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What is Aluminium Extrusion?

//What is Aluminium Extrusion?

What is Aluminium Extrusion?

What is Aluminium Extrusion?

Aluminium extrusion is the technique used to transform aluminium alloy into objects with a definitive cross-sectional profile for a wide range of use. The extrusion process makes the most of aluminium’s unique combination of physical characteristics. Its malleability allows it to be easily extruded and machined, and yet at one third the density and stiffness of steel the resulting products offer exceptional strength and stability.

What is the Aluminum Profile Production Process?

  1. The process begins by heating the stock material (for hot or warm extrusion).
  2. It is then loaded into the container in the press. A dummy block is placed behind it where the ram then presses on the material to push it out of the die.
  3. Afterward the extrusion is stretched in order to straighten it. If better properties are required then it may be heat treated or cold worked.

The extrusion ratio is defined as the starting cross-sectional area divided by the cross-sectional area of the final extrusion. One of the main advantages of the extrusion process is that this ratio           can be very large while still producing quality parts.

What are the applications?

Aluminum extrusions have many uses in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, telecommunications, solar/renewable energy industries, and more.

  • In the transportation industry, aluminum extrusions are ideal for engine blocks, transmission housings, panels, roof rails and chassis of cars, boats, trucks, aircraft, and railway etc.
  • in automobile radiators and air conditioners, condenser tubes, nuclear reactors, pharmaceutical thawing units, and in the heating and cooling devices of computers, audio/visual systems and electronics.
  • It’s the preferred choice in mining and military applications.
  • Extruded aluminum tubing is used to house coaxial cables and wires.
  • In construction use.
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