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The Main Properties And Usage Of Aluminum

//The Main Properties And Usage Of Aluminum

The Main Properties And Usage Of Aluminum

  1. The main properties of aluminum

The main physical properties of metallic aluminum with a purity of 99.99% are:

Density                2.7          g / cm3

Melting point          660.1        C

Boiling point           2520        C

Average specific heat   917         J / (kg · K)

Heat of fusion          10.47       kJ/mol

Heat of vaporization    291.4       kJ / mol

Thermal conductivity   238         W / (m · K)

Resistivity              2.67        μΩ · cm

  • Aluminum has a low density, only 2.7 times larger than water, aluminum is not magnetic, aluminum will not be brittle when aluminum at low temperatures (-198 ℃), it still has a good mechanical properties;
  • Aluminum can be rolled into sheets and foils, pulled into filaments, extruded into a variety of complex shapes of the profiles, the ductility of aluminum is very good;
  • Aluminum can be quickly combined in the air with Oxygen to produce a layer of dense and hard alumina film thickness of 0.005 ~ 0.02 microns which has good corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum can also be anodized or plated in the aluminum and aluminum products on the surface of the bright color of the oxide film.

     2. The main usage of aluminum

  • Aluminum has excellent physical properties, so aluminum is widely used across national economy and defense industry.
  • Aluminum is used to be a lightweight structural materials, light weight, strength, land, sea, air and a variety of means of transport, especially aircraft, missiles, rockets, satellites.
  • Various vehicles are made of aluminum and aluminum alloys, due to their light weight, reducing energy consumption and saving much more energy than aluminum.
  • In the construction industry with aluminum alloy doors and windows for housing and structural materials, aluminum production of solar panels can save energy.
  • In the power transmission, the amount of aluminum is in the first place, 90% of the high-voltage electrical wire is made of aluminum.
  • In the food industry, from storage tanks to cans, as well as beverage containers are mostly made of aluminum.


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