Aluminium Profiles Manufacturer China

Wellste Aluminium is one of the largest Aluminum profile and Aluminum Extrusion factories in China who can provide the quality of the aluminum products which meet ISO Standard.

Our company supplies Aluminium profile alloy includes 6000 serious, such as 6063 t5, 6061 t6, 6082 t6 and more. We offer you the best online price of aluminum profiles which have high quality. The products we supply have 10 years guaranteed and the surface is good finished clean, smooth, without scratch and spot. Our lead time is about 20 days and the delivery is timely.

These aluminum profiles are widely uesd for windows, doors, curtain wall, furniture, kitchen, wardrobe, skirting, tile trim, handrail section, showing shelf sections, PV solar Aluminum Frame and industrial purpose.

aluminum profile application

Surface treatment for aluminum profile in our company includes anodizing finish, electrophoresis finish, powder coating, wood, polished and PVDF coating.

Manufacturing technological process of our aluminum profiles is aluminum ingot /alloy-melting and casting-extrusion-powder coating-pouring rubber for heat insulation-checkout-packing-PVDF coating /anodizing /electrophoresis-put in warehouse.