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Aluminium Cutting process

//Aluminium Cutting process
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Project Description

Wellste specializes in design and development of Aluminum Cutting service.Surface treatment includes normal anodization, sand oxidation, color oxidation, electrophoresis, wire drawing, hard oxidation, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood transferring etc. Our main products are 6000 series which we believe, will meet the requirements of various customers.


Products Name: Aluminium Cutting process
Aluminum Alloy: 6000Series, Such as 6061,6063
Temper: T4~T6
Surface treatment: Polishing,Powdercoating , Sand Anodizing ,Painting,Mill finish.
Deep processing: milling, drilling hole, bending, tapping, punching, short cut, welding,
Certification: ISO9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004

Advantages of Aluminium Profile and Extrusion,

1.Lightweight: It can reduce building weight, and the cost of integrated building,meanwhile,prolong building’s life. 
2.Fireproof: It has good fire resistance, and do not emit harmful gases in case of fire.
 3.Sound insulation: It has a sound absorption capacity because of he unique porous structure.
4.Green: During the period of production, transportation and using,
it is non-pollution, energy-saving, so it can be used as one kind of green building material.
5.Durability: Have Moderate and stable intensity make it durable and enjoy a long-time using life.
6.High efficiency:Due to its good brilliant and excellent attributes, it has good machining ability, can be cutting, , drilled, grinding, and milled by some proper materials, thus create beneficial conditions for building construction.

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