• Z aluminum extrusions

Z Aluminium Extrusion

  • High quality raw aluminum material used
  • Competitive extruding process cost quote
  • Wide standard selection of Z shapes decrease starts cost
  • Comply with DIN-EN755 & aluminum industry standard

Z Aluminium Extrusion

Wellste z aluminium extrusion is great use for constructing new components and making repairs for some existing structures.

Z aluminium extrusion has the highest strength level making it readily welded, forms, and machined for some sort of applications.

Our z shaped aluminium extrusion has been widely used in the industries hardware, construction, decoration, garden equipment, fitting, leisure equipment, and so on.

Wellste z aluminium extrusions are made of high quality aluminium alloy. Due to its excellent strength, z aluminium extrusion can withstand high pressure and temperature.

In Wellste, we can design brand new z aluminium extrusion with different lengths that fit your requirements.

With wide range of standard aluminium z extrusion, we are able to provide you a solution to meet your requirements.

Z aluminium extrusion supplied is accurate in dimensions, finely-finish and comprehensive strength. These products are available stock-ready off for a quick delivery.

Item NameZ Aluminium Extrusion
MaterialAluminum Alloy 6000 series, 5000 series, 7000 series and more
TemperT4 T5 T6
Quality StandardGB/T 6892-2015, GB/T 14846-2014
Surface TreatmentMill finish, Anodized, Powder coated, Electrophoresis, Wood grain,
Colorsilver, white, black, red, blue, champagne, golden etc
Length 3-6 Meter per piece, or as your inquiry
Open Mold10-15 days
Production Time20-25 days
PaymentT/T, L/C, etc
MOQ500KG each one
Deep processCNC, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, tapping, welding, assembling ,
Standard PackagingPE shrink film,Non-woven Fabric, Craft paper, Carton, Or customized packing

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Wellste: Your Leading Z Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer

Wellste z aluminium extrusions are fully machined through CNC, drilling, milling, cutting, punching, tapping, and more. Wellste has the capability to design different z aluminium extrusion appearance and colours.

Moreover, our z aluminium extrusion can be classified into different surface finishing such as anodizing, electrophoresis,powder coating,PVDF, etc.

The z aluminium extrusion’s general MOQ is low from 300KG, Bulk quantity order could make cost more competitive.

High quality z aluminium extrusions we offer can be used in almost industry line. Their versatility and stability makes them the best product for most industrial uses including construction, decorations and more of.

This z shaped aluminium extrusion profile can be cut based on your requested specific lengths. This aluminium z section has a good surface treatment and excellent corrosion resistance.

In Wellste, we can supply this z shaped section with our standard lengths that is commonly approx. 6000mm per one. Thus it can be cut-to-size of your project.

Wellste aluminium z profiles are being manufactured at a large number. It is also supplied into different customers in various industries where they belong.

Our aluminium z profiles are meticulously tested by our experienced engineers and professionals to verify its authenticity. These z shaped aluminium extrusion fully guaranteed to meet every demand and requirement of your project.

Wellste aluminium z profiles versatility and dimensionally stable makes it widely used in the industries such as windows and doors, decorations, furniture, construction and so on.

Apart from it, aluminium z profiles can be custom-made based on your drawings. Surface treatments can make in the colours of your choice. New mould can be customized according to sizes.

All these aluminium z profiles are certified to ISO standard. As Wellste have been certificated to ISO9001, we integrate strict quality control of each and every aluminium z profiles we delivered.

Our aluminium z sections are made to order normally within 3-4 weeks. Guaranteed quality and good price products are achievable with Wellste.

With no hesitation, please send us your artwork and then we will make the z aluminium extrusion. We are much appreciated your instant inquiry.


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