can use them in applications entailing high voltages.

Easy To Work

Most aluminum alloys are easy to machine since you can cut them to any length with even hacksaws.

No Welding

Making good and strong welds requires a lot of experience and skills plus you require additional fixtures.

However, you can use one piece of aluminum extrusion frame instead of several pieces that need welding.

Besides, you can also design parts of aluminum extrusion frames that interlock, making the assembly process easy.


It is possible to paint, plate, polish, anodize, or texture aluminum extrusion frames.

This gives you a broad range and categories of surface finishes to choose from when selecting aluminum extrusion frames.

Besides, this is unlike other materials that cannot have several surface finishes as aluminum extrusion frames.

Affordable Tooling

Mostly, you will restrict yourself to standard products when they are thinking about using aluminum extrusion frames.

This limits the design optimization yet it is affordable to customize aluminum extrusion frames.


It is possible to make complex shapes by using a single aluminum extrusion frame with no need for mechanical joints.

The final structure will be strong and will not loosen with time.

Aluminum Extension Frames Are Easy To Work With

 Aluminum Extension Frames Are Easy To Work With

Which Components Will You Use With Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

There are several accessories that you can use with aluminum extrusion frames to increase their rigidity during application.

These include the following:

  • Wear strips
  • Locking levers
  • Bumpers
  • Brackets
  • Fasteners
  • Cable conduits
  • Mini rollers
  • Ball bases
  • Sensor brackets
  • Pneumatic parts
  • Gussets
  • Plates
  • Bolts and nuts

Corner Bracket Gusset Used Alongside Extrusion Frames

Corner Bracket Gussets Are Used Alongside Extrusion Frames

What Properties Of Aluminum Make It Suitable For Making Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

The most common metal that you will use to make extrusion frames is aluminum.

Aluminum has various combinations of mechanics characteristics and it will maintain these traits at various temperature levels.

These properties include the following:


Aluminum extrusion frames have a high strength yet remain flexible enough under heavy loads.

This allows them to spring back to their initial state after an impact.


When aluminum extrusion frames reach the end of their lifecycle, they still hold some value.

This means you can reuse the frame for other purposes or even recycle it to new aluminum products.


Aluminum extrusion frames will not catch on fire at high temperatures.

Also, it will not produce any toxic gas.


Aluminum extrusion frames do not spark hence are suitable for usages that entail explosive materials or in flammable environments.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum extrusion frames unlike iron forms an oxide layer that protects its surface.

This feature enables you to save costs related to coating to maintain it.

However, when iron forms an oxide layer, it will rust and flake away.

High strength-to-weight ratio

Aluminum extrusion frames are strong and lightweight making them suitable for automotive and aerospace applications.

Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum has an electrical conductivity 61% like that of copper.

Besides, it is suitable for various applications because they are affordable and have a lower density.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum extrusion frames conduct heat two times and four times like that of brass and steel respectively.

This allows you to use the aluminum extrusion frames as heat sinks.

Low-temperature Toughness

Aluminum extrusion frames will maintain their toughness even at lower temperature levels.

Besides, at low temperatures, metals will become brittle and then fracture.

The mechanical traits of aluminum extrusion frames remain constant at any temperature.


You can form aluminum extrusion frames at room temperature through various methods such as:

  1. Drawing
  2. Forging
  3. Rolling
  4. Stamping


Aluminum extrusion frames offer the highest reflectance that all other metals, in the range of between 200 nm and 400 nm.

This allows you to apply a film coat that enables it to have a mirror-like appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of A T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame?

There are various advantages to using T-slot aluminum extrusion frames, and they include the following:

Frame Strength

There is a common misconception that aluminum will fail to meet the standard structural strength.

However, T-slot aluminum extrusion frames have a high strength-to-weight ratio when you compare them to steel.

This makes it suitable and strong to handle various structural design usages.

Also, it is lightweight and strong and will provide a range of advantages, is cost-effective, and is simple to use.

Structural Durability

T-slot aluminum extrusion frames are tough to handle structural framing in various applications.

Also, they are resistant to rust unlike steel since the anodized coating is natural and inhibits rust.

This means there is no need to worry about rust hence no requirement for painting or framing.

Versatile Design

T-slot aluminum extrusion frames come in various designs depending on the application.

This allows you to use component technology to perform adjustments or repositioning.

T-nuts are the main parts but you can use other connection components.

What Should You Consider When Customizing Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

These include:

Surface Treatment

One reason why the aluminum extrusion frame is popular is that it has numerous surface finishes.

These include anodizing, mechanical finish, paint, etc.


This entails if the aluminum extrusion frame is formed or shaped.

A soft aluminum alloy is good when shaping the aluminum extrusion frame.

Wall Thickness

If you are using the aluminum extrusion frame on walls, a thinner section means it will cost you more.

The cost is because it takes more time to extrude the aluminum extrusion frame.

What Extrusion Techniques Can You Use To Make Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

There are different methods you can use to extrude aluminum extrusion frames.

These include the following:

Hydrostatic Extrusion

In this process, you will use an operating liquid that forces the billet to go through the die during the formation of aluminum extrusion frames.

Direct Extrusion

This process entails pressing the billet on the die to make aluminum extrusion frames.

Cold Extrusion

This process entails extruding the aluminum extrusion frame in temperatures lower than the recrystallization temperature.

This normally occurs at room temperature.

Indirect Extrusion

This process entails pressing the die on the billet leading to the formation of aluminum extrusion frames.

Impact Extrusion

This process involves the formation of a metal slug inside hollow shells when making aluminum extrusion frames.

Hot Extrusion

This process entails extruding aluminum extrusion frames above recrystallization temperature.

During the process, the microstructure of the aluminum will begin to change.

Besides, you can categorize the extrusion processes depending on how the metal moves in relation to the motion of the ram.

These categories entail the following:

Forward Extrusion

Here, the ram moves in the same direction as the metal flow, pushing a billet in a die containing a small cross-section.

Examples of forward extrusion processes include impact and indirect extrusion.

Backward Extrusion

In this process, the ram moves opposite to how the metal flows.

Examples of backward extrusion include impact and indirect extrusion.

Lateral Extrusion

In this process, the ram is aligned vertically while the extrudate will flow in a horizontal direction.

What Are The Specifications Of Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

Several specifications can describe aluminum extrusion frames.

These specifications include the following:

  • Thickness
  • Physical dimension
  • Weight
  • Treatment
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Tolerance

What Are Some Aluminum Extrusion Frame Weight Classifications?

There are different ways to classify the profile of aluminum extrusion frames.

Each classification is suitable for various applications as good designs use different types of weight.

Also, you can minimize the cost of projects by using various types of weight as structural integrity will remain constant.

These weight classifications include the following:

Standard Profile

This profile is the strongest, heaviest, and expensive.

Standard profiles are suitable for linear motion usages and good for the heaviest applications.

Light Profile

This profile will provide a trait that exhibits tolerance, lightweight, and strength.

Besides, it is the most common weight profile for many applications.

They are relatively expensive and are suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Economy Profile

This is the most lightweight profile that offers suitable durability and strength.

Economy profiles are suitable for lightweight applications and are also cost-effective.

What Are Some Aluminum Profile Lines Applicable For Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

These include:

L8 Profile

This is a strong, robust, and popular profile that works as the base design for aluminum extrusion frames.

Besides, it has several compatible parts making it a suitable choice for several applications.

They also come in various profile weights.

L8 is suitable for many usages as they come in a broad range of profile designs, strengths, and parts.

Some of the benefits are that they are versatile, strong, adaptable, broad profile, and accessories.

L8 Profile Lines

L8 Profile lines

L6 Profile

This is a mid-sized profile with suitable structural strength, available in the standard weigh profile.

L6 profile is suitable for tight and crowded spaces.

They are also cost-effective, strong, and come in many options.

L5 Profile

This profile is the smallest and is suitable for small-sized usages, meaning it can handle small loads.

Besides, you will use it with other profiles to minimize costs.

L5 profiles are small and affordable than the other profiles.

What Are Some Examples Of T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Frame Connections?

These connections will offer a strong connection similar to that of welded steel yet are lightweight.

Examples of these T-slot connections include the following:

Automatic Butt Fastener

This connection adds the capability to connect the aluminum extrusion frames by end faces while needing no machining.

Universal Butt Fastener

This connection will add the ability to connect aluminum extrusion frames by the end faces.

Miter Fastening

This connection can happen at any angle and will remain open for the addition of other elements.

Angle Brackets

This connection does not need any profile machining and will reinforce the aluminum extrusion frame connection.

Some Of The T- Slot Aluminum Extrusion Connectors

Some Of The T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Connectors

How Does Aluminum Extrusion Frame And Welded Steel Compare?

The setup for steel is more labor-intensive than aluminum extrusion frames.

It is easy to change aluminum extrusion frames as they are flexible than welded steel which is permanently welded.

The downtime for repairing damaged steel during production is high than for aluminum extrusion frames.

What Processes Will You Undertake To Make Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

The following steps are important when making aluminum extrusion frames:

  • Preparation of extrusion die
  • Preheating of aluminum billet
  • Transfer billet to extrusion press
  • Ram directs billet substance within containers
  • Extrusion comes through the die
  • Quenching of the extrusions
  • Shearing extrusion to table length
  • Cooling of extrusions
  • Stretching and aligning extrusions
  • Cutting extrusion to length

What Are The Benefits Of Heat Treating Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

Heat treating will enhance the mechanical characteristics of the aluminum extrusion frame.

What Should You Consider When Designing Industrial-Grade, Reliable, And Rigid Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

These include:

  • Selecting the correct extrusion profile
  • Choosing the correct joint configuration
  • Using high-strength extrusion techniques

Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Frame

How Do You Select The Correct Extrusion Profile For Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

To select the best extrusion profile, consider the following:

  • Tabletop extrusion
  • Calculating safety factors
  • Calculating bending stress
  • Calculating buckling strength

How Do You Select The Right Joint Configuration For Aluminum Extrusion Frames?

These entail the following:

  • Using a strong three-way connection
  • Applying reaction force-based joint

What Can You Inspect Aluminum Extrusion Frames To Ensure Good Quality?

The various inspection processes you can conduct entail the following:

Extrusion Materials Inspection

This involves checking the Aluminum alloys, dye extrusion, and additives.

Extrusion Visual Inspection

This involves checking for visual flaws, color, glossiness, finish, dimension, weight, or coat.

Extrusion Performance Inspection

This entails testing the tensile, workability, weldability, hardness, corrosion resistance, flammability, or weather resistance.

For custom orders or inquiries about aluminum extrusion frames, contact Wellste now.

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